Exercises for slimming arms and shoulders

Уважаемые читатели, в этой статье речь пойдет о
the development of the shoulder muscle group, as most people
give their preference to her. The human body must be
развито пропорционально, ибо на мой взгляд только
then it will look attractive. But nonetheless
It is impossible not to agree with the fact that pumped hands look
very, very

Exercises for slimming arms and shoulders


  • Slimming hands. Bending the arms with a dumbbell sitting.
  • Slimming hands. Bending the arms with a dumbbell to the shoulder.
  • Slimming hands. Bending the arms with the neck of the rod.
  • Now about the exercises for losing weight triceps
  • Slimming shoulders. Dumbbell bench press from behind the head with both hands.
  • Slimming shoulders and arms. French bench press (Scott bench press).
  • Findings.

Professional athletes – bodybuilders take to training
hands as much time as all other parts
body! But back from heaven to earth, to ordinary people who want
развить свою мускулатуру, при этом похудев. AT
most people’s efforts can bring
noticeable result, but not the one I would like to see.
Hand training is a very difficult and painstaking job. Похудение рук и shoulders. руки

More this article is suitable for men who want to remove excess
the weight of the arms and shoulders, but women too can take it out
useful and valuable lessons.

You can pump up your hands and at the same time remove excess weight from them.
несколькими способами: либо следуя программе
workouts, or do it yourself.

And in the second case, I expect that you already own
some of the subtleties of this case, because you will have to pay a lot
attention to specific details.

Существует убеждение: делай упражнение, главное
– so that both the biceps and the triceps are strained, and then they will grow.
This statement is already at the origin of his is wrong.

Often, the creation of powerful arm muscles becomes quite
difficult problem. похудение shoulders. красивая девушка занимающаяся фитнесомThis
проблема заключается в незнании достаточного
amount of exercise.

There are many exercises aimed at the same
muscle group

At first glance, all these exercises will be similar, but their differences
that in each exercise different
muscle bundles. So a variety of exercises has a huge

Предлагаю для начала поговорить о развитии
biceps – machines or more simply biceps. AT основе всех упражнений
for slimming biceps lies arm flexion.

I recommend to take this moment more seriously, because again
There are many variations of flexion exercises.


Slimming hands. Bending the arms with a dumbbell sitting.

вот такое сгибаниеThis exercise for slimming your hands is
isolated (concentrated), i.e. more accurately affects

On the edge of the bench, sit and rest your elbow.
trained hands on the inner thigh (just above the knee),
start bending the arm. ATо время движения кисть свободной руки
lies on the thigh.

Slowly bend up the straightened arm, and then lower
brush with the same speed. ATо время подъема концентрируйте
the effort on the muscles of the biceps, having worked with one hand, go to

Desired load: 3 sets of 15 folds each.

Slimming hands. Bending the arms with a dumbbell to the shoulder.

примерно вот так вотThis exercise is similar to the previous one, but
it provides a more complete muscle development.

The starting position is the same as in the previous
exercise. Bend the extended arm in the elbow.

Try not to help yourself with other muscles, feel and
направьте все усилия именно на biceps. Bending your arm, breathe in,
straightening – exhaling.

Exercise is worth performing at an average pace, and it will be better if
slow. Desired load: 3 sets of 15 folds each.

ATажные замечания к выполнению обоих упражнений:

  • monitor the clarity and amplitude of the exercise
  • all movements in the joints (except the elbow) should be

Slimming hands. Bending the arms with the neck of the rod.

штанга и девушкаThere are two options for doing this.
exercises. AT данном случае все зависит от типа, выбранного вами
neck: curved or straight.

ATыполнение упражнения с изогнутым грифом в большей части
aimed at the inner head of the biceps. Put your feet wide
shoulders. The back should be straight, shoulders straightened, elbows pressed,
besides, the body is slightly tilted forward. ATозьмите гриф и начинайте

Exercise should be performed on average, and better in slow
tempo and very clear. Pay special attention to what exercise
should be performed without help from the back and without making movement in
hip joint (swaying, jerking).

Desirable нагрузка: 3 подхода по 15 сгибаний.
ATыполнение упражнения с прямым грифом по технике идентично
the previous one. This exercise has some advantage: load
идет на весь biceps. There is also a disadvantage: during
performing wrists are under heavy load.

Now about the exercises for losing weight triceps

There are many more exercises for biceps, in order to
he lost weight and became strong at the same time, but we avoided the triceps,
But this is also not unimportant muscle.

I want to tell you about such a thing: if you delve a little into
biology then it can be concluded that what essentially triceps should
have some physical superiority over the biceps, because triceps –
triceps, and biceps – biceps. Triceps exposed
load when performing all exercises in which it is provided
setting hands behind the head. I would advise you the following

Slimming shoulders. Dumbbell bench press from behind the head with both hands.

упражнения для похудения плечATозьмите гантель за один блин,
put your fingers under the top pancake. ATстаньте прямо, но я бы
recommended doing these exercises while sitting, with emphasis for the back,
in order to reduce the voltage on it, or use a belt.

Raise your arms with a dumbbell over your head. Bend your arms smoothly.
elbows to the dumbbell was behind the head. ATы почувствуете, как
stretch triceps.

Try not to spread your elbows wide apart and keep them
parallel throughout the entire approach. Then gently straighten
hands effort triceps. Hold for a moment in the top
position Then bend your arms again. And so on.

Desired load: 3 sets of 15 squeezes each.

Slimming shoulders and arms. French bench press (Scott bench press).

похудение плечThis exercise is isolated, i.e.
for a more thorough study of the triceps.

Lie on the bench, straighten your arms perpendicular to the floor and ask
partner file a neck. It is better to use a curved neck.
Fully straighten your arms by moving them slightly to the side of the head.
(approximately 45 degrees from vertical). This position will be
the original one.

Holding part of the arms (from elbow to shoulder) in a stationary state
bend your arms. Lower the neck to the level of the crown.

At the end of the bend, do not stop! Immediately by
extension arm elbows return to its original position. For
correct performance should not be dilated widely elbows, keep
the neck needs narrow grip.

Exercise should be performed smoothly, without jerks. Desirable
load: 3 sets of 10 squeezes.


выводыSo last farewell before you begin
own way: for the correct performance of each and every
exercises in particular, you first need to work out the technique, and then
gain weight. Also of great importance is nutrition and sleep.

Желаю всего самого наилучшего и быть в отличной
physical form.

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