Exercises for weight loss legs: complex forhouses

effektivnye-uprazhneniya-dlya-pohudeniya-nogLonging for
perfection makes many girls pay attention to the form
legs. Full lyashki and disproportionate volume of the calf muscles
due to excess weight spoil the overall impression of the figure.

Make them elegant and similar to the standard of feminine beauty
help effective exercises for weight loss legs.

Простота и доступность housesшних тренировок может сослужить
good service to beginners. As a rule, it is not required at the beginning of the journey.
special sports equipment – a chair and a rug can be found in each
house or apartment.

Dumbbells that increase the effectiveness of training, can be purchased at
sporting goods store, paying attention to their weight. Burdens
should be able to perform the full number of repetitions,
specified in the exercise. If necessary, for example, perform 15
movements, then on the 16th there should be no strength left.

Leg leads, bridge, scissors, and other exercises
unfairly called useless or ineffective, but with
observance of the technique of implementation and the regularity of classes they give
smaller result than squats and deadlifts.


Special exercises for slimming legs and legs: TOP-10

Choosing between aerobics and fitness, it is better to give preference
the second. Результативное похудение ног в housesшних условиях поможет
make the problem parts of the body not only slim, but also beautiful.
Intense aerobics well destroys fat, but together
so the muscle mass is lost, which leads to a decrease in the level
metabolism and deterioration of immunity.

Physical exercise improves the shape of the legs, faster relieve
from fat stores. When doing fitness not only
muscles but all body systems including the central nervous system and
cardiovascular. As a result, stamina increases
organism, improves immunity.

Mandatory warm-up before training – walking, running or jumping
with a rope – should not take a lot of energy, but only warm up
muscle, so after it should not be tired.

1. Exercise, toning the muscles of the legs and body.

Standing, (feet together), raise the left leg with a sharp,
extended, toe, lowering the center of gravity on the right foot, standing on
the floor. Align the head, body and
левую ногу, которая должна проходить параллельно the floor. Hands hold
On the sides. Center of gravity falls in the middle of the foot, right knee
should not be blocked.

Hold the pose for 5 breaths, slowly return to
ip (initial position), then repeat the exercise mirror
(for the right leg).

2. Squatting on the chair.

A great exercise for the legs and thighs, the implementation of which
will require simple inventory.

Stand with your back to the chair, feet shoulder-width apart, center of gravity
focus on the heels, tighten the abdominal muscles and lightly
lean forward to the hips. Slowly lower the buttocks on the seat
chair, but before you sit down, linger on a pause, and then
возвращаемся в ip, удерживая корпус.

Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

3. Reverance: lunge with a turn

Standing, feet shoulder width, right foot backwards
diagonal, choosing the position of the hour hand at 7 o’clock.
Simultaneously bend your knees to make a lunge. Bowed down
body forward by 30 degrees and perform pulsating tilts 10-15
time. Having straightened the body, we rotate 180 degrees in order to
the right leg was in front, and we repeat mirror movements in

Impulse movements 10-15 times in both directions are 1
approach, we perform 3 such sets.

4. Skater.

This exercise for the legs and buttocks perfectly trains
quadriceps, gluteus and hamstrings.

Legs – shoulder-width apart, arms placed along the body. Do
big step back left foot, wrapping it diagonally behind
right. At the same time, we raise our right hand through the side, and
we place left across hips, shaking. Doing 2 left lunge
ногой, возвращаемся в ip Exercise consists of 3 sets of 20
repetitions in each.

5. Raising legs

We train quadriceps: standing facing the chair, raise the right
leg up. The knees of both legs are slightly bent. We put heel on
chair seat, making sure the knee is not locked, gradually
straighten the leg until we feel the tension in the quadriceps
thigh muscle. Keep your raised leg in the air, then gently bend and
We put on the floor, straightening again.

After completing 10-15 repetitions, you need to change the leg and make
mirror is one set. In total it is necessary to repeat 3 approaches. 6
Two-thirds squatting.

This circus trick is designed for quadriceps and

I.p. – стоя, ноги на ширине плеч, руки опускаем On the sides.
We squat down, choosing about two-thirds of the height. Bouncing
to the ceiling, at the same time stretching the arms upwards. Lowering the case –
we lower our hands and touch the floor, then we make a new leap.

In total it is necessary to make 3 sets of 20 jumps.

7. V-position – ballet “plie”.

Work thighs, buttocks and legs. This exercise is perfect.
suitable for girls with the figure of “pear”, because, unlike
normal squats, not pumps up the hips.

Stand perpendicular to the chair, holding the backrest with one hand.
Put your legs in the V-position, connecting the heels, and toes placing
at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Bend your knees and heels
We raise a few inches above the floor. Omit the hips
until we feel how the quadriceps work intensively. Getting started
squat 10-15 times (1 set), repeat 3 sets.

8. Lateral attacks with blows.

Difficult exercise in which you can start with lighter
weights or do fewer repetitions until the muscles
get stronger.

I.p.: standing, legs together, arms outstretched on each side, in them – dumbbells
on 3-6 kg. Do шаг в сторону правой ногой, сгибаем левую ногу в
knee and strike it to the side without extending the knee.
Возвращаемся в ip

Three sets of 12-15 repetitions for the left leg follow before
the same exercise for the right. 9. “The Bridge”

We train the legs: lying on your back and bending your knees, we rest
heels to the floor. At the same time we direct the toes upwards, to the shins.

The buttocks are raised above the floor to the level until the back forms
straight line from knees to shoulders. Hold the position for
seconds, then we fall to the floor.

You need to complete 15 repetitions.

10. Pose “dogs”

This yoga exercise is great for training

We get on all fours, take a deep breath. Little
Exhale and stand in the pose of the dog, straightening the legs and lifting
hips and body up. We put our hands and feet on the floor, relaxing and
lowering your head between your hands. Exhale and lift any leg.
as high as possible up to the stop, holding it right above the fixative
by foot.

Omit the working leg and repeat the exercise mirror.

Rises and squats, lunges and swinging, “scissors”, “bicycle”,
�”Plank”, squeezing fitball, training with elastic tape – the whole
this arsenal with regular use will help you achieve
dreams – slim, chiseled legs!

Leg Slimming Exercises – Video Training

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