Exercises after childbirth or how to return the formershape !?

uprazhneniya-posle-rodov-plan-nagruzok�”After giving birth the body
will never be the same again! ” This phrase most women more often
just uttered in their own defense or heard as

And, however, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding impose
indelible imprint on the body, but this is not an excuse,
to say goodbye to a good figure!

Among young mothers there are two extremes: the hours disappear in
the gym, leaving the child in the care of grandmothers or nannies, or
give up on yourself completely, seizing melancholy buns.

Reasonable compromise – exercise after childbirth for weight loss,
which you can do at home by yourself. Get started
costs no earlier than two months after the birth of the child.

Most of the proposed exercises are soft, designed for
still not fully restored after pregnancy, but all
same, if you had a cesarean section, difficult delivery or preserved
diastasis, consult an experienced gynecologist.


Complex exercise after childbirth or lose weight easily!

If a вы серьезно настроились на похудение, заручитесь поддержкой
close and remember a few important points:

  • Exercises will be almost useless if you do not follow the diet.
    Even if you feed, stop eating for two. Forget about
    buns, biscuits and other pastries – the benefits of them
    the child will not be, but on my mother’s sides they will settle for a long time. Healthy
    nutrition, which is recommended by doctors during breastfeeding,
    It will have a positive effect on your body shape and complexion.
  • There is a misconception that breastfeeding should be avoided.
    physical exertion: milk can “deteriorate.” These rumors are not
    confirmed by neither scientific research nor vast experience
    the number of women who play sports after giving birth without prejudice
    for breastfeeding. The main thing – to comply with the measure and not to bring
    yourself to nervous or physical exhaustion. Decide what is best –
    sleep or practice? Get some sleep!
  • Exercises for weight loss after childbirth lead to increased
    perspiration, so do not forget to drink clean water. In a day
    use at least 2 liters, increase it in hot weather

Down with the “apron”: the most effective exercises for the abdomen after

Most new mothers care about the stomach. Have rare
счастливиц он обретает девичью упругость через месяц после childbirth,
the rest have to put up with the “apron”, a thick fatty
interlayer or protruding abdominal wall.

If a задумываться о абдоминопластике вы пока не хотите, то
be patient and do 3-4 daily exercises for
пресса после childbirth из приведенных ниже (по одному на каждую группу

Exercise 1. This exercise must be done every day in the morning.
on an empty stomach and after using the toilet. Stand straight, slightly bend
legs, bend over and put your hands on your knees. Do deep
inhale and exhale vigorously, pulling the belly as deep as possible.
Hold your breath for as long as you can stand it. Repeat 3-5
time. Ideally, the stomach should go under the ribs. If a пока не получается
– do not despair, perform this exercise every day, and with
In time, feel how the abdominal muscles become more obedient and stronger.
By the way, this exercise can be performed immediately after
прекратились выделения после childbirth, и даже тем, кто перенес
Caesarean section or suffering from diastasis of recti.

Exercise 2. Lie on the floor, legs straight. Raise your hands up
perpendicular to the floor, and, reaching for them, tear off the shoulder blades from
floor. Hold this position for as long as you can, then
get down on the floor for a couple of seconds and go up again. Repeat 5-6
time. This is a very effective exercise for the “top” press.

Exercise 3. Stand in the “bar” (or stop lying). Hands
should be exactly under the shoulders, shoulder blades straightened, legs straightened
and tense. The body should be a perfectly straight line.
Do not slouch and do not lift the pelvis up! Stay in it
position for a minute, if it is difficult – get down on your knees. Repeat
3-4 times. Exercise 4. Stand with your legs together. Raise one
straightened leg so that life is parallel to the floor. Case at
this should not lean back, and the pelvis to fall to the side.
Keep your leg held high as long as you can.
Repeat по 3 раза на каждую ногу, чередуя их.

Exercise 5. Lie on your side, straightening his legs. Lean on the bottom
руку и оторвите таз от floor. The upper arm is extended along the body.
Slowly lower the pelvis 15-20 cm down, without touching the floor, and again
return the body in a straight line. Perform on 20 swinging on
every side.

Exercise 6. Lie on the floor and stretch into a string. Preserving
This traction, lift straight legs 15-20 cm from the floor, hands
pull forward. A head with shoulder blades, if preparation permits,
также приподнимите, сохраняя шею straight. Hold on in it
position 30 seconds, after a short rest, repeat 4 more

Exercise 7. Lie on the floor, absolutely straight legs with extended
with your toes lift up, perpendicular to the floor. Loins at the same time
position should not sag. At first, quite simple
hold this position for a minute, and when the muscles get stronger,
you can perform 10 circular movements in and out
arrows. Their amplitude should be small, and the pelvis should be completely
stay on the floor.

