Essential oils for weight loss

efirnie-masla-dlya-pohudeniyaOne of the newest methods
slimming and gaining slim figure – the use of essential
oils. The effect, according to supporters of this method, comes
not only as a result of applying oil to the skin, but also as a result
inhaling it.

And the main effect of essential oils for weight loss is
that they have the ability to burn fat.

In the West, research in this direction is conducted by Dr. Alan
Hirsch, and as a result of these studies he came to the conclusion that
inhalation of certain odors may not only affect
our mood, but also by weight.


How to choose an essential oil for weight loss?

The basic premise of effective treatment is to use only
качественных натуральных oils. To check whether
you are offered real butter, you can use such a simple
way: put some oil on the cloth. If the oil is natural,
after a short time, it will evaporate completely, and the fabric will not
stains will remain.

Returning to Hirsch’s research, he concluded that
on the formation of hunger factors such as fullness
stomach or blood sugar levels that are official medicine
considered fundamental, do not have such a radical
influence. A feeling of satiety comes when the smell molecules
get on the mucous membrane of the nose, and the smell reacts

The area of ​​the hypothalamus where this signal goes is called
center of saturation. Experiments with rats have shown: if this center
disable, animals begin to eat without measure, and die. it
brings us to the idea of ​​aromatherapy treatment, or rather –
use of essential oils for weight loss. If you give the body
the ability to inhale certain odors, the center of saturation can

In order to find out how true this was, in 2011
study conducted. Its participants were 1,436 people who
A specially developed flavor powder was offered
названием Sensa Tastant. The test subjects should have just
sniff this powder before eating. In just six months of this treatment
The average weight of the experiment participants decreased by more than 13 kg.
Such powders are already commercially available in a number of western countries.


What smells are good for losing weight?

Hirsch believes that you can only lose weight with your nose,
when smells of culinary origin are inhaled. Breathe
the flavor of food needs to be deep, otherwise the effect may be
opposite. No worries, no side effects.
inhalation does not smell of food.

As for the essential oils, for slimming you need to apply those
them, which have smells reminiscent of the flavor of food. TO
for example, the smell of chocolate – like chocolate itself, it can cause
production of serotonin in the brain, and reduced cravings for sweets. Useful
there will be inhaling the aromas of coffee, peach, green apples, mint,
a banana.

Among the essential oils that, according to Hirsch, are capable
really make an impact on the process of combating obesity,
can be called celery oil, cumin, anise, basil, coriander,
almond, clove, ginger, lime, grapefruit, nutmeg
walnut, parsley, orange, rosemary, vanilla, black pepper.

TOак бороться с аппетитом с помощью эфирных масел?

The method of aromatherapy using essential oils is very simple.
TOаждый раз перед едой нужно вдохнуть запах по 3 раза каждой
nostrils as deep as possible.

After that, according to supporters of the method, the amount eaten
food will decrease significantly. The fragrance needs to be changed often enough
so as not to be addictive.

Be careful!

It is worth noting that Russian experts do not share
the enthusiasm of American colleagues about the effect of essential oils for
slimming, considering the research conducted biased. Method not
It has clear scientific evidence, so you need to use it with

In particular, side effects of inhalation of oils can be
migraines, headaches, runny nose, disruption of work
the liver. The use of the method is undesirable during pregnancy and

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