Exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles forof women

podtyazhka-grudi-dlya-zhenshchinWhat sacrifices
идут of womenы, чтобы подтянуть chest и сделать ее красивой!
Excessive spending on pills and creams with zero result or
plastic surgeon’s scalpel for the brave – not the best solution
for the perfect bust.

You can create an elastic, beautiful chest, making only three
simple but effective exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles for
of women.

Why put yourself at risk and wait a few months for
recovery of health from the painful intervention “masters
beauty, if a few daily exercises help to form
and maintain a beautiful breast shape due to the development of large and small
pectoral muscles. Of course, this will have to sweat a little, but
the result is worth it.

The reasons for the loss of the correct form of the bust are:

  • birth of a child;
  • overstepping forty years;
  • sedentary work at the computer leading to negative
    changes in posture (and as a result, sagging breasts).

Whether age-related changes or other factors
contributed to the weakening of the muscles that support the bust, you need first
turn to use the safest options
recovery, starting with the so-called “light” charge.


Top 3 best exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles for
of women

In order to train with these simple loads, do not
need special conditions. Even if there are no dumbbells, you can use
two polutoralitrovy bottles with water. How long will it take
to do to see the result?

Exercise 2-3 times a week, gradually increasing
their intensity. After 3-4 weeks you can see noticeable
bust shape changes. But to achieve the final result
sometimes it takes several months of hard work, so for
impressive effect will have to be patient.

The chest is supported by two muscles – large and small pectoral,
which are located under the adipose tissue of the mammary glands. Zoom
the size of the bust itself, of course, will not work, since in the gland itself
muscle missing. But to find the perfect silhouette and elasticity
outlines due to strengthening, tightening and improving the tone of the chest
мышц – под силу любой of womenе.

The ease of these exercises will help you feel confident and
without a coach. But as soon as you start to get all the actions
better and better – you will see how much the chest has changed!

A couple of tips before you start:

ATыполнять упражнения для подтягивания груди для of women лучше в
sports bra, which will provide bust support. Before
lesson if this mini-complex is not included in the total training
body, you need to devote a warm-up minutes 5.

Perform several jumps of “Jack-Jumping” (hands and legs
jump together and apart), make turns of the hull and the “mill”.

Pushups: light version for beginners and how to complicate

In the complex of exercises for strengthening the pectoral muscles
push-ups that train your chest well are included. Wherein
they do not require serious effort, because, resting their knees in
gender, you use only 60% of your body. So you
load muscles only 35%.

At the initial stage, “boyish” efforts are not needed;
this starting point. Then you can go to the wall training.
or from a high bar position (on straight arms). It will give you
increased fitness to withstand complete

In the future, learning to push up on one hand, you can
get a bust like soldier jane from famous american
blockbusters, but first let’s be realistic and get down to starting
training In the most effective exercises for tightening women’s
Breasts include modified push-ups:

  • lying on your stomach, rest your palms on the floor at chest level, bending
    elbows Do not move your hands too far away from the body – they should
    be right under your shoulders when you go up
  • bend your knees and cross your ankles, lifting your legs from
    floor. This will provide the best support for your knees to the floor;
  • squeeze on your hands, kneeling. At runtime
    Exercise keep your back straight, it should not be arched.
    The face is facing the floor. If you have back problems, then
    to level your back and keep your body stable, focus on
    abdominal muscles;
  • drop to the floor at the expense of 3-4, but do not touch it
    surface of the chest. Hold it at a distance of 3-5 cm, and then
    отожмитесь up;
  • make 3 sets of 10 repetitions with breaks for rest
    between him for 30-60 seconds.

In the future, you can complicate the exercise to speed up
поднятие pectoral muscles. To do this, make 3 sets of 20
repetitions, adding 5 repetitions each time if you perform 3
The set is easy, no problem for two sessions in a row.


The best physical exercises for tightening sagging breasts
include work with dumbbells (when working in the gym also
It is worth actively using the reduction of hands in the Butterfly simulator):

  • place the dumbbells on the floor and lie on your back between them. If
    you have a “step” (platform for dance step aerobics) lie down on
    her so that her elbows easily fall to the floor during
  • You can also use fitball (fitness ball);
  • Lay down on the support so that the middle of the back is at the top
    parts of the ball, and the blades moved freely;
  • use such dumbbells, working with which, you do not accidentally
    hook them with your head while holding the ball in a stable position. For
    2.5 kg in each hand (or 5 pounds) will be
  • strain the press to take a steady and workable
    posture, and arms prepare for loads;
  • lift the dumbbells, arms bent, elbows pointing to the side
    (as in the dance of “little ducklings”);
  • count to two and push the weights up, fully straightening
  • Lower the dumbbells to the chest slowly on the score 3-4. Inhibited
    a decrease causes the muscles to tighten more;
  • make 3 sets of 12 repetitions, between which arrange
    pause for rest, at least 30 seconds.

When your muscles get stronger, then to increase the elasticity of the chest
muscles, you have to go to a heavier weight dumbbell, and not
increase the number of repetitions.


Isometry: what exercises need to be done to tighten

Isometric exercises (in other words – static)
load your muscles without increasing the length of the muscle fibers. AT
counterweight, while lifting dumbbells for biceps dynamically changes
the angle at the elbow, which leads to muscle contraction and change in their length
fibers throughout the movement.

AT то время как, изометрическая нагрузка – это, например,
pushing the wall with your straight arms. ATы пытаетесь сделать это все сильнее
and stronger, but the wall does not move anywhere. No no
changes in the length of the muscles, but they are loaded more and more.
Isometric exercises can raise your blood pressure.
(blood / blood pressure), so you should get
doctor’s approval or avoid them if you suffer from severe
hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases.

  • ATстаньте прямо, колени слегка согните, напрягите пресс для
    maintain posture;
  • ATозьмите в руки полотенце, зажав оба конца в руках. Stretch
    him to the sides at shoulder level;
  • Pull the towel simultaneously in the opposite direction,
    using small pulsating movements. After impulse not
    loosen the stretch, keep the fabric stretched for
  • Make 3 sets of one minute pulses with a pause of 30
    seconds to rest in between.

These exercises for elasticity and breast lift for more
The effect is best combined with a contrast shower, masks and massages.
They help not only to speed up the process, but also to consolidate what has been achieved.

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