Exercises for the abs. Video

uprazhneniya-dlya-pressa-videoAbdominal muscles – straight and
transverse, as well as internal and external oblique muscles – have
much greater value than just giving you the opportunity well
look like when you wear open clothes. These muscles also
help balance your back muscles and protect your internal

If you have recently lost excess weight and want to strengthen
abdominal muscles, exercise videos for the press, which we picked up,
will allow you to build a beautiful and thin waist.

It has long been known that overweight can negatively affect
your health, both mental (emotional) and

Excess fat in the abdominal area causes an increased risk of development
various diseases. Therefore, weight loss and the following
exercises for the press will help you not only reduce the risks
the occurrence of disease, but also regain former confidence.

Exercises for the abs. Video

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We swing the press at home. Video упражнений

Exercises for the abs. Video для новичков

Video. Exercises for the lower press

How to work the lateral abdominal muscles?

Exercises for a thin waist

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