Exercises for the spine at home- what kind? Complex exercises for the spine according to Bubnovsky

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The spine is the pillar on which the whole organism rests.

If you have any problems with it, it will be
affect all other organs and parts of the body.

But, unfortunately, due to the modern lifestyle, there is almost no
such people who would not have any back problems.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to many pathologies, such as:
scoliosis, kyphosis and osteochondrosis.

The latter disease becomes more “young.” If before
the first signs began to appear by the age of 50, it is now easy
find a 30-year-old, with the first signs of osteochondrosis.

Your spine should be kept young. After a certain
age marks the body’s regenerative abilities decrease, and
restore the back will be much more problematic. Even
regular exercise will not be able to help with 100%
you avoid these problems. But there are special exercises
which serve as prevention of diseases of the spine.

How to keep spinal health in the rhythm of modern
of life

Как говорилось ранее, сидячий образ of life является одной из
the main reasons for the deterioration of spinal health. And here
все довольно просто — если пассивный образ of life лишает вас
здоровья, то соответственно, активный образ of life наоборот, поможет
you. But there is one thing here – we are all adults and we cannot
imagine life without work. Work is different – someone
active physical, in others the opposite is necessary
sit in front of the computer. At this point we will touch those who
проводит большую часть своей of life, сидя перед экраном.

Even сидеть можно правильно и неправильно. And here хочется сказать
that it is necessary to sit necessarily exactly, in no case
hump. In addition, it is imperative to do some
breaks – often get up because of the chair. For example, you can put
any thing you use often, away from the worker
places. Such small alternations sedentary and standing mode where
more effective than you think. Or every time you
call, hold the conversation in a standing position. Can be like
back and forth or just stand still – the main thing is not
stay for a long time.

Sitting in one position “lulls” the muscles. So try
change your position every 10-15 minutes. You don’t have to sit
on the head – just enough to change the position of the body and legs.

What do you need to do exercises for the spine at home

During the day, the back of the person is in constant
tension. Because of this, the first symptoms occur – pain,
discomfort and heaviness in the spine. Most of all it concerns
lumbar region. Any weight lifting adversely affects
health of this area. Especially if there are weak muscles in this area –
then the whole load goes only to the spinal column and not
depreciated by muscles.

Exercise will help stretch the back muscles, as well as
intervertebral cartilage and joints. Due to this, their nutrition will improve,
they will get more oxygen and nutrients.

Exercises for the spine will not only help prevent
the appearance of diseases, but also cure some of them.
Curvature, osteochondrosis and scoliosis are all treated with
simple exercises. But don’t count too much.
exclusively on them – with severe pathologies strongly
We recommend that you consult with your doctor, and the exercises will only
addition to your treatment.

General recommendations for performing spinal exercises in
домашних conditions

Exercise alone can get rid of the problem, but
not from the reason. In order to most effectively eliminate all
недуги, необходимо пересмотреть свой образ of life в том числе. there is
some simple but at the same time useful tips that
will help your spine to gain health.

First, stop slouching. Just tell yourself about it.
will not be enough – you should always keep this thought in your
head. Otherwise you will simply forget about this rule after some
time. A healthy back is the key to correct posture. Backwards
Aside, this rule also works, so never forget about

Secondly, lifting any things from the floor, especially weighty ones,
do not bend back and use legs for this. You must
always keep the spine in the form of a straight line, avoiding “arcs” in this
area. In addition, if you pick something up, then a little better
Sit down and help yourself with your feet. So you can
significantly reduce the load on the lower back.

The third rule is that you have to during the day
give your spine relax. This is done very simply.
Approximately once an hour, get up to your full height, and sip.
Stretching the spine, you will help him get rid of

Exercises for the spine

Exercise is necessary on a regular basis
will be no. Before doing a set of exercises, the best
all will prepare your back. To do this, you need to warm up.
The usual tilts in different directions, turns the body – in general, all
what you did so hard on physical education during your school years.

