Exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides

losing weight is a real debugged system, and to achieve
results in this difficult matter can only be using special
exercises and balanced diets.

And yet, even with the highest physical exertion and
Regular training in the gym, transform the abdominal area
far from always.

Waist is considered one of the most problematic areas, and often
even a regular visit to the fitness room does not help to transform
tummy, making it relief. That is why there are several
sets of exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides, and each of them
perfectly proved itself.

What kind of training should definitely pay attention to
gaining perfect waist, and is it possible to do similar exercises in
at home?


Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides – which ones

If a person has just begun to comprehend the basics of a fitness culture, and the whole
his sporting experience is limited to physical education lessons at school, then
it is necessary to begin work on the abdomen with the most simple and
effective exercises.

All you need to do them is gymnastics.
pad and willpower. What sports training is suitable for
the person who just started working on improving the relief
your belly?

1) Raising the upper body. 2) Lift the legs without bending the knees
in a prone position. 3) Lap hugging with top lifting
body from a prone position. four) Упражнение велосипед считается крайне
effective to fight fat on the stomach. 5) Twisting or
crunches. 6) Side tilting with load.

Each exercise has its own characteristics, and therefore
everyone should talk about separately.

Upper body lift

The best fat burning exercise for the abdomen and sides –
this is the rise of the upper body. That’s just not everyone
knows how to do this exercise correctly.

First you need to put your hands behind your head (or pull
вверх), ноги выпрямить in the lap. On the inhale it is worth raising the top
part of the body so that it forms a right angle with the legs. Exhale
It is worth returning to its original position. It is worth repeating such climbs
10-15 times, gradually increasing the load.

It is very important that during the exercise the legs did not go.
shake and were firmly pressed to the floor.

Raise your legs while lying down

A related exercise to perform
quite difficult, and which in this case has the ultimate
by efficiency.

The first thing to do is to lie down and straighten your legs, spread your arms
Per head. Further необходимо на вдохе медленно приподнимать ноги,
trying not to bend your knees. As soon as the maximum height will be
reached, it is necessary to stay in this position for 2-3 seconds, and
further begin to slowly lower the limbs. Perform
упражнение следует 10-12 time.

Hugging your knees

Extremely effective exercise for removing the abdomen and sides –
this is hugging your knees.

It is not difficult to execute it, but first you need to take a position.
лежа, при этом согнув ноги in the lap. Further на вдохе верхнюю часть
the body should be raised, trying to clasp your knees with your hands and
snuggle them to the chest. Exhale стоит вернуться в исходное
position. Оптимальное количество повторений 10-15 time.

Belly Slimming Bike

Another extremely simple and effective exercise. Everything, that
required for its implementation – it is patience.

A person needs to lie on his back, put his hands behind his head and
start spinning imaginary pedals. Effective such training
will be only if the person gives her at least 20 minutes of his
of time.


Crunchy or twisting is one of the most effective.
exercises for straight and lateral abdominal muscles.

To perform it, it is necessary to lie on your back, pressing as much as possible.
lower back to the floor and knees bent. Hands need to get behind the head,
after which, on the exhale, it is necessary to tear off the shoulder blades and the head,
rushing chin up. At the maximum available point
it is necessary to stand still for 3 seconds, then return to the original
position. Идеальное количество повторений — 12 time.

Side tilt with dumbbells

This exercise helps to remove the sides, toning the side
abdominal muscles.

To perform it, it is worthwhile to stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart.
In the hands should be clamped dumbbells 2-3 kg, the hands themselves
stretched at the seams. Now you need to tilt left and right, not
putting his hands to the sides. The ideal number of repetitions – 15 times.
left and right.

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Of course, this is not all exercise to combat
extra centimeters in the problem area. Modern instructors
developing new and new ways to find the waist of their dreams,
and none of these options should be ignored.

Yoga for slimming the abdomen and sides: a set of the best asanas

Yoga exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides are used very
widely, because many of them are extremely effective, and they are performed
not difficult. Here are just the main positions of yoga, which will help to gain
waist of your dreams:

  • asana Navasana or Boat position;
  • asana Sarvangasana or Bridge position;
  • position mermaids;
  • plank, standing on straightened hands;
  • Vasana Hasana asana or side plank;
  • lifting legs

Each position has its own characteristics, and therefore, to discuss them
need separately.

1) Asana Navasana

This position helps to tone up the straight and oblique abdominal muscles,
Yes, and it is quite simple.

You must lie on your back, tightly pressing the waist to the floor. Further
legs should be raised above the floor at an angle of 45 degrees, without bending them
in the lap. The upper torso is also worth slightly lift over
by the floor. The left hand must be pulled back, behind the head, and the right
It is necessary to transfer to the left side and stand still in this position for 1
a minute

2) Asana Sarvangasana

The so-called Bridge position is one of the most common
asana, which not only maintains abdominal tonus, but also
and positively affects the state of the gluteus muscle.

