Exercises for the abdomen and sides + for “riding breeches” onhips

top-uprazhneniya-dlya-zhivota-i-bokovMany women
physique which determine the type of “apple”, they know that
hateful kilograms most often accumulate in the abdomen and

It’s a shame that, even with a decent loss of weight, these problem areas are all
neither remain insufficiently perfect; in other words, belly
turns into a “tummy”, still bulging out, not flat, but “barrel”
treacherously stand out from under thin knitted sweaters.

�”Pears”, by contrast, have completely different problems. Their
fat depots – hips, buttocks and lower abdomen. Often and
perfectly folded representatives of this body wear
hips так onзываемые «ушки», от которых очень трудно
get rid of.

It happens that a woman has a mixed type of figure. In that
the case of the problem of both “fruits” is not known to her from the pages
glossy magazines.

Живот, бока, галифе on hips…что предпринять? Especially
when many nutritionists claim that local weight loss
is impossible. In fact, it is not quite so: bring the figure to
perfection will help you specially designed exercises.


We recommend – 9 “working” exercises for the abdomen and sides

Are you ready to spend a quarter of an hour to get your outlines
did you look perfect? If yes, then the complex is presented below.
exercises specifically designed by American trainers for
networks of popular fitness clubs.

It’s pretty simple: you do not need a special inventory and
a lot of space. So you can start.

Twisting the body of the type “bike”

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head, press your back firmly
to the floor. Then lift your legs up to form a 90 degree angle.
Then immediately pull the left knee to the chest at the closest
distance, touch it with the elbow of the opposite part of the body (
there is right). Do the same, but on the left leg and the right elbow
respectively. Perform at a pace that is set 10 to 15 times.

Body twisting

Sit down and then bend your knees, put your feet tight
on the floor. Keep your back perfectly straight, try
feel the muscles of your abs. After stretch your arms exactly before
and revolve the torso from one side to the other. After,
when this exercise becomes too easy to perform, you can
complicate it by lifting the legs from the floor or putting them on a small
gymnastic ball.

Slider # 1

Prepare as if for push-ups – this provision will be
starting position. In this case, the housing must be parallel,
or just above the floor. Now you need to pull the right knee as
can be closer to the left elbow, or, at worst, to the left side
torso. Repeat the same with the other knee. Intensely
work through each side. Ideal if you can run from
10 to 15 exercises.


Slider # 2

Lie on your side, lift the body and focus on the elbow.
Now try to touch the floor with the right side of your hips.
Note that the touch itself must pass as you exhale; on
inhale make a return to the original position. Perform simple
exercise at least 10-15 times, change sides, intensely
повторите это же упражнение on другое бедро.

Подвижonя планка #3

Accept the starting position described in “movable plate # 2”.
Now вам нужно коснуться пола бедром, а on возврате в исходную
position to straighten the non-supporting arm. Ideal if your body with
поднятой рукой будет onпомиonть букву «Т».

Static bar # 1

Для нее вам поonдобится большой гимonстический мяч, если его
no, take a low chair. Положите локти и предплечья on мяч
(chair), pull the body into a string and hold the position for 2-5 minutes.

Static bar # 2

A more complex version of the previous position. Now your legs
должны быть on мяче (либо стуле), ладонями необходимо упереться в
floor. Pull the body into a string and try to hold out in this
positions from 2 to 5 minutes.

Static bar # 3

Take a position as for push-ups, but do not rest against the floor
palms and elbows. Вытяните тело, onпрягите пресс и в этом
положение задержитесь on 1-3 минуты.

Exercise with weighting

Поставьте ноги on ширине плеч, чуть-чуть присядьте, согнув ноги
in the lap. Take weights (these can be dumbbells, or, if
they are not, a pair of compact items weighing more than a kilogram). Now
raise your hands in front of you and lower them very slowly. Do not
less than 10 times.

At first glance, this complex may seem too
simple But it is not. The fact is that during the exercises you are well
прорабатываете так onзываемые «глубокие» мышцы живота и прилегающей
area. As a result, the visually problematic zones are “tightened”, and
excess fat from the sides leaves there more intensely.

Also note that the complex is best performed in the morning.
before breakfast, or 2-3 hours after meals. By making
упражнения, рекомендуется воздержаться от пищи и onпитков,
содержащих кофеин, хотя бы on 1 час.

Как убрать галифе (бока) on hips?

Жировые отложения on внешней и внутренней стороне бедра –
проблема, зonкомая многим. At the same time riding breeches can иметь как полonя,
так и достаточно худая женщиon. Especially sad when perfection
bending thin waist, smoothly turning into rounded thighs,
onрушается пресловутыми «ушками».

What to do? Как убрать бока on hips? Go to gym! Although
quite successfully you can do at home. Simple complex
provides several effective exercises, each need
do 8-10 times.

Warm up

Перед onчалом тренировки нужно разогреться: попрыгайте on
батуте, мате (если onходитесь в спортзале), on кровати или, в
крайнем случае, on полу. For such a warm-up enough two


This is an excellent and well-known from the school “nat-ry” exercise
is extremely effective in combating localized fat
отложениями on hips. Place your feet close to each other and
onчните приседать. Особое внимание следует обращать on технику
выполнения: ваша спиon не должon прогибаться, а ягодицы нужно
отводить onзад on самое максимальное расстояние. Better hands
вытянуть перед собой: так вы увеличите onгрузку on «проблемные»
zone. Упражнения on полу

  • Лягте on пол, положите руки «по швам». Lift your legs bend
    them in the knees, then lift again, and after very slowly,
    передавая сильное onпряжение мышцам пресса, опустите on the floor.
  • Встаньте on колени, держите руки в нейтральном положении.
    Now интенсивно перенесите вес on правое бедро, как бы, сев on
    him, and take your hands to the right. Repeat the same with the left
  • Обопритесь on правое колено, руки ладонями поставьте on the floor.
    Take your left foot as far as possible to the side while keeping
    its parallel to the floor. После onчните делать ею движения по кругу,
    while trying to ensure that the diameter of this “circle” was not too
    great. Repeat this with the other leg.

Sports doctors and trainers say that in the matter of getting rid of
fat deposits in the thighs not the last role is played by running, but
also walking uphill. With this, you can measure your kilometers,
как on беговой дорожке, так и в ближайшем парке.

In fact, it is not so important where you are engaged – in expensive
фитнес-клубе, либо дома on резиновом коврике. The main thing is regular
perform a set of exercises, at least 3-4 times a week, and
be patient. Depending on your body type, age,
initial weight and other indicators, the first results can
appear in 2-4 weeks.

Не остаonвливайтесь on достигнутом, продолжайте заниматься, и
Soon your curves will envy everyone without exception.

How to quickly remove the stomach and sides: video confirmation

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and “How to run for burning fat?”.

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