Exercises with hoop (hulahup) for weight loss witha photo

references to the use of the hoop are dated from the heyday
Ancient Greece, when at the dawn of its formation, it was made
from wooden or metal materials.

And only in the 50s of the 20th century the hoop finally acquired
our modern and familiar appearance in plastic
performance when two large children’s companies
toys for the first time presented it to the world in their trading networks.

The popularity of the new product was so high that only for
The first 2 months have sold over 25 million copies!

Despite the fact that the original hoop was created as a toy
for children, relatively quickly, he began to gain credibility and
among adults becoming one of the most useful tools for
slimming and maintaining muscle tone.

Since then, many exercises have been developed with
hoop (or hulahup), which are still actively used to this day
in the sessions of pilates and yoga, are included in the fitness classes of various
directions of aerobics and choreography.

We will tell you about one of such effective complexes in
today’s article. He is guaranteed to help you burn the maximum
calories, adjust your excess weight and make more
variety in your workout routine. And all this can
achieve even in the comfort of your own home!

But before proceeding directly to familiarize yourself with
a list of exercises with a hoop, let’s see which are the most
Beneficial benefits for body condition and human health can
give such regular classes.

The main benefits of hulahup exercises

  • Balance and coordination. To maintain continuous
    rotating the hoop during the session, initially you must have
    some basic level of control of your body. Over time you
    You will begin to notice how the coherence of your movements will improve.
    thighs and abdominal muscles, which will facilitate their efforts at work
    with a hoop at a training pace. You can also try
    at the same time spinning several hula hoops that will surely deliver
    before you new challenges in the development of the vestibular apparatus.
  • Aerobic exercise. Today in sports stores
    hoops of various diameters and weights available. When choosing a small and
    easy option you will spend your energy more intensely
    maintaining its constant rotation than when buying a heavy
    Wrap larger diameter. By the way, according to experts, the choice
    increased rate of work with hulahup will help you spend
    calories at the level of practice running on a treadmill.
  • Spine flexibility. The process of rotating the hoop itself is
    an excellent exercise aimed at developing mobility
    spinal column. This is due to the fact that during the training period
    actively involved in the work of the muscles of the middle and lower back. TO
    Moreover, the presence of sufficient flexibility of the spine and back
    significantly reduces the risk of injury during sports
    or any other types of physical activity.


  • Muscle bark. The researchers found that at the moment of rotation
    hoops are included in the work and increase their tone more than 30 major
    muscles, among which are the muscles of the bark. The latter help support
    human body in an even position, protect the abdominal organs
    cavities and back. Plus, these are well developed deep
    transverse abdominal muscles, as well as internal and external obliques,
    middle and lower muscles, which makes doing hoop work also
    perfect workout for the waist (along with belly dancing).
  • Mood. According to many people, regular classes with
    hoop are able to cheer them up well. In this their
    support and researchers who point out that correctly
    selected physical activity not only has a positive effect
    on the muscle group, but also improves cerebral circulation,
    stimulating brain activity that including
    It affects the emotional attitude of the student.
  • Weight loss. Despite the fact that a set of exercises with
    Hulahup is mainly used as a supplement to the selected
    a weight loss program, but actively expend calories and burn
    excess fat you can also directly with a hoop. To do this, select
    such a workout pace to your heart rate
    reached the range of 65 – 85% of the maximum. And remember – what
    the longer your occupation, the greater the volume of oxygen
    need the cells of the body that has a direct relationship with
    the intensity of the consumption of fat reserves.

TOомплекс упражнений с обручем для похудения в картинках

Примечание: TOак мы уже говорили выше, на данный момент
sports equipment manufacturers offer a huge variety
options when choosing a hoop, both in mass and diameter, and in
materials used in its manufacture. And how much
scrupulously you will approach such a purchase, the final will depend
the effectiveness of your studies.

Detailed information on how to do it correctly, you can
find out in the article: “Your home simulator – hulahup.”

obychnoe-vrashchenie1. Normal rotation. Get started
training from the usual rotation of the hoop, periodically changing
direction of movement until your muscles are enough
warmed up, the pulse rate will reach the working range, and you
Feel comfortable.