For stretching the spine can be used as usual
pulling and pulling on the bar. The second option will allow
it is very effective for you to stretch the back muscles and put everything in place

Упражнение №1 — наклоны корпуса. Stand up
straight, hands on a belt, legs shoulder-width apart. Lean forward
hands touching the floor, and then, make a backbend, putting your hands
on the belt. Movement should be performed with a maximum amplitude.
Tilt back and forth – one repetition, do 20 repetitions.

Exercise number 2 – stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart
руки сцепите в замок над головой
. Bend over
left-right-forward-back. Try to do with the maximum
amplitude, but do not hurt yourself.

Упражнение №3 — книжечка. Stand up прямо, ноги
shoulder width apart Bend down in the body, and grasp the arms
calf muscles. From this position, make the slopes up and down with
small amplitude. Make about 10 such small slopes, and
then, putting your hands on the belt, make a backward bend.

Упражнение №4 — повороты корпуса. Position –
standing, arms bent in front of you hold each elbow
friend From this position, take turns corps first in
left, then to the right. Try to maximize
amplitudes, so that muscle tension is felt.

Упражнение №5 — растяжка поясницы. Position –
lying on his back, arms in different directions, legs raised up. Of such
positions, put your feet on the floor first to the left, then to the right
side, while leaving them straight. In this exercise should
move only the lower body, the body lies motionless.

Упражнение №6 — мостик. Position – лежа, ноги
bent at the knees. Place your hands on the floor so that your palm
looked towards your body. Of such положения поднимите
body, and bend as much as possible in the spine. In such
Stand for a second 30 seconds, then take a short rest and
repeat again.

Упражнение №7 — кошка. Initial position –
standing on all fours, the back is arched down. On the exhale do
deflection in the spine upward while tilting the head down
and to the body.

Complex exercises for the spine according to Bubnovsky

Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich – is a doctor of medical sciences,
who proposed a fundamentally new approach to treatment
spine. His method is to treat without any
drugs and operations. He developed a special system.
exercise, which helps to restore the health of the spine in any
age In addition, he also invented a special simulator for
same goals. But we will look at the complex in more detail.

Упражнение №1 — велосипед. Position – лежа на
полу, руки за головой, ноги bent at the knees. Lifting the top
part of the body, pull the right knee to the chest at the same time
touching his left elbow. After that, move and straighten
leg, and repeat to the other side. On each side, repeat
15-20 times.

Упражнение №2 — касания руками носков.
Position – лежа на полу, руки вытянуты вверх и тоже лежат on the floor.
Simultaneously lift your legs and body to touch
socks. This exercise will not only help keep your back healthy,
but also well loads the muscles of the abdominals.

Упражнение №3 — растяжка. Position – лежа на
back, arms lying along the trunk. Take a deep breath while on
exhale, raise your arms up, and place them above your head. Wherein,
Try to stretch your body as much as possible.

Упражнение №4 — поднимание колен к груди.
Position – лежа на спине, все тело прямое, руки вдоль туловища.
Raise one knee and with the effort of your hands, press it harder to your chest.
Wait at this position for about 10 seconds, and then change legs.

Упражнение №5 — ходьба на ягодицах. Position –
sitting, legs extended forward, arms straight ahead. Of such
positions start moving forward, using for this reduction
muscle buttocks.

Упражнение №6 — сгибания в пояснице. Position
— стоя, руки за головой, ноги shoulder width apart Drag right
elbow to the left knee, and vice versa. 15-20 each side

Упражнение №7 — наклон ступни к себе. Provisions
– sitting, legs straight. Grasp one leg and pull it up to you.
as close as possible.

Упражнение №8 — лодочка. Position – лежа на
stomach, legs straight, arms stretched forward. Of such положения
lift your legs and arms up slightly so that only the body is lying
on the floor. In such положении пролежите секунд 30.

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