Exercises for priests

uprazhneniya-dlya-popyIt’s no secret that any woman, regardless
whether she goes to the gym or not, sooner or later
there is a need to tidy the gluteal muscles.

Tanned “Brazilian ass”, resembling a walnut shape, does not give
peace seductress of any age. What exercises for priests
you need to perform to flash in the hot season beautiful form
�”Fifth point” in a mini-skirt, short shorts or a bathing suit?

Fitness trainers answer this question: for pumping large,
medium and small gluteus muscles require strength loads,
associated with resistance and work with weights (dumbbells, light
barbell or weight). Only such exercises help to lose weight and
remove the fat layer from the gluteus muscles, pump and strengthen them, give
desired forms.

Ignoring the pumping muscles on which we sit makes our
ass flat and ugly because of the ever-growing, flabby layer
fat on it (often affected by cellulite) and muscular atrophy.
Hard diets and jogging do not solve these problems and do not affect
creating a beautiful, taut ass.


What exercises for priests признаны самыми эффективными?

To get the elastic “Brazilian nut” of the buttocks, you need
include in your physical training regime power loads for
study of all types of gluteus muscles: large, medium and small. They
should be associated with resistance and working with free

These exercises are considered accomplished if you continue
feel muscle soreness after training “fifth point” on
throughout the day or two.

Top 6: Basic exercises for slimming priests at home

They помогают подтянуть и укрепить тонус ягодичных мышц,
simultaneously activating the work of the hips, improve the condition of the rectus muscles
back and waist, train the lower abdomen and make it

The complex of the best loads for the gluteal muscles includes 6 “gold”

1. Stabilization of the ball with reverse

Lying face down, we stabilize fitball with arms and legs,
placing the upper limbs strictly under the shoulders, and the lower part
torso laid on the top of the ball. Supporting muscles
body in tension, we connect the legs together and lift them up,
until they become parallel to the floor at the torso level.

Do not get carried away and do not lift them above the body, so as not to cause
deflection and lower back injury. Controlling movement, lower legs
down, taking the starting position (I.p.). Do 16-20 repetitions.
(If difficult, start with 8-12 times).

2. “Bridge” for the buttocks

Lying face up, bend your knees and feet, placing them in 30 cm
from the hips. We hold dumbbells in both hands (with a small weight in order to
it was possible to repeat the exercise 15-20 times). Raise your hands,
holding your wrists on the shoulder line. Straining the muscles of the body, we keep
back in a neutral position and slowly raise the hip
part, pushing the heels and tearing the buttocks with the loin from the floor.

The line of the hips and torso should be straight, back – not bend.
Holding the hips on the weight above the floor, bend your elbows and lower
dumbbells, gently holding them near each ear. Lift up
hands and strain the buttocks again and again, without touching the “fifth point”
sex (12-15 times).

3. Swinging with one hand with a dumbbell (or sandbel)

It’s hard to come up with simpler and more effective exercises for
elastic priests who truly “mold” the sculpture of the body than
работа с weights. However, not only do they improve strength and create
aerobic exercise, but also help burn about 18-20 kcal in
a minute!

Legs – shoulder-width apart, firmly hold the dumbbell (or sandbell –
sports equipment) in the right hand. Using the mobility of the hips as
hinges, draw weighting arc (back and forth). At the same time
produce energy in the lower body to push the projectile to
shoulder level.

Having executed one such movement, we transfer a dumbbell from one
arms to the other at shoulder height and again repeat the arc. Alternating hands
do 20 repetitions, controlling the tension of the gluteal muscles. four.
�”Donkey hit”

So called quadriceps training when bending the knees,
causing increased stress on the large and small gluteal muscles.
It also uses hamstrings, which helps
Look back in short shorts or mini skirt.

Standing on all fours, we rest on our knees with straight hips and
position your wrists opposite your shoulders. Keeping muscle tension
body, raise the right leg, bent at the knee at a right angle,
until the thigh becomes parallel to the floor. We go down in ip, repeating
these movements are 12-15 times, then we change the leg to complete

5. Squats and pushups.

In the squat position, you will not miss a single muscle in the lower part
body without a load, so it is included in every set of exercises,
to pump up the ass. Squeezing the ball and squats help
train not only the buttocks, but also the hamstrings,
the quadriceps when you take the fitball and compress it inside

Put your feet on the NW (shoulder width), a small ball for fitness
place on the inside of the thighs. Keeping muscles in tension
back – flat, with the help of hip joints, we squat down,
slightly squeezing the ball with their feet. Reaching them to the calf, we rise up to
fingers (like heels), while continuing to squeeze fitball when moving
(12-15 repetitions).

6. Lifting one arm and one leg

From a straight stand, we drop to the “swallow” position and balance
on the right leg, and with the left hand we pull the dumbbell to the floor. Then take away
elbow of the left hand and raise the dumbbell to the level of the chest.
Straighten your left arm, slowly climb up and return to

Making 12-15 reps with one hand, we shift the dumbbell in
another and perform the second part of the exercise.

In the gym or at home: plus 6 effective loads for a beautiful

If you have the opportunity to pump the gluteal muscles in
conditions фитнес-клуба или вы хотите добавить в свои домашние
тренировки самые эффективные упражнения для priests и ног, то обратите
Focus on the following loads:

  • Squat. Place the barbell behind the neck and on the shoulders. Keeping your back
    straight, look ahead, tighten the muscles of the body and slowly
    bend your knees until your hips fall parallel to the floor.
    Feel the tension of the gluteal muscles, puffing up the ass a little
    back before slowly climbing up. Start the exercise with
    light weight (20 reps), then rest for 2-3 minutes.
    Such sets can be made up to 5-6 pieces. Houses instead of a bar can
    use dumbbells, the technique is the same.
  • �”Plie”. Performed in 2 versions: with dumbbells on the sides or
    one in the center. We make the widest possible lunge to the side,
    toes out. Drop with a load, bending the knees, while the hips
    will be parallel to the floor. We perform several springy
    squats, concentrating on the gluteal muscles.
  • Lunges forward with dumbbells. Holding shells in hand, do
    the widest step forward, feeling the tension in the buttocks
    (короткие шаги нагружают ноги, а не мышцы priests). We are doing 3-4
    Approach 8-12 repetitions.
  • �”Walking attacks.” In the long corridor we do some wide
    steps with dumbbells in hand, not stopping. This load will force
    burn the ass and legs like on fire!
  • Leg press. Shaking your leg muscles, place them higher – this
    will help pump the back of the legs and buttocks.
  • Walking on stairs and step platform. Top exercises for
    красивой priests – пропуск одной-двух ступенек во время подъема по
    the stairs. They also include jumping on the bench,
    step platform or any other stable surface in height
    45-60 cm. If it’s easy for you, use extra weight.
    (dumbbells or dumbbells) that will help activate more
    muscle fibers and better strengthen the muscles. With the same purpose
    the climbing of sports stands works great.

Due to the number of approaches, training time and weight
shells you can regulate the load on the buttocks, which
felt sore muscles. Regularly training this area already
Soon you will be able to forget about sagging muscles and give
seductive roundness to her ass.

Exercises for priests: видео тренировка

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