Exercises before bed for weight loss

uprazhneniya-pered-snom-dlya-pohudeniyaRegardless of,
do you want to lose a couple of kilograms or all twenty, exercise
before going to bed for weight loss can work real miracles.

Researchers in the field of fitness argue that even such
short training well stimulates metabolic processes in
body, thereby increasing the number of calories that are burned
during sleep. Plus, the quality itself is significantly improved.

All that a person eats during a day has its own
caloric value and, ultimately, can transform into
fat deposits. And as we have repeatedly focused on the pages
the site that the most dangerous fat is invisible to the eye or visceral
fat that lies deep in the abdomen, exerting
negative effects on many vital organs

Therefore, the issue of weight loss is not only a task.
improve their aesthetic appearance, but also their health concerns.


Top 5 best exercises for bedtime for weight loss

The less a person consumes calories during the day, the
more the body is forced to draw the necessary energy from its own
fat stores.

This is true, but only to a certain extent! Heavy cuts
calorie intake and most importantly regular – will slow down
metabolic processes – and like we began to eat less and weary ourselves
for several months now, but the result is less and less every day
noticeable on the weights.

The only correct option, no matter how trite it is, is
a combination of a small caloric restriction of nutrition (not more than
minus 500 calories from optimal, according to height, weight, age and
physical activity, a reference to the calculation of their daily needs
in calories) and regular sports loads.

These loads can be safely attributed, and exercises before bedtime.
So, let’s start!

Важно: Не стоит относиться слишком буквально к заголовку
articles and train directly before going to bed.
It is best to complete the workout 1 – 2 hours before bedtime.

Aerobic exercise

They are cardio, they are cardiovascular! This is one of the most
effective ways to combat excess weight and speed up the exchange
substances. Even minimal aerobic activity over 20
minutes can be quite useful.

In the home, it can be jumping rope, active
dances, jumps with breeding arms and legs. Lovemaking can also
be assigned to this category. The highest intensity option is
these are the ascents / descents of the staircase at the entrance of an apartment building,
less – use of a bicycle / elliptical trainer.

Resistance Exercises

The second way to achieve the goal is strength training, and
specifically exercises with resistance. A good solution is to alternate
aerobic and strength activity in a single workout.

Pay attention to crutches (but not lifts to the press), various
slats (many options in this article), lunges or training with
elastic tape (link to a separate article).

During exercise, the body temperature rises, but after
get a little lower than in the normal resting state that
It has a beneficial effect on sleep quality.

Exercise with its own weight

Performing these exercises helps build muscle without
significant increase in heart rate, therefore
may well be included in your workout plan before bedtime. BUT
as we know, the muscle cell is eight (!) times more metabolic
is active than any other, that is, it requires for its maintenance
eight times more energy.

The number of repetitions and approaches is set individually and
increases with increasing body fitness. Pace
slow. The interval between approaches is minimal.

The basic exercises are squats (workout program),
push-ups, pull-ups, lunges.

Yoga classes

You should definitely try yoga! It helps to get rid
from anxiety and stress, improves the quality of night rest. On
There are many articles on yoga on our website.
weight loss, for example, by this link or this one (pictures and

First try doing the pose of a bridge, tree, mountain or
dogs snout down. Onпример, поза моста или боковая угловая поза –
good for relaxing all the muscles of the body, the child’s posture is excellent
choice to relax the muscles of the arms before bed.


Stretching exercises can be performed even 30 minutes before bedtime,
helping your body relax and get ready for bed.

When stretching do not bend with the load, bringing the amplitude to
limit. Training should not bring pain. Lot
exercises with pictures and video in a separate article. Other tips
bedtime slimming

1. To turn night rest into mainstream weight loss,
Do not forget how important this process is! Full night
sleep helps regulate the function of use and conservation
energy reserves in the body. And hormones play a major role in this.
– namely, ghrelin and leptin.

Increased level of the first provokes the feeling of hunger,
forcing a person eat too much while the second leads
exactly the opposite – optimal use of energy
stocks, keeping your appetite low. During sleep
ghrelin level decreases and lepina rises. That’s why for
to achieve the result it is important to teach yourself to 7 – 8 hours
sleep duration.

By the way, according to researchers, overweight people in
on average, they get 20 minutes less sleep than normal weight

2. A good idea after a workout would be a small one.
snack on the basis of high protein food. It can be like cottage cheese
or legumes and cooked protein shake. Besides,
digesting protein, the body spends more energy than it gets
as a result. An interesting article about products with negative
calorie read here.

3. Researchers claim that interior colors can affect
human on a subconscious level. Three groups of participants on
several days were placed in rooms with red, yellow and blue
the interior. As a result, the yellow room prompted an increase in
meals during the day, while participants from the blue
rooms adhered to the average frequency of food consumption.

By the way, this is why the color scheme of the main market participants
fast food, the same McDonald’s, for example, is made in
red and yellow tones.

4. Follow the principles of fractional nutrition, which will allow you better
control your appetite that occurs during long breaks between
meals. Plus, this approach will allow you to maintain proper
level of metabolic processes in the body, forcing to burn reserves
fat, including during sleep.

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