Exercises for the thighs and buttocks at homeconditions

super-uprazhneniya-dlya-beder-i-yagodits-domaPeople have a big
part of working time conducting at the table or leading
sedentary lifestyle, all calories consumed are directed
straight to the problem area of ​​the buttocks and thighs.

Choosing the right diet products and exercise
help to reduce the weight of the whole body, extract the same fat accumulations from
tough zone help intensive exercises for the hips and
ягодиц в домашних conditions.

But not only high-calorie foods play a significant role.
in the deposition of fat on the hips and buttocks. Laid down by nature on
genetic level fertility program
provides for the appearance of women in the fat depot in this area.

Therefore, for girls with the “pear” figure, additional
efforts since in the long run they lose weight

Experts of the American Council on physical exercise revealed
paradox: in problem areas where weight is gained most easily,
harder to get rid of volumes, since this is the last place
whose fat is burned. The main secret of fitness training is
in increasing blood flow to key areas by increasing
intensity of employment.


How to do exercises for the hips and buttocks at home

Beginners fitness trainers are advised to start with the best
level of loads and not try all the exercises to the maximum,
practicing the greatest number of repetitions. Next day this
will lead to painful discomfort when walking and others

Experts recommend at the initial stage to implement 6-12
repetitions and do no more than 2-3 sets, adding exercises for
tightening the buttocks and thighs in their usual exercises. Mix and
Combine several selected loads, changing them every other day.

And next week, you can use the remaining exercises,
also dividing them into two complexes. This will help achieve the effect.
�“Wow-ass”, not engaging in a monotonous, boring routine.

Experts advise to pay special attention to the diet,
as some diets contribute to the accumulation of fat in
areas of the buttocks and thighs. Easily digestible carbohydrates should be excluded.
preferring them vegetables, fruits, high-quality protein food and
whole grain cereals (for example, oats).

The most effective exercises to strengthen the hips and buttocks for
girls are squats, jumps and lunges. They need to perform
constantly increasing the intensity of the loads. In the basic version
experts of the American Council on physical exercise collected
effective workout of gluteus and quadriceps to help
make your lower body more attractive.

Top 7 best exercises

To study these problem areas, special
set of exercises, including any attacks, squats and jumps.

We start with a few repetitions, including movements from both
parties, pay attention to the technique of execution, and then gradually
increase the intensity: 1. Perfect squat

With seeming simplicity, this exercise has a lot of nuances,
which shift the load.

Putting the legs on the NW (shoulder width), the foot – parallel to each other
To a friend, we slowly go down, as if sitting down on a chair. Bye hips
they will become parallel to the floor, with their knees above the toes.
(If the anatomical structure of the legs and the flexibility of the hip joints
such that the knees protrude slightly forward by the socks, but the painful
you do not feel discomfort, so everything is normal).

At the same time, the weight of the body should rest on the heels so that
you could easily move your toes. At this time, involved
quadriceps, loading hips, lower press and buttocks, and
simultaneously relieving tension from the knees.

Hands placed above the head, chest tightened, shoulders straighten.
The stomach should be retracted. Important to control at this time
spine. We hold it smoothly, without rounding the back. Pelvis while
as far back as possible. Do not tilt the case forward and
body support on the socks. If you deviate from the main trajectory, then
all efforts will be made to restore the balance of the body and not on
load target muscles.

Having reached the lowest point, without relaxing the muscles, we get up. Exercise
performed slowly, with the maximum tension of the gluteal muscles,
hips and press.

2. Cooking on socks

Standing, we place the legs wider than on the silo (position “plié” or “sumo”,
socks apart at an angle of 45 °). Put your hands on your hips.

Sit down until your knees form a right angle and your hips become
parallel to the floor. At this time, lift your heels up, towering like
in heels.

At the expense of “one” lower heels to the floor, then repeat the gap

For experienced fitness lady you can perform 1-3 during lifting.
small springy squats, but you need to control joints

3. Lower “twerk”

Putting your feet on the silo, do the forward bend, touching the floor
the tips of the fingers slightly in front of the legs.

Then we put our fingers on the floor and make spring movements,
lifting the hips up, then lowering down. At the same time slightly bend

We return to the PI (initial position).

4. Football player

Starting position: standing, feet on SHP, hands on thighs.

Crouch on an imaginary chair, then stand up and push hard.
one foot forward, like beating the ball.

At the same time, with your left hand, swing forward and your right hand back.
Mirror repeat exercise.

5. Squat with cross overs

We accept the starting position: standing, feet on the NW, hands hold

Next you need to sit down until your hips fall parallel to the floor,
then stand, lifting the left knee up (we direct it to
the opposite side).

At the same time, we move the right elbow to the center. We return to the PI
and repeat the exercise mirror.

6. Swallow

Starting position (PI): standing, keep your feet on the NB.

You need to sit down deep, arms placed behind the body or on
the belt. Getting up, lift the left leg and pull it back. Thoracic
we lower the cage parallel to the floor, and direct the arms forward (posture

Hold the position at the expense of “one”, and then repeat the exercise with
the other side.

7. Climbing the wall

Do you want to turn the muscles of the buttocks into a “juicy peach”? Slightly
Squatting against the wall, keeping your legs together. Hips should
be parallel to the floor. Hands down on the hips. Straining
ass and buttocks, press against the wall and lift the left knee to the chest.
Lowering your left leg, lift your right knee.

As you can see, the best exercises for the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks are not
are something complicated. To finally get the perfect shape,
like on the cover, you need to train hard.

Fitness-дивы добиваются умопомрачительных изгибов только
laborious work, regardless of the place of training, working in
спортзале или в домашних conditions.

It is important to know: “Where to find the right motivation for training?” And
�”Circular training for girls – the scheme, exercises,

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