Exercises on the back in the gym and inhome conditions

  • 1 Exercises for the back muscles for women and men
    • 1.1 Упражнения в home conditions
    • 1.2 Program for back muscles in the gym
    • 1.3 Video lesson for beginners

Proper posture and muscular back – the guarantee of health and
aesthetic appearance of both women and men. For pumping
the muscles of this zone need to get a couple of dumbbells, because
The most effective exercises with the burdening. Exercise can
hold for beginners in the gym and at home
conditions. To achieve quick results, it is important to do
workout daily with maximum intensity.


Exercises for the back muscles for women and men

Back training allows you to pump a trapezoid (giving the zone
thickness), the widest (visually narrowing waist) muscle and
rectifiers. Before starting classes, you must decide on
goals pursued from them (weight gain or muscle drying),
why will the number of repetitions and
exercise intensity.

Beginners are recommended to do 10-12 repetitions of exercises for
remembering the right technique. First classes
can be done with or without burdening, or with light dumbbells (empty
hyphae). The load and intensity should be increased gradually,
performing on each subsequent workout more reps, and
also increasing the burdening.

Упражнения в home conditions

Упражнения спины для женщин в home conditions позволяет
work through all muscle groups, helping get rid of
accumulated fat in this area and giving the zone a relief form.
Each exercise complex workout needs to work out.
alternately, making 10-25 repetitions in 3 sets, depending on
initial weight and fitness level. Beginners should
start with 10 repetitions of the exercise, trying on each subsequent
training to do 2 times more, gradually increasing
load. Between approaches we allow a 40 second break, and between
Exercise 1 minute.

Упражнения для укрепления мышц спины в home conditions
for women:

  • Take the burden of 0.5-1 kg. Legs shoulder width, body straight.
    Bend back in the lower back, gently dropping his hands down. Return to
    initial position.
  • Become exactly, putting his feet shoulder-width apart. Dumbbells put on
    floor in front of yourself. Crouch, bending the knees and taking dumbbells
    straight grip. Return to первоinitial position.
  • Legs shoulder-width apart, knees bent, body leaning forward. AT
    dumbbells stretched out straight ahead. Slowly bend your arms
    elbows, touching the dumbbells of the armpits.
  • Right leg bend at the knee and put on a bench or sofa
    without armrests. The emphasis on the right hand, back straight. Direct grip
    to take a dumbbell in the straightened left arm, slightly lowering the shoulder.
    Raise your left hand with a dumbbell as high as possible. Swap Position
    the other hand.
  • Legs together, the body tilted forward so that the hip
    joints formed a right angle relative to the floor. Arms straight,
    lowered down with dumbbells. Bend your elbows, lifting the dumbbells to
    chest Then we spread our arms with dumbbells in both directions, again we reduce
    them under the breast and drop down.

Back exercises for men at home

  • Pull ups. The most effective training
    for pumping the broadest muscles (wings), subject to
    Exercise wide grip. If the grip is narrow, the muscles are pumped.
    neck (trapezoid).
  • Push ups. For training your back muscles, not
    triceps need to put your arms wide, with your palms and socks
    rest on the floor. Do push-ups slowly, keeping your back straight.
    It is possible to increase the load by making claps or lifting one leg
    from the floor.
  • Breeding hands to the side. Lying on his stomach
    closing the shoulder blades. Keep your arms apart without touching the floor.
  • Alternately raising arms and legs. To lie on the stomach
    straighten limbs. Alternately lift the left leg at the same time
    with the right hand and vice versa. Hands and feet should not touch
  • Hyperextension reverse. Lie on the sofa or
    a bench without armrests, resting the pelvic bones on its edge.
    Hands hold on to the edge of the sofa (bench). Slowly lower
    выпрямленные ноги вниз, не касаясь floor.
  • Slopes. Feet shoulder width apart. Tilt the body
    Forward, a little doggy knees, the spine should be
    straightened. For maximum training efficiency, it’s best to
    hand dumbbells.

Training for men involves doing each exercise.
20-25 times in 3 sets.

Program for back muscles in the gym

Exercises on the back in the gym for

  • Thrust of the upper block. ATспомогательная тренировка для новичков с
    using a simulator, an alternative to tightening.
  • Traction on the simulator. This training is recommended for beginners.
    due to the minimum load on the spine. Allows you to work
    the broadest muscles.
  • Thrust dumbbells with one hand. The body must be parallel to the floor.
    Emphasis on the left hand and knee of the left leg. Right hand with dumbbell
    lowered down. Raise the arm with the dumbbell up, feeling the contraction
    back muscles without turning the body.
  • Thrust lower unit. This training is an alternative
    rod thrust. It is recommended to practice on this simulator at the end
    workouts for fixing the pumping of all muscles.

For weight loss, muscle drying and fat burning is necessary
high intensity training that involves frequent repetitions and
shortest rest time.

Exercise back on the mass suggest a small number
repetitions of exercises with weights (dumbbells, kettlebells).

Program for back muscles for women in the gym

  • Stretching ATстать рядом с тренажером, взявшись за него одной
    by hand. Expand slowly the body in the opposite direction.
  • Lie down on the bench, take the burden, slightly bend your arms at the elbows.
    Smoothly separate your hands to the side, linger for a couple of seconds,
    slowly return to the starting position.
  • Sit directly on the Butterfly simulator. Press the back of the head and back to
    simulator. While inhaling, place your hands in front of you, strain your pectoral muscles.
    Hold for a couple of seconds and as you exhale slowly return to
    initial position.
  • Feet shoulder width apart. ATзять в левую руку отягощение, плавно
    lower to the left leg, knees slightly bent. Back is false to be
    straight. Return to начальное положение, повторить упражнение с
    другой by hand.

ATидео урок для начинающих

ATидео — тренировка мышц спины:

And remember that any training begins and ends with
stretch marks. Complex for beginners here: 

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