Exercises for the lower press – preparing the tummyto summer

uprazhneniya-dlya-nizhnego-pressaMake the stomach flat and elastic
the dream of many modern women and men.

The problem is that few of them really know
effective exercises that can tighten the abdomen.

In addition, many people mistakenly believe that their rectus
the abdomen is divided into two parts, upper and lower.

In fact, it has only one muscle coat,
which extends across the entire front surface of the body – from
ribs to the pelvis.

But despite this, focus the payload on the bottom
parts of the abdominal muscles are much more difficult, as many exercises
focused only on the upper area of ​​your press.

In this article we will look at what exercises for the lower press
are most effective and meaningful to help you
Build a beautiful tummy for the summer season.

Exercises for the lower press: execution technique

In a recent study commissioned by the American Council on
sports disciplines, scientists assessed which of the exercises
the most effective to quickly lose weight in the waist.

From the resulting list of results for writing this
articles we have chosen only those exercises that emphasize
load it on the lower part of the press, and placed them as
decrease in efficiency. For maximum results, follow the
three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each.


Cycling twists

First place in the list of the most effective exercises for the lower
press – bicycle twists. This exercise is aimed at
the work of the rectus abdominis muscle along its entire length, including also weighty
impact and on its lower part.

To do this, lie on your back, legs raised and bent in
knees at right angles, arms folded behind the head, elbows wide
set apart. Pull in the stomach as if you want to touch the navel
spine, and tear off the head and shoulders from the floor. Turning
upper body to the left, stretch your right elbow to the left knee,
while straightening your right leg and holding it at level 20
see above floor level.

Then do the exercise symmetrically in the other direction. Everything
make movements at a slow pace, controlling the technique
exercise performance.

Captain’s chair

The next line in the list of the best exercises for the lower press
took the “captain’s chair.” Despite its exotic name,
�”He” is present in almost every gym, and
looks like a stand with two soft protrusions for the forearms with
handles and soft back.

Take the starting position, leaning on the forearms, body
upright, legs straight. Holding drawn in and
tight belly, bend your knees and pull them tightly to
chest, then slowly return to the starting position. Not
take the time to raise and lower your knees, do it in a measured way.


Reverse twists

And we move further along the list of exercises for the lower press,
So – reverse twisting. This exercise includes
leg movements that causes the lower part of your rectus abdominis
actively involved in the work.

To do this, lie on your back and lift perpendicular.
legs, hands, place on the floor or abdomen. Maximum pull in your
press toward the spine, pressing the lower back tightly to the ground, and
slowly lift your hips off the ground.

You absolutely do not need to lift your hips high, just
tilt your legs towards the shoulders. Then also slowly
return to the starting position.

Alternate lowering legs

The following press exercise is also useful for direct and
transverse abdominal muscles.

To do this, lie on your back and pull your legs up.
perpendicular to the body, knees slightly bent, arms folded over
head. By shortening the abdominal muscles, lift the torso while your
blades will not come off the floor. Keep your feet in a fixed position.
position and slowly lower one leg until it is
won’t practically touch the floor while holding the other leg
still. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with
opposite leg.


Lie on your back, arms are located under the buttocks, palms look in
floor. Straining your abdominal muscles and legs, lift your legs to a distance
about 30 cm. above the floor. Not сгибая коленей, переместите
right leg so that the legs are crossed, and right leg
located above the left.

Slowly spread your legs as wide as possible, and
then bring them back, now putting your left foot over

Double leg lifts

Lie on your back and place your hands under the buttocks, palms down.
Raise your legs vertically up until they form,
approximately 90-degree angle. Hold them in the air for 5 to
10 seconds, then lower them just above the floor. Keep them in
this position for another 5 to 10 seconds and repeat the exercise

Double leg rotation

Lie on your back, arms under your buttocks, both legs raised on
distance approximately 20 cm from the floor. Then simultaneously
rotate your both legs in a circle. Notсколько кругов по часовой
arrow, a few circles counterclockwise.

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