Exercises for the inner thigh:express complex

uprazhneniya-dlya-vnutrenney-chasti-bedraInner side
hips – a common problem area for all girls who want to become

For most people, it is on this part of the body that they are deposited.
significant reserves of fat. However, it is extremely rarely used.
for active work in everyday life.

For anyone who wants to lose weight, the good news is that
a combination of strength and toning workouts along with
cardio and proper nutrition helps reduce fat layer
throughout the body, including inaccessible inner surface
thighs. But it is impossible to reduce the amount of fat in one of
parts of the body, including the hips. However, for this problem
there is a solution.

Increase muscle tone and form the embossed carved frame
ножек помогают упражнения для внутренней части thighs. Performing them
regularly, you can ensure that your legs become slim and
as beautiful as you wish.

How to do these exercises correctly, you can learn from
video below. All you have to do is repeat regularly.
these actions and follow the recommendations described in the article.


Exercises for the inner thigh: режим и нагрузка

Charging lasts only 10 minutes, but during this period you will be able to
feel how actively fat is burned, thanks to training
внутреннего thighs.

In order to simply maintain the sculpted shape of the legs,
two or three workouts per week are enough. If you start with
zero training (or for a long time were inactive),
then, in order to pump the inner thigh, you will need
increase the load due to the number of classes. This will help get
The results of taut, raised legs are much faster.

Depending on your goals, you can vary the intensity
classes up to two times a day and to observe the mode of 4 trainings a week.
Total get 8 sets of exercises for 7 days.

It must be remembered that these effective exercises work
to reduce excess fat and build beautiful
muscle relief of the legs. On the other hand, they are aimed at
so that you can build up all over your lower body.

Top 8 exercises for the muscles of the inner side of the thigh

Before you train your inner thigh muscles,
you need to familiarize yourself with what each exercise does and what
effect has on the figure of girls.

1. Training the muscles of the inner thigh

These movements tone up the inner thighs of both legs, and
also their front and back. This exercise is aimed at
multiple repetition in different ranges of motion, because
only one-time exercises do not achieve enough

2. Variable lift squats

These exercises tone the buttocks, quadriceps (quadriceps
muscles), hamstrings and heels through lifting
opposite leg in order to reduce the volume of the inner
поверхности thighs.

3. Scissors

Great exercises aimed at the upper parts of the hips.
(quadriceps) and abdominal muscles. Rare training for
girls do without such simple and effective loads.

4. Fitball: squeeze

These ball squeezing movements of the entire inner thigh
perfectly load the muscles of the problem area. You may not even
need a fitball, as it is easy to replace it with a soft towel,
folded several times or a yoga block that can also be
squeeze inward. 5. “Squat jack” or jumping in a squat

Rough exercise, seriously stressing the internal and external
thigh muscles, as well as largely aimed at the buttocks,
biceps hips and quadriceps.

6. Alternation of legs in the bar

Although this exercise is mainly aimed at working through the muscles
press and oblique abdominal muscles, leg movements alternately in different
side contributes to the reduction of internal hip areas, as well as
training their flexors.

7. Leg lifts for inner thighs.

Great exercise for the muscles of the problem area you want
reduce. For better workout, you can increase the load by attaching
weights to the ankles.

8. Jumping on one foot from side to side

Effective exercise for pumping the entire foot relief, including
specific inner and outer thigh areas.

How to tighten the inner thigh: video training

This video can be a real help in the fight for
slimness and relief legs. Little effort and very soon your
legs above the knees will please you with a toned look and chiseled

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