Exercises for slimming the hips and buttocks

uprazhneniya-dlya-pohudeniya-beder-i-yagoditsSlim and
the toned figure of a girl with elastic, pumped buttocks,
called “brazilian ass”, according to statistics, crazy about
90 percent of men already at the first meeting. Therefore make your own
legs and buttocks everyone dreams of charming and attractive

Effective weight loss exercises for hips and buttocks do not help.
only reduce the volume of the bottom of the case, but also give them
healthy tone and appetizing look.

The legs and buttocks are the largest muscles in our body, therefore
regular intense workouts will certainly end
beautiful, like a “nut”, ass in short shorts. But the main
The advantage of such training, that you are already at the start many times
accelerate your metabolism to help lose weight!

Determining whether you need a buttock lift is simple: in the fold under
�”Fifth point” put a regular pencil. If he is tight
held, then the muscles of the buttocks require adjustment.


Exercises for slimming the hips and buttocks: действенные

To make your legs and ass elastic will help the right choice
effective shaping workouts. To achieve the best
results are added after cardio or are included in home
exercise complexes 3-4 times a week.

So that your exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks were
more productive, prepare the right dumbbells for you (weighing from
2.5 to 7 kg). They can be purchased in a set or collapsible that
will increase the load without buying additional

I. Side curtsy

Stand up straight, feet wider than shoulder-width apart
folding his hands behind his head. Cross your right leg behind your left and
lunge with a curtsy, touching the floor with your right hand.
Quickly return to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions
alternating sides.

Ii. Balancing squats

Stand up straight, feet slightly wider than wide
shoulders. Raising your chest, stretch your back and spine exactly,
sink in a deep squat. Touch with both hands to the floor and
press lightly on it (if you can).

Rising up, transfer your weight to your right leg, bending
left knee. Grip the shin with your left hand and hold it in
for a few seconds, then lower the leg and return to
initial position. Do 20 such repetitions, alternating each time.

IIi. Tightening the outside of the thigh

Wrap elastic tape over your ankles and lie on your right side.
supporting the case with the right forearm and left palm at the waist.
Extend both legs, fixing the foot. Pulling up the press, you need
raise the upper leg to the level of the thigh, turn it so that
fingers looked at the floor, while maintaining the tension of the tape. it
initial position.

Next, you must continue to raise this leg a little higher.
reached height, pushing it upward with the heels turned toward the ceiling.
We return to the level of the thigh and quickly repeat these movements with the foot.
20 times, and then go to the opposite side.

Iv. Raise your legs while lying on your side

Wind tape around your ankles and lie on your right side,
stretching out his right arm along the floor. Tighten the press, lower leg
position the front upper and lift them up holding the hips
tightly folded.

At the same time maintain the belt tension and practice fast
pulsing movements of the lower leg up and down 20 times, then
Repeat the block on the inner thigh on the other side.

V. Stanovaya rod on the hinges

Take a pair of dumbbells, stand up straight, legs – again on
ширине большей, чем ширина shoulders. Knees slightly bend in a small
squat. Dumbbells hold the front (front) of your
hips, clenching them in the palms. While keeping your back straight, lower
dumbbells on the floor until your torso is parallel to the floor.

To increase the elasticity of the buttocks and thighs, focus on these
muscles to slowly lift the body up. In the middle of the way you need
linger, continuing to strain the muscles. Then complete
rise. it одно повторение, которое нужно сделать 20 раз.

Vi. Side lunge with offset

Stand with your legs together, take the dumbbells in your hands and
keep them at your sides. Making a wide step to the right side – side
lunge, carrying dumbbells on both sides of the right leg. Bend the left
knee in a wide squat plié squat, moving your weight into

We take out the dumbbells of the floor in front of us, then we push the right leg
forward, shifting the weight to the left, and go to the left side lunge.
Push off with the left foot to connect the feet together in the original
positions. Сделать 20 таких повторов, alternating sides.

Top 5 or set of exercises for the buttocks and hips for each

If you want to become toned and slim, but time for
there are very few training sessions, then these exercises are for lower
body parts can be performed separately.

If you want to achieve this goal as soon as possible, then
you need to perform them in conjunction with previous workouts – in this
In case you become an owner of elastic buttocks and
slender legs.

Due to the special load, the muscles contract in a variety of
range of motion that allows burn a lot of calories therefore
These exercises are very effective for tightening the buttocks and thighs.
Each of them is better to repeat at least 8-12 times.

But if it’s hard for you, do an individual amount of movements,
over time to strengthen the muscles and increase the load on them. If a
same your level of physical fitness allows you to perform strength
movement 12 times, then after a one-minute pause, repeat this set
three times, alternating power loads with a pause of relaxation (1 min). one.
Lift the legs from the side plate

Take a side stance, leaning on one of the forearms
and shin. Bend your upper leg at a 90 degree angle and
lift a limb as high as possible.

Tighten it towards the chest, supporting the body.
tense and motionless. Straighten your leg without dropping it to the floor.
After a few springy movements, repeat the exercise on the other.

2. Stand on your lap

It is the attacks – the most effective exercises for the hips and
buttocks. They best reduce the volume and tighten the muscles
priests and hips.

From a straight body position, lunge with one foot, dropping on
the knee is different. The thigh of the active leg should be located.
parallel to the floor. Make sure that the knees of both legs are strictly
at right angles.

Standing in a semi-knee position, we transfer our weight to the front foot.
and stand up straight, joining the feet together (starting position).
Repeat the attack for one, then for the other leg, supporting the back

3. Plye squat with weighting agent

Legs shoulder-width apart, in the arms – one dumbbell (weighing at least
2.5 kg) – at the height of the chest. We take a wide step towards
pose “Plié”, turn the socks at an angle of 45 degrees outwards, and
вес тела переносим в Centre.

Do a deep squat while your knees are bent strictly under the straight
углом, поднимаемся, возвращаясь в initial position.

4. Lips clockwise

We finish the training with attacks from different angles. Taking a step
forward, carry the weight on the working leg (the one in front).

We return to the SP, then a side lunge with mass transfer
body on a working limb. (The back leg serves only for
safety net from tipping over the body.) By the imaginary dial
do 6 lunges with one foot, then 6 – with the other.

5. Pop lifting: buttock lift

Kneeling, move the weight of the body on one of the legs, the other
– bend at the knee, lifting the heel up, and try lungs
rotation of this foot.

We support her position at right angles, and her hips –
parallel to the floor. The loin is not arched. Raised knee put on
пол, после 12 таких повторений – делаем в зеркальной positions.

Video exercises for the hips and buttocks from the pros

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