Exercise vacuum for abdomen

uprazhnenie-vakuum-dlya-zhivotaOur belly is made up of external
(superficial) and internal, deep-lying muscles.

When we work or shake a press, they will be involved.
surface straight or oblique (press with turns) abdominal muscles.
But the most problematic area is the weakened transverse muscle.
abdomen, lying in the deeper layers of the muscular system.

The actual exercise vacuum for the abdomen in this case will strengthen it
and will return the functionality. After all, it is known that this muscle is not responsible
only for a beautiful posture and a healthy back, but also for a flat,
elastic tummy.

Not only if you watch your breath and make a vacuum
regularly, it is possible to lose centimeters from the waist one by one,
regardless of the starting volumes of a person.

Any folds hanging over jeans or skirt disappear.
thanks to the transverse muscle lift, which, like a natural corset,
as a result of training makes you slimmer, thinner. Stomach
becomes flatter and more resilient. The famous “cubes” get
It will not succeed, but simply a beautiful, smooth corset.

If you follow the constant tension of the surrounding muscle,
due to the vacuum load, in a short period you can get
Excellent result due to extremely effective exercise.


Experts: how to properly do the exercise vacuum for

To create a vacuum in the stomach, you can stand next to the table or
chair, hands put on the table or back. Bend your knees slightly and
arch your back. Lower your chin on your chest and take a deep breath.
Then exhale sharply and draw your stomach in so that
feel the navel approaching the spine.

This technique is good for those who are friends with physical education.
For beginners, fitness expert Rick Sturla claims the correct
abdominal vacuum technique will be more accessible in the prone position.

Lie on the floor, pressing the waist to a horizontal surface.
Bend your knees and feet firmly pressed to the floor. Exhale
maximum amount of air from the lungs. It will help to rise
the diaphragm, will reduce the volume of the stomach and give the greatest load
transverse muscle. Pulling in the navel deep inside as far as
Perhaps you are contracting the transverse muscle and improving your shape. Do
exercise is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach in a day.

Training program for a beginner: step by step

First stage: basic

At the initial stage, the training of the vacuum in the supine position passes
for at least 15 seconds in one go. When muscle
strengthened and you want to complicate the exercise, you can
increase the time of breath holding and vacuum load up to 60
seconds per set.

If you find it difficult to sustain a pause – do not compensate for the workout.
an increase in the number of sets. Better breathe a little as you
comfortable Start with three sets, increasing them over time.
number to five when you see serious

Stage Two: Quadriceps and Vacuum Stomach

Once you make full progress in the initial phase and
you will be available load of 5 sets of 60 seconds delay
breath lying, you can make a vacuum at home more
effective, complicating the task. On all fours when engaged
quadriceps, that is, with the help of hands and knees, the load is increased
due to gravity (gravity), against which

Step by Step Instructions (Stage 2)

We get on all fours, strictly maintaining the position: shoulders –
above the arms, buttocks – above the knees, neck – in a neutral position.
Perform similar tasks: exhale, then tighten the navel
maximum towards the spine.

After loading in the supine position 5 sets of one minute each, on
all fours can start with three sets of 30 seconds. And then
gradually go up to 5 sets for half a minute-minute. If you have
weak back or pain in the spine, it is better to distribute
load of 5 short sets.


The third stage: vacuum of the abdomen in a sitting position

The execution version of the vacuum in a sitting position was more difficult.
even than on all fours, due to the fact that they are included in the game
spinal stabilizing muscles!

Step by Step Instructions (Stage 3)

Sitting on a stable horizontal surface and not relying on
as well, we exhale the air and as much as possible tighten the navel in
side of the spine. We train until three sets of 60 seconds
no longer feel like a load. Speed ​​up progress helps
using an unstable surface for this exercise (fitball and

Fourth stage: functional vacuum of the abdomen

At this stage you will be able to track the voltage surrounding
muscles constantly when you sit, walk or stand. Pull up
navel whenever pay attention! So you
will be able to control not only the transverse muscle, but also the breathing during
movement time. In the sitting position, this monitoring will not give
relax the corset, which happens more often.

Soon this process will be so natural that it will become
automatic. But at the same time you will feel better, and
the tummy will become elastic and taut.

Fifth stage: alternate work of straight and transverse muscles

Simultaneous contraction of these two groups of abdominal muscles will help
increase the intensity and functionality of the vacuum workout and
накачки press.

Simply put, you will alternate the exercise vacuum for the abdomen
and straight muscle training. When fully exhaled and retracted navel
to the spine, simultaneously begin to swing the press.

Is the exercise vacuum effective for the abdomen? Reviews

Sergey, Novosibirsk: “I’ve been doing weightlifting for 8 years already,
Though pumped up, but the stomach sticks out, like a keg. I remembered about
vacuum, in my opinion, “Iron Arnie” made it. Three times a week I do
in the morning on an empty stomach, immediately began to shrink the stomach. �”

О�”я, Москва: « Мне 30 �”ет, пос�”е двух родов о п�”оском животе и
мечтать не приходи�”ось. A friend who often goes to
фитнес-центр, подсказа�”а мне упражнение вакуум. В нача�”е я
скептически восприня�”а. На бодиф�”екс похоже, но тот мне дава�”ся с
трудом, а вакуум де�”аю неде�”ю, нес�”ожно. Сантиметра два с та�”ии
потихоньку уш�”о, но я, как новичок, особо и не упорствую… �”

Oksana, Samara: “Such a simple exercise! It looks like sports
cunning! Нес�”ожно, де�”ай через день. Правда, понача�”у техника
дыхания не по�”уча�”ась, а она – самая г�”авная. Sister long yoga
практикует, подсказа�”а, как надо. Теперь процесс поше�”… Уже 5 см на
та�”ии убежа�”и! �”

Вика, То�”ьятти: «Жир, конечно, это упражнение не сжигает, ерунда
this! But the volumes go away due to the tightening of this very transverse muscle.
Уже 3 см с та�”ии уш�”о! �”

Света, Казань: « Нача�”а де�”ать вакуум д�”я живота, а жир со всего
те�”а нача�” уходить. Правда, я и ка�”ории ста�”а тщате�”ьно считать.
Hooray! I’ll be slim soon! �”

Действенное упражнение вакуум д�”я п�”оского живота: видео

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