Every age has its own love

Fri, 15 Jan 2016

They fall in love and decide to marry people of different ages. Who
how fate will turn out. It seems that some fortunes are like fruits.
trees: someone – with a sourish taste of an apple, and someone –
with a tart and sweet taste of ripe cherries
Love в детском саду

Psychologists explain that love in kindergarten is not a toy.
Kids can also truly love and suffer if they are not answered
reciprocate. But, having not yet formed soul, they are easier
experiencing failure. I loved Artyom in kindergarten. Why? because
that Artem’s parents were actors of the theater, and the boy knew how to do
flips When we were told in front of the children’s party that I would be in
Georgian costume, and Artem – in the Uzbek national costume, my
there was no limit to grief. I hoped I would be wearing a wreath with poppies and
cornflowers to stand next to Artem, dressed in Ukrainian trousers. AND
our love will then be as deep and wide as the Black Sea. Children
can not explain anything, and so their experiences seem
insignificant. To the question: “Why do you love Vitalik?” Lena
отвечает: «because что у него самый большой и самый красный
велосипед!”Love за школьной партой

School love is social and social. Teenagers love
to assert, to clash, if not deserve the public
popularity, then at least arouse interest to his person. Never mind,
how. Hence such manifestations of love as twitching
pigtail. Most of the guys in the class are interested in popular
classmate and vice versa. Such a collective
love.Love совершеннолетних

This is the age of the first serious relationship. Age is extremely
generous: I want to give love. People satisfy each other, in
first of all, emotionally. As a rule, they immediately fasten their
union and have children. AND вскоре многим парам начинает угрожать
entropy state. Entropy is the property of matter to scatter. Through
three or four years of marriage together becomes boring. I want new
drum and romance. Here we must take everything under control and look for
romance in relationships with your partner, who swore on
верность.Что такое идеализация в love

Every man has his own type-ideal of a woman. One side of it
we understand the ideal with the mind, others only with the subconscious. As a result
a man falls in love by mistake in non-existent character traits and
Projects them on the appearance of the object of love. Subsequently, it turns out that
only part of the traits of a loved one coincides with the ideal. But the choice is
subconsciousness has already been made, feelings are born. Until now, scientists have not
came to a common opinion, for what reasons under the influence of love or
love man begins to idealize the object of his feelings.
Perhaps the idealization of a loved one comes from childhood, from love for
mothers. In childhood, a baby’s happiness depends on his mother; in mature
the age of a man’s mental happiness also depends entirely on
beloved woman. A man who loves, much more notice
beauty than the one that looks at the world around too
rationally. So, teenagers are more prone to idealization,
accordingly – to frustration. Then how mature that do
your choice more consciously, less encounter
«сюрпризами».Безумная практичность

Some fall in love “without hind legs”, others mull over everything, do
your choice and act. For example, Natalia always wanted to get married
for the German and become a citizen of Germany. She has already done eight
unsuccessful attempts in relations with the Germans. She has her own criteria:
German must be no older than 38 years old, no longer than 170 cm tall
handsome, with a salary of at least 2500 thousand euros, not an emigrant.
If he was married, then without children and loans … As nature summarizes
crustaceans on their claws, so Natalia chooses a challenger for
создания семьи по его «немецкости».Осторожная

Truly adults like caution. They choose
partner not only emotionally but also rationally, and then love and
heart and mind. For example, a mature woman needs someone with whom she will
good and comfortable time. After all, she can live normally
on their own. But good and comfortable with her. Having learned all
the feelings described above, the person is ready for more thoughtful, deep
relationships. Youthful maximalism and ambition move to the rear
plan, there is a certain sacrifice, the desire to give, not
only self-actualization. In adulthood, people are usually easier
reconcile themselves with shortcomings in the character of the partner, “closing their eyes” to
negative properties …. And they say that the strongest and especially
нежная love у тех, кому за 50. Поживем-увидим. By the way,
Canadian scientists from the University of Montreal claim that
самая сильная love – in mature возрасте. Mature couples in love
more often satisfied with the marital life than the young. Those who are 20, funny
наблюдать за loveю тех, кому за 30. Love взрослых – интересная
thing. You are afraid to be funny and at the same time very correct and
wise. You are afraid to love and you are afraid not to love. Afraid to make a mistake, but
so you want to penetrate the pink world of youthful fantasies. Only
now with greater strength, passion and experience. because что этот человек
– so welcome. And in general: what does a girl who is 18 know about
love Another thing you …

Time does not spare anyone. But it has no power over the true.
by feeling This is about true love, not its illusion. Love
can not be limited to age, as the age can not be limited
desire to love.

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