Exercises for the upper part of the press

To pump up the abdominal muscles, it is enough to have a mat for
фитнес-тренировок и знать лучшие упражнения на press.
Additional devices will be needed for advanced
athletes. Since the top press very quickly comes to the right
form and is easily restored, problems with his workouts are not
will be if you follow all the recommendations and instructions.

Exercises for the upper part of the press


  • How to swing the muscles of the upper press girls?
  • Tasks for the top press for men
  • How to build abdominal muscles at home?
  • Video exercises on the top press

How to swing the muscles of the upper press girls?

Especially for girls designed complex, which consists of 6
effective exercises.

№1. Rack

Despite its apparent ease
complicated. Start with 20 seconds and increase the load with each

  1. Starting position – lying on his stomach;
  2. Climb up on elbows, keeping a straight line of the back and legs;
  3. Hold this position and go down for a rest at 10.
  4. Repeat the task.


№2. Twisting

  1. Take a supine position. Head raised and legs
    keep your knees bent at a right angle;
  2. Tearing off the shoulder blades from the floor, pull your chin to your chest, twisting
    the upper part of the press in an accordion;
  3. Задержитесь в этом положении на 10 seconds;
  4. Return to the starting position.


Number 3. Deflections

This task also seems relatively easy, but ignore
it is not worth it, because it is one of the best, thanks to which
You can tone the upper abdominal muscles:

  1. Lie on your stomach with your legs and arms stretched along your body;
  2. Lift up the torso, as much as possible lifting it from the floor. Hands and
    with your legs too, move as high as possible to the ceiling;
  3. Return to the original position after a delay of 3 seconds and
    repeat the task.


Breathe in the process of doing deep and smooth, feeling the work
abdominal muscles.

№ 4. Combined lifts

In this task, the torso is lifted with knees bent,
and using dumbbells. Allows you to provide muscles
more detailed study:

  1. Sit on the mat, bending your knees, leaving your torso on the floor;
  2. Pull up your torso to your knees, with your hands exactly in front of
    themselves, not helping them in the process of implementation;
  3. Get down on the floor;
  4. Now pull up again, but grab the next
    lying dumbbells and pull them to the chest;
  5. Get down on the floor again.

Perform the task rhythmically, but not too fast. General
The number of repetitions – 30 times for a beginner.

№ 5. Run from a prone position

Outwardly, this task resembles climbing the floor in place:

  1. Rest on your palms, keep your back straight. Bend one leg
  2. Sharply change legs, as if jumping.

Бег из позиции лежа

Do the task 40 times in total.

If you are still hard to “run” lying, then you can ease yourself
work, just alternately changing legs, first bending one,
bringing her back and bending the other. So it is easier to perform and load
less, but then you need to try to upgrade to an advanced version

№ 6. Twisting from the position on the hands

  1. Stay in the same position as for the previous task,
    – leaning on the palm and keeping a straight back;
  2. Pull one knee to yourself, and then bring it to
    opposite side, making a kind of twisting;
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the second leg.

В общей сложности вам нужно сделать так 16 time. In advanced
versions try to move your legs as far as possible, and the task itself
do it slower. This will increase the load.

Tasks for the top press for men

The load for men should be higher than that of women. You can
start working immediately with small weighting agents and use in
help various simulators.

No. 1. Press from the bench at an angle.

To complete the task you will need a bench at an inclination of 30

  1. Sit on the bench so that the head is below the legs.
    Secure feet for support. Keep your hands behind your head or in front of
    by crossing;
  2. Climb up to touch your elbows to the knees. it
    not necessarily to do, but the main thing – almost get;
  3. Плавно опуститесь назад и repeat the task.

Пресс со скамьи под углом

During execution, you can use a combination of lung and
deep rises. To do this, first climb
low, and in the second – elbows reach to the knees. it обеспечит
different stress on the muscles and make them work better.

If you want to make the task even more difficult, cross your hands on
rise in front of your chest and in that initial position
up. The higher the angle of the bench, the harder it will be to do

No. 2. Folds forward with a load.

To do this, you will need a simulator:

  1. Stand with your back to him, kneeling, and hands
    clutching at weight. Initially install small
  2. Pull the weight in front of you with force, trying to tilt your arms
    straight to the floor. You will get a prayer posture. Keep your back lightly
  3. Hold at the peak point for a few seconds and smoothly
    rise up

Start with 20 repetitions and gradually increase the load and
number of repetitions.

