Exercise Plank: photos and videos, as correctlydo

uprazhnenie-plankaThe secrets of youth and the maintenance of ideal
the proportions of the figure there is a great many.

However, most options require iron willpower,
endurance, constant control and a considerable amount of time, so
scarce in our day.

A popular and very affordable exercise plank is captivating with its
simplicity and megaefficiency. С его помощью сdo свою фигуру
fit and slim can even over-employed business women and
mothers of many children.

The only condition that requires special care when
performing this exercise is the right technique. It was she
creates harmonious muscle tension, allowing you to train
forearm, body muscles, back, abdominals, buttocks and thighs.

The optimal exercise – the plank for losing weight is one of the best,
because it implies an isometric load on the muscles and helps
to shape a slender waist and improve posture. Depending on the type
planks can train a variety of muscle groups: back and arms,
shoulders, buttocks and even hamstrings!


Упражнение планка – как правильно do?

Tips and tips for beginners, how to stand in the bar,
to get the most out of your workout:

  • The position of the hands – elbows are placed strictly under the shoulders to
    the forearms were upright perpendicular to the floor
    or earth. The weight of the upper body is distributed in classic
    the strap directly on this zone: elbows and forearms. Try to
    so that they do not experience excessive loads, rely the most
    comfortable Hands can be clenched or relaxed.
    The classic posture strap implies an emphasis on the elbows, easier
    option – this is an emphasis on the palm with outstretched arms, which can
    take advantage of those who have never practiced Pilates and rarely
    doing physical exercises.
  • Shoulders: during the execution of the “bar” should be lowered down to
    chest and relaxed to group the muscles of the arms and
    enclosures. To achieve maximum effect, reduce wide
    back muscles and lower relaxed shoulders towards
  • Straighten your back! Try to lengthen as much as possible.
    spine in opposite directions (neck and tailbone).
    Raise your head over your shoulders, extending your neck, and at the same time
    pull the tailbone in the opposite direction. Do it by
    straight line, do not try to round the spine to lengthen
    him. While you keep the bar, keep your back straight for the entire period,
    with an elongated spine.
  • Hips and buttocks. Activate the body musculature due to its
    contractions, as well as straining the muscles of the buttocks, which will lead to compression
    coccyx (movement that allows dogs to pull tail). Exhalation must
    on time coincide with these abbreviations.
  • Leg movements: instead of balancing with the legs, as if on a ball, rest
    the toes to the floor (or the ground) that will help engage your
    quadriceps that block your knees. Foot rest in the ground
    make your heels more mobile in combination with your knees.
    Balance this design of your body so that it turned out
    visual “arch”, as shown in the video.
  • Position of the legs – the best option would be to arrange the legs in width
    shoulders. For those whose range of motion is limited, you can
    put them a little wider by adding a foot size. It will give more
    comfortable forearm position. Experiment by choosing
    body positions that will be convenient for you. Correct
    the plank won’t work if you load your hips too much
    joints and lower back that will distract you or thereby reduce
    your productivity.
  • Breathing technique: simultaneously reducing body muscles and
    the gluteus muscles (in order to get a flat stomach as a result), we do
    slow deep exhale while most of the air or all of it
    volume will come out of you. Вдыхать, пока вы будете do планку в
    home conditions, fitness trainers do not recommend, because during
    relaxing your throat and lungs can breathe in excess air,
    which leads to over-oxygenation (excess) of oxygen in the blood.
    As soon as accidentally air enters your lungs, stop
    Exercise, exhale slowly and repeat the process.
    muscle contraction and exercise.

Top 10 most different types of slats

Having mastered the classic type of exercise “plank” on outstretched arms
or elbows bent, you can increase the amount of time until
hold muscle tension: from 20 seconds to two minutes and

But over time, fresh variations of familiar movements appear,
make training more effective and interesting. A plus
most of them may require a minimum of equipment (fitball,
dumbbells or elastic band), while others may be simpler and
exclude the use of any of them!

1. Plank with leg elevation

By adopting a horizontal position of the body with an elongated
spine, compressed by the press and bent elbows, which
rests on the floor, you can feet, shoulder-width apart,
alternately raise back (up) sideways, bend over
towards the chest.

This will help train your back, chest, hips, hips and buttocks. These
движения можно do как отдельно каждое (по 12 повторов ногой),
and in a complex way – to perform several sweeps in turn (up, in
side down) and return to the SP

2. Plank-twisting (rolling-plank)

One of the most effective workouts that load muscles
abdomen, is the bar for the press. Lying on the right side, we rest
left hand to the floor under the left shoulder blade, and the right hand – lift up,
bend at the elbow and press with your fingers to the head. Right
put the foot in front of the left.

We tighten the abdominal muscles and raise the body on the left hand,
making them push from the floor. At the same time we try to give it
the position of the diagonal from the head to the heels. We make a case tilt
forward and downward, leading the right elbow to the left side and returning
in ip Perform 10 repetitions with one hand and 10 – the second.

3. Side bar

From the position of the classic strip we rest only with the right
hand in the mat, moving your weight only on the right foot. Left –
begin to raise. Imagine that under your left hand
there is a big fitball or beach ball.

Pull up the abdomen up and, turning the body, direct the left hand
to the ceiling. Tighten the abdominal muscles and the whole body,
hold for about a minute, then return to the starting position
slats. Всего нужно сdo 3 повтора.

