Exercises for the press with a roller in the homeconditions

  • 1 Beginner Roller Press Exercises
    • 1.1 For women
    • 1.2 For men
  • 2 The benefits of exercises with roller for the press

The press roller is a sports simulator with handles and a wheel
in the middle, designed to work out a different complex of muscles.
With proper performance of the equipment, both the main and
deep, small muscle groups, and even joints. To engage
as many muscles as possible, get a simulator with special
fixtures for the feet on the handles.

The press roller is a universal mechanism for playing sports.
в домашних conditions, который помогает убрать жир. Engage though
15-20 minutes every day and soon you will feel how much the projectile

Занятия с тренажером для пресса в домашних conditions вырабатывают
endurance and strength, as well as, contribute to the recruitment and strengthening
muscle mass. It is undesirable to use the simulator for hernias and
back pain.


Beginner Roller Press Exercises

Using gymnastic roller developed different
exercise complexes.

For starters, it’s best to start with basic

  • Катание ролика руками Стоя на четвереньках,
    Grasp the arms of the machine with your straight arms. Install it
    right under the shoulders. When you exhale, begin to slowly roll it forward,
    pulling hands and not bending your back. The body should not touch the floor.
    Hold at the lowest point and gradually return to the starting point.
    position. Repeat several times;
  • Диагональные прокаты Исходное положение такое,
    as in the first exercise. Exhale, roll the wheel not forward
    and already diagonally in one and the other side. Work the oblique muscles
    press. Repeat several times;
  • Упражнение на растяжку Сядьте на ягодицы и
    spread your legs wide apart. Put the simulator in front of you and
    start rolling it slowly forward until it stops. Linger on the floor
    minutes in position and try to stretch out even further. Repeat
  • Статичное упражнение Встаньте на колени,
    Grasp the arms of the machine, setting it at shoulder level.
    Alternately lift and stretch your legs.

Be sure to watch your breath, it should not
interrupted, accelerated or strayed.

For women

Women for working out the press and other muscle groups in the home
conditions подойдут самая простая программа.

Exercises for the press with a roller for women:

  • Березка Лягте на пол лицом вверх и установите
    feet in mounting on the arms of the simulator. Pull up your legs,
    then lift them off the pelvis. Stay in it
    position and slowly get out of it;
  • Подтягивания ног Встаньте в планку, упираясь
    hands on a wheel. Holding your back straight, pull your right to your chest
    the leg. Hold up and strain the press, then change legs;
  • Подтягивание ролика к себе Лягте на пол лицом
    way down. Pull the arms forward, holding the projectile arms. Slow
    pull your straight arms toward you, lifting your back straight from

If possible, practice several approaches for
achieve the desired shape.

For men

The complex of training with a roller for men is slightly different from
female. Some exercises require sufficient physical strength.
for execution.

Exercises for the press with a roller for men:

  • Rolling roller from standing position
    Lower the simulator on the floor, standing on your feet. Start it slowly
    roll forward without touching the floor with your body and knees;
  • Швейцарский нож Закрепите стопы в крепления.
    Starting position-emphasis prone. Tighten straight legs to your chest,
    while bending the lower back and straining the press;
  • Упражнение на руки Расположите ролик так,
    so that the arms are parallel to the body. Hold onto them with your hands and out
    position the strap roll it from left to right and vice versa. Work
    press, shoulders, forearms, triceps.

Exercises for men with this simulator contribute to the development
muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, back, lower abdomen, waist, buttocks,
work biceps and quadriceps of the thigh.

The scheme of effective exercises with a roller for the press in
домашних conditions:

In order to achieve a visible result in losing weight with
колесиком для пресса в домашних conditions, регулярно выполняйте
круговые тренировки из комплекса этих

1. Сядьте на корточки, возьмитесь за снаряд и
slowly roll it forward, straightening the body. Stay in
the position of the strap, straining the press. Go back to

2. Встаньте в планку, держась за ролик.
Выкатывайте его вперед, не касаясь телом floor. To hold
balance, when stretching, you can push the wheel into the wall.
Hold and slowly come back without bending your arms and

3. Встаньте на колени и упритесь руками в
training apparatus. Keeping your back even, start working with your hands,
rolling the roller back and forth. Work the oblique muscles живота;

4. Сядьте на ягодицы и выпрямите ноги. Rest
in the simulator, placing it behind one of the legs and start rolling
in the side. Repeat то же самое в другую стороны. Exercise well
working on obliques and stretching.

The benefits of exercises with roller for the press

The roller for the press develops and strengthens the complex of different muscles:

  • Back Trapezius, latissimus, lumbar muscles actively
    work when doing exercises, especially at the lowest point;
  • Shoulders Engaged directly as pushing load
    roller falls exactly on the shoulders;
  • Straight and oblique abdominal muscles. Flexion and extension of the body.
    occurs due to abdominal muscles;
  • Buttocks and thighs Due to the work of the hip joints,
    the buttocks tighten and the muscles of the hips stretch;
  • The arms of the biceps, triceps, and forearms stretch and tighten.
  • Neck small muscles are being worked out;
  • Muscle frame Usually poorly worked out, but classes with
    roller develops them well;
  • Joints

Thanks to the simulator, even muscle groups are involved in the work
which during normal training is not worked out properly.
This is an excellent and, most importantly, affordable simulator that does not take
a lot of space, but it is of great benefit in building the body of a dream.

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