Для выполнения необходимо лечь на спину, согнуть ноги in the lap.
Further таз необходимо оторвать от пола, лопатки и голова должны быть
while pressed. Reaching the maximum height, it is necessary
stand in position for 1-2 minutes and try to relax.

To perform the asana correctly, the load cannot be transferred to
heel, and the foot should rest fully against the floor.

3) Position Mermaids

Much more complicated asana, which helps to tonify obliques
abdominal muscles.

To do it, you must lie on your back, straighten your legs and
arms. Further стоит максимально приподнять ноги над полом, при этом
stretching his arms back. The head and neck should be cut off from the floor, and
here shoulders and hips are bound to touch him. To stand in such
positions worth a maximum of 1-2 minutes. four) Plank on straightened arms

Exercise plank in principle is considered extremely effective, and
helps to tone up the transverse and abdominal abdominal muscles.

To perform the strap on the outstretched arm, you must stand on
fours. Further левую руку стоит упереть в пол ладонью, сделав
emphasis also on the right foot. Right arm and left leg should be straightened.
и застыть в подобном положении на a minute

Different types of slats with photos and videos + reviews losing weight in
Article: “Plank Exercise – from beginner to professional.”

5) Asana Vasisthasana

To perform the side plank right arm should rest against the floor,
directing the left to the ceiling. A look should also be directed to
ceiling torso deployed sideways. The main focus is on the right
руку и ногу, которая соприкасается с by the floor. Left foot pressed to
right, but there is no load on it. This exercise is extremely
effective for lateral abdominal muscles.

6) Lift the legs

To perform this asana, you must sit on the floor, straightening
спину и вытянув ноги перед собой, не сгибая их in the lap. Further
you must alternately raise the straight leg, holding them with your hands
around caviar. At the maximum point it is worth staying at 1-2

This exercise is extremely эффективно для мышц пресса, однако
It can be difficult to do it without special training.

Breathing exercises for the abdomen

Breathing exercises for the abdomen and sides also ignore not
It is worth it, because it is often such training that helps
achieve maximum results. What are the most effective
exercise options here can be called?

1) Deep breathing in the position of the Uddiyana bandha. 2) Abdominal type
breathing while sitting. 3) The exercise is popular.
under the name “stomach-vacuum”, in the process of which
человек старается выпустить весь воздух, напрягая abdominal muscles. four)
Calm and measured breathing in the lotus position is also positive.
affects the reduction of the abdomen.

Experts believe that proper breathing is basically
the key to any successful workout. Adepts of respiratory gymnastics and
not at all sure that performing every day the most effective
Exercise in a circle, you can find the figure of your dreams.

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before I “and” How to lose weight with a special breathing technique? “.

With the help of such easy training you can finish
daily activities, simultaneously relaxing and gaining strength.

  • Deep breathing in the position of the Uddiyana bandha. This is one of the most
    effective, one might say revolutionary breathing exercises.
    To complete it, you need to stand up as wide as possible.
    legs. Further человеку нужно присесть, сгибая ноги в коленях, но не
    bringing them together. Head should be lowered, straining as much as possible.
    abdominal muscles. Now breathe evenly through your mouth, while
    holding the air on the exhale for 2-3 seconds. Average
    exercise duration – 3-5 minutes.
  • Брюшной тип breathing while sitting. To perform this
    Exercises need to rest your knees on the floor, putting them under
    pillow The hand should be put on the stomach, after which you need to do
    deep breath in your mouth. After a couple of seconds you can breathe out, also
    mouth, then not air in for 5-7 seconds. Further
    you need to breathe again and repeat this exercise 10-15
    time. It is believed that due to lack of oxygen the abdominal muscles
    strain that with regular execution exercise will help
    transform this area.
  • The stomach is a vacuum. This particular exercise is done by getting up
    на fours. When inhaling, a person needs to straighten as much as possible.
    and bend your back, and on the exhale you need to release all the oxygen from
    body, while bending the back so that it was similar to
    a circle. Exercise is extremely effective, especially if you perform it
    daily for 3-5 minutes.
  • The most detailed with photos, videos and reviews in the article:
    �”Exercise vacuum for the abdomen.”

  • Regular breathing in the lotus position. Finish training
    recommended in the lotus position, inhaling evenly and exhaling air.
    The athlete should relax, while maintaining light tension
    in the abdomen area. Such asana will help not only to relax, but
    and gain strength after a grueling workout.

Since getting rid of excess fat in the abdomen is extremely
Difficult, experts advise to resort to strength exercises
at home, and stretching for weight loss in the problem area.

BUT!!! It is the exercises listed in this article.
are considered the most effective in the fight for the perfect waist and
help in just a couple of weeks to notice the first results
losing weight

Exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides – video master
the class

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