Exercises Burpee. How are they rightperform?

Exercise burpee will develop all the muscles of the body, increase endurance
in a short period of time and, of course, help to drive away the fat.
Classes 50% more efficiently cope with annoying kilos,
than ordinary power loads. We learn what the secret is.

Exercises Burpee. How are they right perform?


  • What is a burpy?
  • Как правильно perform?
  • Tabata system

What is a burpy?

Special features

The secret of a quick farewell overweight in intensity
load on the body. That is why this type of training was
applied as an input control to determine the level
physical training for admission to the US Army.

Exercises involve parts of the body such as the spine, hips,
shoulders, elbows, knees. You control the load yourself, you can
replace any exercises, leaving only the ones you like, but
they should be performed one after the other, without interruption or with minimal

The benefits of exercise:

  1. The advantage of this type of load is that it can
    perform in any conditions not being in the gym.
  2. Burns a lot of calories during exercise.
  3. Trains endurance.
  4. Increases flexibility.
  5. Accelerates metabolism.
  6. Improves heart function.

Как правильно perform?

  1. The standing position, feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Assume the position of a low squat, with your hands resting on the floor.
  3. Legs quickly pull back.
  4. On the inhale, press the floor once, on the rise
  5. Pull the legs to him, returning to the half-squat position.

With a sharp strong push, push off from the floor, take a jump
up, stretch your hands to the ceiling. Exercise intensity
rises when you do exercises in a jump, rather than rearranging


Ideally, you need to complete 100 approaches of this exercise. But this
not as easy as it may seem. Therefore have been developed
different levels of severity of training in ascending order.

  1. Новенький. For beginners recommended
    start with a set for beginners. Duration of lesson 2
    minutes For two minutes you need to make four approaches. Allow yourself
    Minute rest between runs. Pushups are possible at this level.
    do kneeling.
  2. Средний уровень. Style recommended for
    athletes or people who are already bored with the previous step. Behind
    a couple of minutes, do the task 6 times or in 4 minutes do 4
  3. Профессионал. For people who don’t
    stop at the reached level. 6 approaches for three

For brave men who need harder workouts,
The following berpy options are available:

  1. Performing exercises with dumbbells or weights in their hands.
  2. Утяжеляющий жилет, утяжелители на руки и legs.
  3. Jumping up with a weighted ball in his hands.
  4. You can also complicate the technique by adding exercises,
    turning on after the jump pulling on the bar, if any
    is available.
  5. Or alternate this exercise with running. Do it 20 times
    task, 2 minutes run on the spot.
  6. After push-ups can bend your back, pulling the chest,
    head upwards.

Tabata system

You can conduct training on the Tabata system. The bottom line is
to complete as many reps as possible in 4 minutes. Break up
four minute interval for 20 seconds of the execution technique and
ten second rest. In total there will be 8 approaches with breaks for
10 Seconds.

Do not be discouraged if you cannot complete the whole complex.
right away At first it will be difficult to cope with the load and may be ill
muscle, then remove the jump in the exercise.

Video of the exercises Burpy

Watch the video, it clearly shows the correct technique.
Run for entry level:

Such training will replace cardio and strength training equipment, if
this is no time. So just one exercise can you
cheer up and burn off the excess calories that separates a person from
perfect body proportions. However, do not forget about the correct
nutrition, otherwise you will deplete the body loads, and the effect
may not be. Do burpy, eat healthy, get
beautiful and toned body!

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