Only then can we move on to more advanced exercises,
aimed at the work of all the muscles of the body – from head to tip

vpered-nazad2. Forward – backward. Press the hoop to the bottom.
back and push your right leg forward. Straighten up
shoulders, slightly bend your knees and set the movement of the hoop against
clockwise (trajectory of rotation at waist level). If you
feel uncomfortable, try to put forward left
leg and rotate the hula hoop in the opposite direction.

To maintain continuous движение, переносите вес тела
between the front and back legs, actively moving the hips forward –

If you чувствуете, что обруч начинает падать, отклонитесь назад
and try the thigh of the front leg to return the former trajectory. Also
Do not forget to periodically change your rack.

vrashchenie-s-shiroko-rasstavlennymi-nogami3. Rotation with
legs apart. Stand straight, put a few feet
wider than shoulders and parallel to each other. Give the hoop a good spin.
and keep it moving your hips to the right – left strictly along
straight, so that the hoop hit the sides of the waist.

Watch for constant tension in your abdominals,
correct posture and always look forward.

Remember – the greater the range of movement of the hips you select, the
the hoop will rotate faster.

vrashchenie-3604. The rotation of the body at 360 ° C. To begin
Try this exercise without the hoop. For this firmly
put your left foot on the floor and take a small step forward with
right leg. Then tilt the case to the left and swinging the right
as a pendulum, roll 360 degrees (or by how much
you can) clockwise (the left foot acts as

If you succeed, then start working with a hoop. For
of this, put your right foot forward and start performing
exercise number 2.

TOак только траектория движения обруча станет более-менее
parallel to the plane of the floor, turn the torso clockwise
arrow right leg and go back to the original
rack. Periodically change the support leg, making a turn in
opposite side of the hoop movement.

vrashchenie-nad-golovoy5. Rotation of the hoop over his head.
Stand up straight, put the hoop in front of you and take it right
arm reverse grip (palm looks up). Then raise your hand
above the head (the hoop plane is parallel to the floor surface) and,
With a thumb motion, do one rotation against
clockwise and lock it in your hand again.

That is, the hoop alternately touches the palm on all sides and
will return to the grip. TOонтролируйте, чтобы обруч не свалился ниже
set trajectory.

If you устали, продолжайте упражнение в обратном направлении,
using your left hand. molitva6. Prayer with a hoop. Get started вращение обруча над
head, as during the previous exercise. And when he will
move around your arm, raise your left palm and press it to
right as if you are praying. Now the hoop rotations go without
stops, points of contact – the back surfaces of both hands.

TOак только вы освоитесь с упражнением, необходимо его усложнить,
for example, performing at the same time squats, attacks, stand,
keeping your balance on one leg, or just dance!

hodba-s-obruchem7. Walking with hulahup. Starting position
такая же, как и при выполнении упражнения № 2. TOак только обруч
will rotate parallel to the earth, take a small step forward
back foot at the moment when it will touch the hips front

TOак только вы освоитесь с техникой выполнения шагов, попробуйте
ходить еще быстрее или наоборот пятиться backwards

vrashchenie-obrucha-v-rukah8. Rotation of the hoop in the hands.
Fix the hoop with your right hand with a straight grip (palm down).
Get started им размах по часовой стрелке (траектория параллельна
earth). TOак только вы его заведете за спину, перехватите левой
hand and rotate back forward.

Keep doing the exercise, constantly grabbing it from
one palm to the other. As you master, try simultaneously with
spin the hoop to walk, crouch or perform lunges.

pryzhki-s-obruchem9. Jumping with hulahup. Put the hoop
on the right and take it with a direct grip (palm down). Get started
rotate it to the side of itself, like a figure eight, committing through it
jumping and bending over his head when he moves from above.

Too hard? Then hold the top of the two hands.
hoop and use it as a skipping rope!

Caution: people who have back problems,
must refrain from using this complex, otherwise
you can only aggravate the situation with health!

Sample video training for beginners

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