Exercises for buttocks at home

uprazhneniya-dlya-yagodits-domaFrom muscle tone, quantity and
localization of fat deposits on the buttocks depends on the shape and external
view of one of the most seductive female “accessories”.

Tight, elastic muscles of the “Brazilian nut” – the result
regular workouts that include exercises for the buttocks at home

Strengthen muscle tone in this area can be regular exercises with
moderate loads. Thoroughly pump the ass for a couple of weeks
The hard training method is unlikely to succeed, but it will help
slightly tighten the muscle tone and put in order, flattened from
permanent sitting, ass.

If you dream of becoming the owner of Latin American
round butt, then your training program for the buttocks should
start with moderate loads, and then you can gradually move
to more difficult workouts.

You can pump your ass only with regular exercises and in no way.
If you don’t give up your idea: beautiful buttocks look great
under a mini-skirt or mini-shorts, from under a bikini or strings on
the beach.


Top 10: Express exercise for buttocks at home

Boldly and quickly raise flattened muscles from a long sitting in
office or couch will help express complex home exercises
for buttocks:

1. On all fours

PI – standing on all fours (knees at right angles, hips and
elbows – below the shoulders, feet closely touching the floor).

  • Round the back towards the ceiling, pull in the belly like
    can be higher from the floor.
  • From this position, lift one of the legs up, keeping at an angle
    90 degrees and pointing fingers at the ceiling.
  • We make the maximum number of impulse motions up (not
    less than 15-20 repetitions for each leg). Total perform 3

You can complicate the task by bending the raised leg and pulsing
energetically heel towards the buttocks (also 15-20

2. Step-up

Exercise will require a steady bench, cube or
step platform.

  • Place your right foot firmly on the bench, while resting on
    left, standing right under the thigh.
  • Step up, straightening the right leg, fully climb to
    bench, joining both feet together. Begin to bend the right
    knee again and drop to the left foot, returning it to the floor in the IP
    (initial position).

In a sophisticated version of these movements can be done jolts, as if
jumping up and down. In total, you need to make 3 sets of 15-20 lifts for each
the leg.

3. Training hamstrings lying

We choose the supine position and hold the fitball under
heels. In this case, the body must be stretched in a straight line, and
head nape pressed to the floor. Placing your hands along the body in the very
At the beginning of the exercise, we do not tear them off the mat, but use them to
body support.

  • We rest heels into the ball, bending the legs. Slowly we start to roll the ball,
    twisting his heels towards the back (lower back).
  • Keep your hips in a “bridge” position, without raising them to
    ceiling and not moving them.
  • Then slowly return to the PI (legs – straight, hips – smooth

Such repetitions perform 10-15, increasing the number of approaches
up to 3x After this exercise, if you are tired, you can do
squats near the wall, which will help load the muscles of the buttocks,
keeping the balance of the body.

Important!!! All exercises for tightening the buttocks at home
conditions can be alternated at your discretion or included in the general
exercises, but always they need to be done only after a warm-up!

4. Slat for tightening the buttocks (and thighs) on fitball

Straight and side plank is the most effective exercises.
for buttocks at home. In this training we will make a straight bar on
fitball, which requires additional stabilization
efforts that will improve the load on the muscles of the buttocks and thighs:

  • Lying on the stomach on the fitball, “step” hands on the floor, rolling
    ball under the shin. Hands while keeping strictly under the shoulders!
  • Pull up the navel to the spine, straining the abdominals, which
    help your back keep straight.
  • Raise your right foot into the air, and then slowly lower it to
    ball, but do not touch it.
  • Keep your leg at the pelvis level for a few seconds, and then lower
    her on the ball completely.

Perform 3 sets (approach) of 10-12 repetitions for each

5. Side kick on all fours

This exercise works great deep buttocks.
muscle groups that help visually lift the ass.

  • Start from the “on all fours” position, placing your hands strictly
    under the shoulders, and knees – under the hips.
  • Continuing to keep the knee bent at a right angle, we raise
    it sideways until the thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Keeping the position of the thigh, straighten the right knee and push
    we take the leg to the side. (Do not let your foot go lower during
    strike time!)
  • Bend the right knee at a right angle again and return it to

We make 20 such repetitions for each leg and 3 such sets.