You need to be patient – fat leaves the abdomen extremely reluctant
– and make sure that there is no excess of simple carbohydrates in the diet.


Exercises for the chest after childbirth: support in responsible

Many young mothers are worried about questioning whether their breasts will sag during
feeding? No, if you choose high-quality underwear
care and regularly perform several exercises for the chest.

Exercise 1. Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders. Commit
alternately rotating backward straight arms with
maximum amplitude. Note that the pelvis is
should not rotate. Enough 3 sets of 30 seconds.

Exercise 2. The starting position is the same. Join your palms in front
by yourself at chest level at a distance of 20-30 cm from it. Squeeze
brush so that the tension passes to the chest muscles, and
hold this voltage for 10 seconds. Repeat 5-7 times.

Exercise 3. Stand in the “bar”, but this time arrange
arms slightly wider than shoulders. Press as many times as you can until
stop. Relax, shake hands and take another approach. If a
very difficult – wring out from his knees.

Important! The main enemy of the elastic chest in the future – a sharp
cessation of feeding (especially with the “constriction”) and frequent
chest overflow.

Yoga after childbirth: exercises for the soul and body

Many women get acquainted with yoga during pregnancy.
Continue the practice is definitely worth after the birth of the child.
Yoga will allow young parents to maintain muscle flexibility and
peace of mind even in difficult moments.

Best practice yoga by specially designed
video programs or under the guidance of an experienced instructor. If a
there is no such possibility; you can perform several simple and
safe asanas by yourself:

  • Vrikshasana (tree pose) – will help calm nerves and gain
    inner balance
  • Dog face down – contributes to the stretching of the back,
  • Dog face up – reveals the chest,
  • Pashimottanasana (tilt to straight legs from a sitting position) –
    will rest your back,
  • Uttanasana (deep standing tilt) – an excellent stretch for the legs and
  • Exercise “cat-cow” – to restore the lumbar
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (bridge on the shoulders) – leads to tone
    back and buttocks.

Hold each one of them for as long as you feel comfortable and don’t strive.
immediately perform them as before pregnancy.

Yoga will help in moments of great fatigue. Do as far as
stretching exercises, and then rest 5-10 minutes in shavasana or
baby pose.

Kegel exercise after delivery: attention to what is hidden

Pay attention after childbirth need not only the outer muscles, but
and internal. To avoid uterine proliferation and disorders
circulatory gynecologists still in the hospital advised to perform
Kegl exercises. Here are the most basic ones:

  • Tighten and relax the vaginal muscles.
  • Tighten the muscles of the vagina and hold them in that condition.
    2-3 seconds.
  • Alternately tighten and relax the muscles of the vagina and
    the anus.
  • When you learn to control these muscles, try cutting them.
    undulating, starting from the bottom, and gradually increasing the voltage

Each exercise, begin to perform 20 times, bringing with
time the number of cuts to 100.

These exercises are good because they can be performed imperceptibly in
any time combining with other matters. Walk with your child
cook dinner – and train!

Such a useful ball – exercises on fitball after childbirth

In many homes with the birth of a child appears and fitball. What,
it is useful not only for rocking baby and baby
gymnastics, but also in order to support mom’s back and legs
good shape.

Exercise 1. Lie on the ball belly down so that the emphasis
accounted for pubic bone. Straight legs lock on the floor
(for example, under the sofa), hands behind the head, shoulders straightened. Smoothly
lower the upper torso and lift back until
until the body forms a straight line. Enough to do that
exercise 20-25 times.

Exercise 2. The starting position is the same, but the support is transferred
closer to the chest, arms on the floor, legs bent in the pelvic area, feet
also on the floor. Raise and lower straight legs due to effort
buttocks. The back throughout the exercise should remain
straight. Run 15-20 times.

Exercise 3. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and put
their feet on the ball. Raise and lower the pelvis, without putting it on
floor. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 4. Stay on your back, straighten your legs and
lift them perpendicular to the floor. Place the ball between your legs, in
shin area, and squeeze it as many times as you can.

All exercises are performed one after another, without interruption. Then
rest for 1-2 minutes and make another 2-3 exactly the same circle.
Circular training allows you to burn fat faster and transform view

Физические упражнения после childbirth: viewео материал

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