Exercises for the press at home

  • 1 Effective exercises for the press
    • 1.1 Girls for the lower press
    • 1.2 Side press
    • 1.3 Using a roller
    • 1.4 Exercises with dumbbells
    • 1.5 Planck
    • 1.6 On the horizontal bar
    • 1.7 For men
    • 1.8 Breathing exercises

According to statistics, most people are unhappy with their own figure.
Most often, it is the abdomen, thighs and
feet. Effective complex load on the abdominal muscles – out of
ситуации и волшебная микстура, употребив которую, уйдут не
only complexes, but also treasured kilograms.


Effective exercises for the press

Perform the correct home loads at the bottom
muscles are recommended for men and women on an empty stomach to
maintain the right pressure balance inside the body as well
pump the right muscle in the body.

The following basic ones will help to pump up the press.

  • Скручивания или французский жим. First of all,
    these are effective loads on the oblique abdominal muscles that form
    beautiful upper corset. To properly perform this
    physical stress at home is necessary to put
    hands behind your head and perform body uplifts approximately 20 times in one
    period. Do not forget about proper breathing, breathing is done on
    peak tension of the abdominal muscles;
  • Бабочка. In the people, this complex is called
    vacuum. This does not require special equipment, a woman
    or a man can perform it at home even sitting in
    traffic jam or at work. To do this, you need to strongly draw the bottom
    department of the abdomen while inhaling, hold your breath for several minutes and after
    this exhale the remaining oxygen from the lungs.

Girls for the lower press

For the press, exercises for girls are specially designed for
physiological features.

The lower abdominal muscle is one of the most problematic parts of the body.
women For its study requires a lot of strength and patience. But,
with regular performance of the next effective complex,
results are not long in coming.

Exercises for the lower press:

  • Scissors. This is the most effective movement
    which allows to work the middle and lower press. For
    correct performance of the complex should be alternately raised
    legs, keeping them as long as possible in the air;
  • Буква В. Данный комплекс рассчитан для
    girls who have relatively high stamina
    and previously engaged in sports. At the same time at home should
    lift the body and try to touch the feet with your hands. Everything
    movements must be performed very slowly and smoothly, in order
    to prevent internal muscle damage;
  • Подъем верхней части туловища – эффективный
    комплекс нагрузок в домашних условиях. If at home
    conditions a woman has difficulty doing this
    complex must begin with 5 approaches for one set.

Вывод: упражнения для пресса для женщин в
home conditions – this is a light complex, designed for 15-20
minutes, which must be repeated 2-3 times a week for
achieve visible results.

Side press

Программа упражнений для пресса для косых мышц живота может
performed at home and bring significant benefits and
visible results. Lateral and oblique abdominal muscles do not need
extra weight.

The most effective set of exercises on a side press:

  • Mahi standing. In this gymnastics should
    alternately alternate swing feet in different directions. It’s not only
    significantly improve the lateral part of the abdomen, but also reduce the side.
    Men can perform the complex on the bar, connecting with
    respiratory gymnastics. The oblique abdominal muscles are also active.
    in this complex.
  • Twisting in the opposite direction. Wherein
    you must lie on a gymnastic mat and lift your legs,
    holding them up in the air as much as possible.

Exercises for the press for the sides and the lower section can be
effective for women if performed from at least 3 times a week.
A girl can perform a set of exercises, complementing his plank.
Experts recommend to perform the lower bar for 2-3 minutes
on top. Then gradually the time in the rack can be increased.

But it is also worth remembering – to remove the stomach is necessary
adhere to the basics of proper nutrition, which is optimal
combines proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

With a roller

With a roller добиться эффективных результатов гораздо

Rules training with roller:

  • do all the exercises slowly;
  • abdominal muscles should be tense;
  • in a stretched position, hold for a few seconds;
  • do exercises 8 times for 3 sets;
  • gradually increase the load.

A set of exercises for the press at home with
помощью ролика

  • Kneel on a special gymnastic mat, slowly
    pushing the roller forward. Wherein мышцы должны быть в напряжении.
    Beginners should start with a half amplitude.
  • From a prone position, try to raise the body to 45 degrees.
  • Movement to the side – on your knees move diagonally.
    This is how oblique abdominal muscles are worked out.

Dumbbell exercises

Effective set of exercises with weighting in the form dumbbells
use athletes who have achieved certain results, and
also “dried” your stomach and got rid of the fat layer.

Effective set of exercises for the press with

  • Стоя на коленях зажать гантели между ног и
    swing back. In this exercise, it is possible to pump skew
    abdominal muscles, as well as lower abs;
  • Стоя на прямых ногах, руки по бокам с
    dumbbells. It should be slowly and gently stretch alternately at first.
    for one, then for the other hand. For достижения эффективных
    results, several approaches should be made, in each of which
    15 sets.
  • Лежа на спине, поднимите согнутые в коленях
    ноги (держите их параллельно полу). Pick up the dumbbells
    (руки на полу, разведенные в стороны). Straighten as you exhale
    legs diagonally. Tear off the head with the shoulder
    joint and bring your hands together in front of you. On the inhale
    возвращайтесь в исходное положение медленно.


Strap — упражнение на пресс, которое полюбили все
athletes of the world. It fights the best with excess weight and
contributes to the work of almost all muscle groups. Considered
универсальным и эффективным для всех отделов позвоночника для
women and men.

For качественного выполнения необходимо правильно
– выполняя частые вдохи и выдохи.

The exercise is performed while standing on the elbow joints or on the arms.
The body is straight, the stomach is retracted. Duration – 1-5 minutes, in
depending on stamina and training.

On the horizontal bar

The load performed on the horizontal bar will also help
помочь накачать мышцы belly. But the complex is more suitable for
men, because in this type of training you need to have strong muscles

Упражнения для пресса на турнике:

  • Using a horizontal bar it is necessary to lift and press alternately
    legs to the stomach. In this set, the upper and lower press is pumped through.
    It is necessary to carry out 3 approaches, each of which is 15
  • Frog. It is necessary to press legs in the crossed look, to feeling
    burning in the oblique and lateral muscles of the abdomen.
  • For косых мышц пресса можно поднимать прямые или согнутые ноги,
    directing the socks right and left alternately.

For мужчин

At home for better pumping oblique, straight and lower
muscle areas, you need to use complex
loads. Special effective complexes that
imply no rest between sets will help maximize
quickly lose weight in the abdomen and get the desired cubes.

Exercises for the press at home для

  • Set includes pushups and twists. Even at home
    это позволяет проработать труднодоступные области и
    form a beautiful silhouette in men.
  • Twisting and breathing exercises. Vacuum after twisting
    gives an effective result.
  • Bicycle and scissors. This complex should be performed without
    breaks Within 5 minutes.
  • Classic and side slats work hard on fat around

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises on the lateral and oblique muscles also play
significant role in the process of losing weight. Work each
lifting, inhaling and exhaling is necessary with particular diligence – this
улучшит результаты на пути к цели у women and men.

For красивого живота следует в домашних условиях
выполнять следующие  дыхательные упражнения для

  • Standing, legs apart. Needed as much as possible
    breathe air into the lungs, then hold for a few minutes and
    exhale through the mouth.
  • Sitting position. Inhale the maximum amount of air and
    inflate the abdomen, then hold the air. Exhalation is necessary
    try to do as late as possible.

For достижения максимальных результатов в домашних условиях
women and men need to combine a set of home loads
with proper nutrition.

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