4. Plank-jump

From the position of the classic slats add kicks to
different sides, and then connect them in the center. Do it right
keeping the spine stretched, tense muscles and without the presence of
air in the lungs. 5. Planck- “dolphin”

This exercise is a hybrid, crossed with a yoga pose. It’s good
trains the joints and most muscles. In position
traditional strap on outstretched arms, maximize
позвоночник копчиком вверх, а затем плавно возвращаемся in ip

6. Planck with tuck pelvis

This exercise involves straight and transverse abdominal muscles.
Lying face down in a classic strap pose, position your legs and arms.
на ширине shoulders. We pull in the belly, twist the toes and
raise the body upwards, forming an arch with the help of the coccyx.

Tuck the pelvic area, bending a little bit, and hold in
for 4 breaths. Then straighten the legs and for 4 breaths
keep the press in good shape. Repeat 3 times.

7. Reverse plate

This pose, taken from yoga, trains the press, triceps,
quadriceps, gluteus using backward variation
slats. Inhale and exhale, then lower the hips parallel to the floor.
so that the legs were bent at the knees and stood straight, feet
pressed to the floor, arms were under the shoulders in a vertical
position, rested palms on the floor.

Reverse rack strap should also be performed with an elongated
spine in a straight line. Twirling on the hands and heels,
raise the hips above the floor as high as possible (bridge position).
Perform 15-20 reps.

8. Plank-resistance

If you wrap the wrists and ankles with elastic tape, then
сопротивления заставит больше работать мышцы корпуса, бедер и shoulders.
We move 10-15 cm with our left hand and right foot, then we return
to the starting position and repeat the exercise mirror. Нужно сdo
10 such approaches.

9. Fitball and bar

One version of the fitness ball suggests a position
�”Pike”, when standing on outstretched arms, we hold the ankles
fitball like a fish tail. We roll the ball to the chest, raising the tailbone
up, then return to the starting position. Stabilization of the ball for
an account of the strained muscles of the body allows you to successfully train

The second variant of the exercise: we make a classic bar, but elbows
we rest not to the floor, but to the ball for fitness. Then we roll a projectile with them.
clockwise and counterclockwise, holding the ball and “mixing” it
inside. Legs remain in place.

The benefits of straps, strengthened by the tension of the muscles working on
holding the ball for about a minute, grows many times. therefore
you need to start training with a projectile, having mastered the technique well
basic technology.

10. Plank with side wrench

By adding dumbbells to your workout, you are much more successful.
load your back. By taking the position of the plank with a straight body, arms and
ноги располагаем на ширине shoulders. In the hands we take dumbbells weighing 2-2.5
kg We engage the muscles of the body, twisting it along the waist,
raise the dumbbell in the left hand to the left and up, lingering by 60
seconds Then we return to the position of the bar and repeat
exercise is a mirror, with the right hand.

The main mistakes when doing the exercise:

Relaxing the muscles of the abdomen, legs or buttocks leads to excessive
load on the lower back and its injury. therefore нужно следить, чтобы тело
it was smooth and tense. At the same time, its weight must be distributed
evenly, and not concentrate only on the elbows.

Перед упражнением нужно do разминку! Heavy meal before
doing things can be a big problem and cause bad

Exercise Plank: reviews, results before and after

Svetlana, 28 years old: “I make the bar on the advice of a friend. Having looked
as she easily copes with muscle tension, it seemed to me that
repeat this – a couple of trivia. But when I became elongated
arms, straightened back and legs, resting fingers to the floor, I realized
I can’t stand it for long. My first question was: “How much to keep
the bar! ”But the friend reassured that for the first time it’s enough
a few seconds 7-10, and then you will need to increase. For two
weeks, while practicing this exercise, he pulled his stomach, and it became
easier to straighten, improved posture. I already stand
half a minute, but I want to bring up to 2 minutes, as a friend does. “

Catherine, 30 years old: “To remove sagging skin on my stomach after giving birth, I
could not very long. Sister, seeing how I suffer, remembered that
once she helped the bar. She showed me all the nuances, explained
but I hardly became in this rack. All muscles are weak, barely able to
pull up. But 2 months have passed, now my stomach has leveled off, already
does not cause such trouble. I like that other muscles
come back to normal, even the weight began to decline slightly. “

Ксения, 33 года: «Сначала не могла я do эту даже простую
the bar, I thought, is not mine. I’ve never been friends with sports, but
I saw that the girlfriend had grown and prettier, thanks to this
exercise and I decided. For a week, however, I’m used to doing
simple bar on outstretched arms, and today I bought a fitball.
They say the effect is better with him. ”

Olga, 29 years old: “I had to pump up the best
Exercise than the plank, I did not find. I liked that muscles need
сокращать, задерживая на одном месте, а не качать him. For 3-4
weeks I got rid of the folds of belly fat, however, it helped
body drying diet. “

Valentina, 35: “I don’t understand people who write that
неделю у них нет результатов от планки, которую делают 10 seconds I
I practice the bar for more than three months, increasing every day time
на 20 seconds All fat folds disappeared, threw off 5 kg, just did not
eating fat and sweet. All muscles in a tone, the body was tightened.
We must act, and not wait for a miracle! ”

Упражнение планка: видео как do

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