Exercises for slimming buttocks

Recently, we talked about what exercises should be
make slimming belly. Today I want to plunge in
important topic and talk about buttocks. Given the sociological
polls, we can conclude that more than half of women
выделяют своей главной проблемой именно ягодичные
muscle. And this is not surprising, because the woman’s body
It is inclined to put fat in this place.

Exercises for slimming buttocks


  • What you need to know about the buttocks?
  • A few simple exercises that strengthen the buttocks.
  • As a conclusion

А подтянутая и в меру округленная попка всегда
adds sex appeal. For that buttocks
were such as most women dream, much is required.
You need to remember only a few secrets and periodically
perform slimming exercises.


What you need to know about the buttocks?

ягодицы и ягодичные muscle. упражнения для их похуденияButtocks
muscles consist of upper, middle and lower muscles. They contribute
движению бедер. We can sense them when walking or
rotation of the hips. It is a pity that in addition to men’s views, our hips
often attract and unnecessary kilograms.

Aerobic exercise, like walking, jogging or cycling,
gives a positive effect on the tone of the muscles on the buttocks and on
thigh surface. Наиболее эффективным будет
tilt upward movement. It makes it work lower
muscle, incidentally burning a large number of calories.

Stop cycling if your goal is not only
tighten the buttocks, but also reduce body weight. This is a great way.
для укрепления всех мышц на ногах. Classes can be held in
gym or on the street but they should be regular and

плавание для похудения бедерThere is an opportunity to do
плаваньем? Visit the pool or go to
closest body of water. Regular swimming strengthens all the muscles of the body, and
not just the buttocks.

In addition to aerobic exercise, pay attention and power
exercises. Because when running or cycling
all the muscles of the body are involved, and to strengthen the buttocks is
to direct training in the right direction.

That efforts were not in vain, adjust and diet
power supply. Cross out sugar and animal fats, and also reduce
calorie intake. You can easily
use one of the diets for quick weight loss. Duck why would
do not do this? Eat less, move more – get
elastic thighs and buttocks.

A few simple exercises that strengthen the buttocks.

приседания для ягодицThe best exercise for suspenders
buttocks and thighs are squats. To properly perform
squats, set a mirror in front of you. So your exercises
will be more effective. The back should be flat, and the legs should be placed on
shoulder width. Do the exercise by bending your knees until your hips are
take a position parallel to the floor. Приседать до пола не
! Alternate this exercise with a squat on a chair.
To do this, put a chair behind his back and squat, not sitting on him
completely. To increase the load, place your legs at maximum.

упражнение для похудения ягодицExercise jerks perform in
position on all fours. Distribute body weight evenly.
Keep your knees bent and pressed against your chest. Then straighten it back and
lift up. Keep the rhythm, but do not overdo it.

Смотря в зеркало следите за спиной, она должна
be smooth To increase the load, fasten a small foot
weight. Start classes ten times for each leg, gradually
increasing the number of executions.

выпады для похудения ягодицThe following equally effective
The exercise contains an element of stretching. His name lunges.
Do the exercise both forward and backward. To solve
Do not apply tight buttocks regularly. For
The first time is enough 10 exercises with a lunge on each leg.

The next day, increase the number of attacks and the number of approaches
to exercise. Remember – the main thing is not exhausting yourself up a sweat,
and regularity. Although, if you combine these two things – the result
will come much faster.

As a conclusion

заключениеIn conclusion, let me remind you that when losing weight
important self-caretaker. Without it, any attempt to lose weight as a rule
crumbling, whether diet or exercise. Always remember that you
should control your body, not it you.

В чем то себе отказывайте, что-то делайте.
Only in this case you will come to satisfy you.

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