Famous crime films shot byreal events

Famous crime films shot by real events

Movies often amaze viewers
cruelty, sophistication of criminals. Viewing experience
amplified in cases where the plot is not invented by writers, but
based on real events.  

�”The Silence of the Lambs” (1990)

Famous crime films shot by real events

Buffalo Bill’s iconic thriller character is a collective image
famous US maniacs (Heine, Bundy, Heidnik). At the heart of the plot
lies the story of the collaboration of Robert Keppel, a professor
University of Criminology and Ted Bundy. The latter offered help
police in search of the criminal who abducted women in the state
Washington since 1982

Ted’s counseling brought the investigation to Gary Leon Ridgeway. But
due to lack of evidence, the suspect was released. Bundy executed in
1989. And Ridgeway was detained only in 2001. Achievements
forensic allowed to conduct a DNA examination and get
undeniable evidence of his guilt. But за 19 лет маньяк замучил и
killed 49 victims.

The prototype of Hannibal Lecter was the infanticide Albert Fish. Second
trilogy film – screen version of the book by Thomas Harris. Writer
impressed by the story of ed gein, who is considered one of the most
horrible maniacs in history. He also became the prototype of the Leather Face.
из хоррора «Техасская резня бензопилой» и Butрмана Бейтса из «Психо»
Alfred Hitchcock.

 �Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Famous crime films shot by real events

Crime drama directed by Peter Jackson with Kate Winslet in
главной роли описывает нашумевшее в Butвой Зеландии преступление
1954 In Christchurch in the brutal murder of Honora Reaper
Suspected her daughter Pauline Parker and girlfriend Juliette Hume.
The defendants were 16 and 15 years respectively.

As it turned out the investigation, the deceased was struck 45 blows with a brick on
head. In the morning a woman went out for a walk in the park with Pauline and Juliet. By
By the way, the three of them ate at the tea stand. Then the girls brought
Honor in a secluded place and beaten to death.

Byсле совершения заранее спланированного преступления подружки,
soiled in the blood, they reached the kiosk. Owners they reported
that Reaper fell and hit her head. But их версию полиция

The cause of the terrible act of young killers called reluctance
матери отпустить Byлин в поездку с Джульет к родственникам в ЮАР.
Since the accused were minors, they were sentenced to
imprisonment for a term of 5 years.

It is noteworthy that after her release, Hume changed her name to Ann.
Perry and later became a famous novelist. As author
детективов, она получила премии Эдгара Аллана By и Агаты. His
the woman kept the secret until 1994. She confessed under
pressure from journalists who are interested in further fate
young criminals from the movie “Heavenly Creatures”.

�Zodiac (2007)

Famous crime films shot by real events

In the process of shooting the film director D. Fincher held his own
investigating the crimes of a serial killer known as
the pseudonym “Zodiac”. Maniac terrorized san francisco for
12 years: from the late 60s to the early 70s. He sent
Encrypted messages to major city newspapers.

Byлностью была переведена только одна криптограмма. Disassemble
the cipher succeeded the schoolteacher and his spouse. Zodiac declared 37
the victims, but the police confirmed 7
of crimes. Maniac shot a pair of lovers in solitude
places. Two victims managed to survive. Officially, the case remains
undisclosed so far.

�Frozen Land (2013)

Thriller tells about the events that really happened
в США в период с 1971 г. по 1983 г. Byдозреваемый в жестоких
The murders of 17 women for a long time went unpunished. Reputation
great family man, alibi provided by friends, cunning
helped him avoid punishment. Even when one of the victims survived,
her testimony was not taken into account because of the difference in social
position with the accused.

 �“The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013)

Famous crime films shot by real events

Martin Scorsese’s black comedy filmed from an autobiographical
book by jordan belfort. The former broker was convicted in 1998 for
money laundering and fraud.  He fraudulently lured out
Investors $ 110 million. Only one eleventh succeeded
return to the victims. And this amount received from the sale
seized property.

It is noteworthy that in the verdict of the court there are no terms
return of duty. Belfort spent only 22 months in prison. Now
man travels around the world with trainings. He annually gives order
45 lectures, for which he is paid from 30 to 80 thousand dollars. Jordan
wrote two books that were published in 40 countries, got a share
copyright from the picture. But он не торопится рассчитаться с
former investors.

Moreover, his children were educated in the best American
educational institutions. Leonardo DiCaprio brilliantly embodied on the screen
the image of an eloquent, unprincipled cheater, money hungry,
drugs, corrupt sex.

�“Catch Me If You Can” (2002)

Not less talented DiCaprio played the role of a fraudster in the film
director Steven Spielberg. In the 60s by Frank Abignil,
The prototype of the main character of the tape was wanted in 12 countries. is he
skillfully forged checks, had the skill of reincarnation. AT
depending on the circumstances, the man pretended to be a pilot,
lawyer, professor.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but released early when
cooperation with the special services. AT настоящее время Абигнейл
works as an expert in document security, teaches
at the FBI Academy.

 �”The meeting place can not be changed” (1979)

Famous crime films shot by real events

Телевизионный сериал снят по произведению ATайнеров «Эра
mercy. Historians associate the events described in the novel with
activities gang Ivan Mitin from Krasnogorsk. Among 12 members
the groups were cadets of the military school, Stakhanovite P. Bolotov,
студент МАИ отличник AT. Лукин. 23-year-old leader by the time
Detention worked as a master at a defense plant and was submitted to
Order of the Red Banner of Labor. From 1950 to 1953 accomplices
made 28 raids, 11 murders.

The prototype of Gruzdev, unjustly accused of killing his wife,
became Evgeny Mirkin. AT 1944 г. кандидата медицинских наук
arrested and sentenced to death. Byсле завершения суда
there was evidence of his innocence. Man was

Георгий ATайнер утверждал, что образы главных героев –
collective. But прототипом Шарапова нередко называют сыщика
Chvanov and senior operative Arapova. Byследний лично
participated in the detention of members of the gang Mitin. ATладимир Арапов также
Introduced in a criminal group, worked under cover.
ATпоследствии он организовал задержание маньяка Ионесяна, известного
under the nickname Mosgaz.

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