Exercises at home for riding breecheships

  • 1 Причины появления галифе на hips
  • 2 Способы убрать галифе на hips
    • 2.1 In the gym
    • 2.2 Massage and diet

Any girl knows that riding breeches are not only certain
the shape of the pants, and many know this firsthand. Галифе на hips
– these are fat deposits that accumulate in girls during
transitional age to participate in the formation
hormonal levels. When the puberty period ends,
the body is unable to break down excess fats and stores them under
protective film.

It is worth noting that even slim girls are peculiar to deposits
on the front, back and inner thighs. Diet will help
decrease in volume, but will not solve the problem itself. Without
special exercises designed to correct the hips
get along.

The positive point is that even at home
It is possible to get rid of the breeches, without resorting to the help of a coach. For
the best effect from the inventory you will need weighting on the legs and
special sports tape.

Doing exercises at home regularly and
adhering to the correct diet, you will quickly see the result and
�”Ears” will begin to melt.

Before any workout, you need to give 5 minutes to warm up.
Heat and pull all the muscles so that the body is ready for

Do exercises for 2-3 approaches, starting with 15 repetitions. With
time increase the number of repetitions to 20-25. You must
feel a burning sensation in the muscles, only so the fats will begin to split, and
muscles strengthen.

Упражнения для галифе на hips в домашних

  • Выпады вперед и назад Встаньте ровно, уприте
    arms in sides and lunge forward with your right foot. Withгните ее в
    knee to right angle. It is important that the knee does not go beyond the sock.
    Change leg. For лучшего эффекта, задерживайтесь ненадолго в
    lunge. Lunges back act in the same way. From a standing position
    Bring the leg back, front – bends to a right angle.
    Change legs;
  • Приседания в широкой стойке (плие) Разведите
    feet about a meter wide, feet looking to the sides. Crouch
    deep and so that the knees looked in the same direction as the foot.
    At the end of the exercise, linger down;
  • Выпады в сторону Встаньте прямо. Right foot
    lunge to the side, bend it, crouching deeply and tilting
    body slightly forward. Change legs;
  • Отведение ноги лежа Лягте на бок, опираясь на
    a hand. Lift the upper leg, the sock looks at itself. Exhaling
    lift it up. For лучшего эффекта задержитесь в верхней
    the point. Change your legs.

In general, this training for getting rid of the breeches does not go
more than 30 minutes and a month later the first will begin to appear
results, and after 2 – noticeable changes in the hips.


Причины появления галифе на hips

Before you begin an active fight with riding breeches, let’s look into
the reasons for their occurrence. There is a subcutaneous fat layer and
spare. From the first it is easy to get rid of diet and workouts.
The reserve fat layer is deeper and more dense. It depends on him
production of the hormone estrogen. When hormones are disturbed, on
hips появляются «ушки».

Среди других причин галифе на hips:

  • malnutrition, overeating, abuse of harmful
  • low physical activity;
  • heredity.

Способы убрать галифе на hips

От галифе на hips возможно избавиться, как в домашних
conditions, and doing in the gym. If you have
motivation, desire, willpower, you will surely achieve

Remember that everything is individual. In women with a quick exchange
substances the process of losing weight and getting rid of breeches will be noticeable
faster. Women who put more effort into fighting
excess sediment effect will last longer.

However, after two months of quality work on the body,
hips will become noticeably slimmer.

In the gym

Галифе на hips как убрать в тренажерном зале?

Signing up in the gym in order to get rid of breeches,
the coach will explain that it is possible to remove the “ears” with a general decrease in

percent of body fat. You will make a special program
workouts, with an emphasis on the hips.

In addition to the basic exercises, the complex includes cardio loads,
that trigger fat loss throughout the body. Favor
running is difficult to overestimate. For усиления эффект на проблемную зону
Set the incline mode on the treadmill. Tilt angle should
start at 5 degrees. In addition to the cardio effect, actively
involved muscles of the hips, which helps to better deal with

Another effective simulator is a stepper. Simulates the rise of
steps. Its advantage is that in addition to combating unnecessary
kilograms, the simulator strengthens the heart and blood vessels, develops
respiratory system.

Эффективные упражнения для галифе на hips в

  • Приседания с пустым грифом Приседания- это
    basic and universal exercise for all the muscles of the legs, which, in
    том числе, помогает и в борьбе с breeches. Place an empty fretboard on
    shoulders, spread legs and with deep backs follow deep
    squats. This exercise is important to do as many times as possible
    about 25 to 3-4 approaches, so fat is more active
  • Leg retraction / to the side in the simulator
    Упражнение служит не только эффективному избавлению
    from riding breeches, but also squeezes the muscles of the buttocks. Put your hands on
    simulator, back straight. With the weighting foot back and
    up as much as possible. Change your legs. Repeat the same exercise.
    only with the limbs to the side. Usually,
    low weights are used;
  • Сгибание ног в тренажере Достаточно простое в
    performing an exercise. Well working on the back surface
    thighs and struggling with breeches;
  • Становая тяга с гантелями Ноги поставьте на
    shoulder width and bend a little. Holding dumbbells, bend over
    forward as low as possible. It is important that the loin be bent, not

Massage and diet

When it comes to body shaping, without massage and diet
the result will be long in coming. Regular exercise will lead
muscles are toned, but without a diet, kilograms will not go away and fat will be
keep piling up

That, looking in a mirror, you, at last, saw that reflection, about
котором мечтали, следуйте этим принципам:

1. Диета от галифе на hips Если Ваша цель- не
drying – no need to sit on strict diets and make detailed
meal schedule throughout the day. The main recommendation is to teach
yourself to proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition implies a restriction in simple carbohydrates
(flour, sweet, soda), in alcohol (delays excess
body fluid, promotes the development of cellulite), salt and

In no case should one refuse fat. Just eat
products containing healthy fats (nuts, avocados, red fish,
vegetable oil). Foods containing fiber can even be eaten.
at bedtime, without fear of harming the figure (peas, bran, cabbage,
broccoli, grapefruit).

2. Массаж от галифе на hips

Immediately after a workout, a light massage can be given.
problem areas a special mitt using a cosmetic
butter. Improved blood circulation, lymph flow. More
deep massage at home is done with vacuum cans,
which can be bought at the pharmacy. Remember that with varicose veins and
skin damage such a massage is contraindicated.

Keep yourself in shape regardless of age and condition

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