Exercises for hands. Video

uprazhneniya-dlya-ruk-videoIt is possible to lose one.
weight in the hands, but it is absolutely impossible to lose weight exclusively in

Weight loss occurs systemically, which means that your entire body
losing weight at the same time if you notice a visual decline
weight only in the area of ​​your arms, it really can only
mean that their swelling caused by
fluid retention, but not actual fat loss.

When you do not give your body fuel, it turns accumulated
fat in the energy source. As a result, your fat cells gradually
break down into simple compounds that your body can
use for food.

Over time, fat cells contract, which leads to
reduction of waist, hips, arms and other problem areas. Fat
starts to be spent in proportion to the sizes of the various parts
body. Your fingers are smaller than your waist or hips, so they
most likely, lose all their excess fat first.

And the hand exercise video that we have prepared will help you
in place of body fat build lean muscles.


Exercises for hands. Video

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