6. Pose “frog”

Starting position choose: lying on his stomach on a soft mat
or mate. If the coating is hard – we put folded under the hips
a blanket or rug in the form of an extra pillow.

  • Bending arms in elbows, we put one fist on another, we place
    head forehead against this support and press our hands to the floor for
  • Bending the knees, we join the heels together in the air and lift
    knees from the floor up.
  • From this position, we separate the knees behind us,
  • Using the energy of pulsation, we compress rhythmically heels.
  • With each compression of the heels, slightly straighten your knees, moving your legs
    от попы поfarther.
  • Remember the frog, which squats and jumps.
    Make your knees move like a frog with hanging
    paws in the air.

Perform this exercise 20-30 repetitions.

For complication, we stretch our arms along the body for the last 10
reps to load and strengthen the muscles of the back and lower back
at the same time. 7. Jumping-squats

Приседы – отличная тренировка for ягодичных мышц, а в
«дуэте» с прыжками – мегаэффективны for похудения, координации и
strengthen the muscles. They also increase heart rate, helping to burn
more calories!

  • Classic sports stance: legs on the NR (shoulder width), hands
    bent at chest level.
  • Bend your knees and fall in full squat.
  • Then jump as high as you can (before
  • When landing, lower your lower back into a deep squat position.
    again to complete 1 repeat.

We make 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

8. Pulsing plié squats

We start from 2 positions: we place our legs as wide as possible,
turning toes out (at a 45 degree angle).

  • Putting your hands on your hips, bend your knees and go down.
    as much as you can stretching.
  • Make sure your shoulders are strictly above
    hips, and the back remains straight, upright. (For
    posture control use a mirror and do not forget that heels
    must be strictly under the knees, so as not to injure
  • Holding this position, we perform pulsating squats, raising
    and dropping hip cm 10-15. Thus, you can perform 10-15

Complicate: staying at the lowest point, lift slightly
hips 3-5 cm, making 10-15 repetitions, and then stretch your arms before
yourself and hold your position at the lowest point of about 20 seconds. This
поможет вам легко выполнять лучшие упражнения for ягодиц, так как
strengthen stretching and strengthen muscle tone.

9. Lifting the legs and body from lying down

Face down on a rug, we join our toes
together, and knees – apart. Put your palms on the floor with your arms bent
elbows and place your forehead over the back of your hands.

  • Together with the raising of the legs, at the same time, we tear off
    forearm as high as possible.
  • Keep your lower back, back, and buttocks tight, while
    raise the upper and lower body together.

We do exercise 10-15 times.

Complicating, stretching our arms behind us and covering ours with them
ankles We relax a little shoulders and remain in active tension
another 10 seconds. Let your whole body be tense while staying in
верхнем положении for идеальной растяжки. Зачастую упражнения for
the gluteal muscles train the back, abdominals and the rest well
musculature, strengthening it and burning fat throughout the body.

10. Ballet buttocks

Fitness-балет прочно вошел в жизнь девушек, стремящихся свою
make a perfect figure. Но он предназначен for более
�”Advanced” and trained lady.

Those who have done little sports attend other dance
тренировки, так как зумба эффект for похудения исключительно хорош
and does not require any special features. Strengthening your muscles
Latin American dances, any girl can continue
have a pumped up ballet ass.

  • We start with one hip, standing sideways to a chair (cupboard or other
    stable support).
  • Hold the nearest hand and the opposite, stretching it to
    the chair.
  • We connect the heels together, we spread socks apart and bend
  • You need to make sure that your back, lower back is kept straight,
    and the hips are pointing forward.
  • We stretch the toes of the left foot behind us, directing the heel
  • Make small pulsating up and down movements for 60
    секунд (или по 20-30 повторов for каждой ноги). If straight leg
    it is difficult to make such movements, then you can bend it.

By the way! Anyone who tried the initial stage of losing weight
weight loss hypnosis and got the result, should watch out for
healthy diet and exercise the muscles of the body. Them also
помогут эти упражнения for ягодиц, которые можно делать дома, не
visiting the gym.

Regular muscle training for any girl will help strengthen the corset
and create a beautiful body sculpture!

Упражнения for ягодиц дома – видео тренинг

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