Пресс живота

No. 3. Press in the legs with raised legs.

You will need a crossbar:

  1. Hook your hands on crossbar;
  2. Pull up the stretched legs so that it is straight
  3. Hold this position for a few seconds;
  4. Return to the starting point.

Repeat the task 15 times. In the future, you can use
dumbbells or weights, to increase the load on the legs.

All abdominal muscles are involved in this exercise, so its
may well be called universal.

No. 4. Triple complex with added load

This is a combined exercise of three exercises. The main thing is not
get confused:

  1. Lie on a flat surface, tighten your legs at the knees, arms
    take your head;
  2. Rise torso up;
  3. Drop down;
  4. Take the dumbbells in the hands next to you, cross your arms over your chest
    fall again;
  5. Return to the starting position, stretch your legs;
  6. Rise up again, now with straight legs and
    dumbbells on the chest;
  7. Come back;
  8. Repeat the set from the beginning.

The cycle is built so as to gradually increase the complexity
load for one approach. In total, repeat set 10

In general, men better go to the gym where you can do
куда больше упражнений для пресса, о которых мы писали
этой статье

How to build abdominal muscles at home?

Upper press to pump at home is easy because for work
these muscles do not necessarily have special simulators – enough
work with its own weight or add weight to dumbbells
(water bottles).

Exercise number 1. Lazy press

This task can be performed early in the morning, even before getting up from
the beds. Find 2 minutes immediately after waking up to complete
him. This does not guarantee you the cubes, but the elasticity and tone exactly
will appear in a couple of weeks:

  1. Lying in bed on a flat surface, lift the chin,
    looking at his feet;
  2. Hold this position, experiencing tension in the muscles.
    belly for one minute;
  3. Lie for 5 seconds in relaxation and repeat the task

Start with 3 approaches in the minute, gradually increasing
load, watching how easy it was for you to do lazy
press. If the voltage is low, then the number of approaches and
the duration of the task must be increased.

Exercise number 2. Classic press

The simplest and at the same time the most effective task for
upper abdominal muscles:

  1. Зацепитесь ногами за край the beds. Best to keep feet
    bent at the knees but if you already have a certain
    exercise, then keep your legs straight or pull them up,
    bent at the knees;
  2. Throw your hands behind your head and do not help them in the process.
    task performance;
  3. Rise at a quiet pace, making you tense up
  4. Drop down to the starting position.

Повторите задание 30 time. Over time, the load must be increased and
complicate your task with weighting. Also at a certain stage
you need to learn how to do without support – the legs are fixed on
floor or hang in a bent position in the air.

Качаем пресс

In the most difficult version of the exercise legs can be raised to
small height.

Exercise number 3. Oblique turns

To complete this task you need to find a surface for
In order to throw there feet. Bed or sofa is quite
will do:

  1. Keep your back on the floor and your legs
    were on a visa (upravlenny option – in a bent position on
  2. Hands in the lock behind the head;
  3. Raise the torso so as to touch the left knee with the right elbow
    and the left elbow of the right knee alternately, while to the left elbow
    pull the right knee, and vice versa (see photo below);
  4. Повторите задание для каждой пары по 15 time.

Oblique turns

There are several options for this exercise.
Use the most heavy or all at once.

  • Поочередные повторы. In this form, you
    first do the rises on the press of the left elbow to the right knee 15
    once, and then repeat the task for another pair. It is important to keep
    quiet pace rises.
  • Парные подъемы. During the assignment you
    raise the right elbow first to the left knee, lower, and
    then lift your left elbow to your right knee and drop down again.
    The effectiveness of the exercise does not suffer from this. Total amount
    повторов для новичка — от 30 time.
  • Подъемы с задержкой. In this version
    tasks you raise your right elbow to your left knee and then immediately
    without lowering the left elbow to the opposite side.
    Do for each side 5 times and drop. In this way,
    you will increase the load on the abdominal muscles delayed in a static

Read more about what exercises for the press can be done in
home conditions read here.

Video exercises on the top press

Look visually how to properly pump up the abdominal muscles and
achieve a beautiful relief.

To pump up a beautiful and elastic press is quite simple – regular
Exercises on the background of proper nutrition will help you quickly.
Find the most appropriate combination of exercises and
perform them with regularity, constantly and systematically increasing
load. Only in this case you will notice positive progress on
your belly.

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