Exercises with a hoop for slimming belly andsides

  • 1 Complex exercises with a hoop for weight loss
    • 1.1 Эффективные упражнения для похудения живота и sides
    • 1.2 Exercises for children
    • 1.3 General Gymnastics

Get rid of the hated fat deposits in the abdomen and
sides, увы, не так просто, как хотелось бы. Our article offers
do it in the shortest possible time with the help of exercises with a hoop. Not
know how to use it correctly? Not беда! On the World Wide Web
You can always find a couple of training videos.

In our material will be told how to choose
effective set of exercises. With it both adults and children.
Sit back and read the following


A set of exercises with a hoop for weight loss

A hoop has much more power and influence on your body than
you think. It is enough to learn how to use it correctly and
pick up a special individual set of exercises.

Thanks to a gym like this
, можно не только подтянуть фигуру, но и укрепить
cardiovascular system, properly adjust breathing, improve
mood and normalize metabolism.

Attention! Before you start to achieve the desired
результата похудения живота и sides с помощью вышеуказанного
the simulator, read the information about his

  • skin diseases;
  • renal failure;
  • menstrual period;
  • gestation period;
  • the presence of injuries in the abdomen and back;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • retroflection;
  • having problems with the spine.

It is also strictly forbidden to turn the gymnastics circle while
six months after delivery.

Рассмотрите, какие бывают виды обручей и
decide which one is right for you:

  • heavy designed for strength exercises;
  • aluminum because of its lightness designed for children;
  • steel have a heavy weight and may eventually become
  • Massage designed to get rid of fat with
    special massage balls “fixed” on them.

If you are a beginner athlete, exercise is more than anything.
an inventory weighing up to one and a half kilograms. If in classes with
gymnastics circle already have some experience, you can allow
imagine a two kilogram shell. The most experienced recommended
three kilogram hoop. For children, the maximum weight of the simulator –
one kilogram.

By the way, a set of exercises for weight loss with
gymnastic circle is the most profitable option, since this
inventory can be used at home.

Эффективные упражнения для похудения живота и sides

Complex lessons will help you get rid of unwanted
fat deposits in this area in a matter of days. Top secret
such a quick and effective weight loss – the correctness of the
exercise and regularity.

Если вы не знаете, как правильно использовать этот
, проведем небольшой экскурс в «мир обручей». So,
let’s start with the fact that your legs at this time should be located
together, and the body to perform smooth circular movements, gradually
rhythm enhancers. Beginners recommended at first
use massage trainers to avoid injury.

The minimum amount of initiation time for this exercise is 30.
minutes Then можно увеличить его еще на 15 minutes Of course, with
full confidence in the correctness of their actions. Besides the waist,
other parts of the body should not be involved.

We will begin to prepare for the implementation of a set of exercises for
похудения с небольшой разминки, которую в
must perform every athlete, in
avoid injury or unusual muscle pain. So, для
warm-up exercises will need to put the simulator on the ground,
then grab it with both hands and roll into different
hand, trying to turn with him. Make necessary
2-3 sets of 10 repetitions, depending on the degree of your

Давайте рассмотрим наиболее эффективные упражнения с
обручем для похудения живота и sides:

  • Rotate the hoop alternately (or as it is also called – hula hoop)
    in different directions 30 times, in two sets;
  • When rotating the hula hoop, try to move in small steps
    on the room. This exercise is recommended 15 minutes in
  • Spin your inventory with your waist with all your strength, trying
    while sitting down and immediately straighten up. For the greatest effect
    15 sit-ups with 3 sets recommended;
  • Rotating the hula hoop, alternate with each leg.
    backwards It is desirable to make two approaches, 15 times for each

Of course, the effect of the above exercises will be zero when
unhealthy diet. The person who wants to lose weight as soon as possible should
it is mandatory to give up bad habits in which
includes alcohol, tobacco and harmful high-calorie

Exercises for children

Since the younger generation also needs to keep itself in
form, at least for good health, in this paragraph we
Consider hoop exercises for kids.

If you want your child not to choke, run all
only 100 meters in physical education class, immediately
Take everything in your hands and buy him a hoop. The simplest hula hoop
weighing up to one kilogram, teach your child to breathe properly,
will lead to muscle toning and also prevent the development
cardiovascular disease.

So, рассмотрим простейший комплекс упражнений для

  • Use the hoop as a skipping rope and jump forward with it.
  • The next lesson is designed to develop children’s agility.
    Roll the hoop on the floor, and your child should be in time
    climb into it, and even so that the projectile does not fall on
  • Rotation of the hoop on the outstretched arms;
  • Rolling the simulator on the floor, stopping with one hand;
  • Take a sitting position. Feet meanwhile should be
    located at shoulder level. Raise the hoop above your head and stretch
    to socks without bending your back;
  • Pull out the hula hoop in front of you and thus perform

Each of the above exercises for weight loss should
give 15 minutes a day.

General development gymnastics

General developmental exercises for weight loss with a hoop
designed absolutely for everyone. Even if you are not
lover of this kind of work and do not burn with the desire
study, it is worth at least once a week to devote your time to easy
gymnastics for general muscle development. Actually, with
we will familiarize you with this complex of occupations in
this paragraph.

So, для укрепления мышц и приведения тела в тонус, в
Be sure to follow this

  • Feet apart shoulder-width apart. Then rise on your socks and
    in the same way, lift the hoop up above your head. Hold up
    in this position for 2-3 seconds, then lower the gymnastic
  • Thread the hoop so that it is at the waist and
    lift it up. The upper limbs should be
    directed in different directions, and the bottom – placed a little wider
  • Raise the hula hoop up above your head and bend over with
    him in different directions;
  • Firmly squeeze the simulator in your hands and place it behind you.
    The essence of classes in the abduction of hula hoop back and return to the original
  • Place a gymnastic trainer in front of you. Then
    cross your upper limbs so that your left hand
    held to the right side of the hoop, and the right – to the left;
  • Hands should be located on the belt. Put the hoop on the ground.
    The essence of classes in jumping inside the gymnastic equipment and

The main goal of the hoop exercises is to strengthen and maintain
muscle tone. Therefore, if you want to improve health, do not
making special efforts for this, the above simulator will become you
best friend for the near future.

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