Emerald gooseberry jam – amazingpreparation! Different formulations of emerald gooseberry jam

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Emerald jam is an unusual delicacy with history.

Even in ancient times, it conquered Catherine the Great with its
by taste.

The Empress gave her cook a precious ring for
cooking this wonderful dessert.

In those days, few people knew that jam is prepared from the usual

Emerald gooseberry jam – general principles

For emerald billet use green gooseberry varieties to
after they start to turn yellow. Ideally, the berries are taken unripe and
a little tough. Sometimes they remove the seeds.

There are several ways to do this:

• pin;

• hairpin;

• by notching and extrusion.

There are many recipes for gooseberry jam made from
berries, along with seeds, and sometimes they are even twisted. Also
known “Tsar” jam, in which each berry is filled
a piece of walnut. The process is painstaking and long, but the result
really worthy of the royal person.

Recipe 1: Ordinary gooseberry jam emerald

Для preparations изумрудного варенья из крыжовника выбираем
slightly unripe, strong and even berries. The blank is done with
by adding water. The number is indicated below.


• 1 kg of berries;

• 1 kg of sugar;

• 400 ml of water.


1. Wash gooseberry berries, remove all tips. Dry
on the towel.

2. Take a needle or a toothpick and make several punctures in
every berry.

3. Cooking syrup. To do this, pour the purified water into the saucepan.
and boil with sugar for two minutes.

4. Fill berries with boiling sugar, cover and stand not
less than five hours.

5. Drain the syrup, boil and pour the berries again.

6. After three hours we repeat one more time, but we post it.
berries in a pot of boiling syrup and boil on the stove for about
ten minutes.

7. While the jam is hot, arrange it in sterile jars.
and immediately close. We store in the usual way in the basement or in
cool pantry.

Recipe 2: Emerald gooseberry jam with nuts

Also эту заготовку называют царской. Для preparations варенья
will need walnuts in a small amount. If the cores
dusty and dirty, then pre-wash well and dry. But neither
In no case do not fry.


• 1 kg of green gooseberry;

• 120 grams of nuts;

• 1.4 kg of sugar;

• 500 ml of purified water;

• 1 star star.


1. We wash the berries released from the tails. We throw in
Colander and let drain water, then dry on a diaper or on
clean towel.

2. Cut the nuts in small pieces that fit inside.

3. Take pins or a hairpin and pull out from each berry
gooseberry seeds. In the resulting hole thrust a piece

4. Pour the prescription water into the saucepan, add sugar and
low heat dissolve. Then add the fire, boil five

5. Fill the stuffed gooseberry with hot syrup, cover and
waiting for cooling.

6. Put the container for a day in the fridge. Jam should
to brew.

7. The next day, put the jam back on the stove, boil
five minutes after boiling with star anise. After
take it out.

8. Pour gooseberry harvesting into sterile jars and
roll up immediately while it’s hot. Keep cool in
upside down.

Recipe 3: Emerald gooseberry jam with lemon

Sour citrus gives this emerald gooseberry jam
incredible aroma, while practically does not change its color.


• 1 lemon;

• 1 kg gooseberry;

• 1.5 kg of sugar.


1. Take a brush and carefully wash the citrus. You can scald lemon
boiling water.

2. Take a grater and remove a thin upper skin, that is, zest.
It is very fragrant and will make jam unusual.

3. Then we survive the juice from the lemon, filter. Bones and pieces
pulp in the jam is not needed, we use only the juice with zest.

4. We wash the berries of the gooseberry, pierce 2-3 times each

5. Combine lemon juice with half a glass of water, add
sugar and gooseberry. We put on the stove and cook on a small fire until
not enough liquid will appear.

6. Теперь огонь можно прибавить, варенье кипятим 15 minutes

7. Pour the grated zest, give the billet to boil two more

8. Pour boiling jam into jars, stir it regularly,
to evenly distribute the berries in the syrup.

9. Roll up, send to storage.

Recipe 4: Emerald gooseberry jam with cherry

Few people know that cherry leaves are as fragrant as
berries. Поэтому их часто используют для preparations напитков,
different blanks, including emerald jam from


• 1 kg of gooseberry berries;

• 10 leaves of cherry;

• 1.5 kg of sugar;

• 2 glasses of water.


1. Armed with a pin or hairpin and remove the seeds from the advance
вымытых и просушенных ягод gooseberry Throw them in the saucepan.
If seeds are stuck on the berries, you can rinse them again.

2. Cherry leaves should be thoroughly washed. Ship to

3. Add water and send in the fridge for 6 hours.

4. Drain the water from the gooseberry, select the leaves.

5. We shift in a separate saucepan and prepare the syrup with
adding prescription sand. Boil after boiling not
меньше пяти minutes Leaves throw away.

6. Add gooseberry to boiling syrup and turn it off. Insist 4

7. Снова ставим на плиту, кипятим 5 minutes Turn off. Foam
which is formed during cooking, be sure to remove.

8. After another hour, boil for 5 minutes, insist.

9. After another hour, the emerald jam is boiled again, but
we pour in banks.

Recipe 5: Emerald gooseberry jam with kiwi without

This emerald gooseberry jam does have
Emerald color, which give kiwi. Заготовка без cooking,
maximum amount of vitamins is retained, but required
cold storage.


• 0.8 kg gooseberry;

• 2 kg of sugar;

• 0.5 kg of kiwi.


1. Berry washed and dried.

2. Clean the kiwi, cut into small pieces.

3. We twist the gooseberry with kiwi or grind in
food processor.

4. Add sugar and put on the stove. Warm to warm
state, but in no case do not boil. We try to save
fresh taste and aroma.

5. An hour later, again heated and stirred, leave to stand.
for dissolving grains of sugar. Repeat the procedure with
heated until sand remains in the jam.

6. We lay out the workpiece on a clean and always dry.

7. Tightly close, send in the fridge. If there is
cold basement, the temperature in which does not rise above 8
degrees, you can send jars of emerald jam there.

Recipe 6: Twisted emerald gooseberry jam with
an orange

A variant of emerald jam, the berries for which are twisted,
bones do not need to be removed. In addition to the preparation is an orange,
Cinnamon is also added.


• 1 kg of berries;

• 1.4 kg of sugar;

• 1 large orange;

• 1 sticks of cinnamon.


1. Gooseberry rinse, throw in a colander and leave for
runoff of water. Можно не сушить berries.

2. Remove the zest from the orange, you can float. Be sure to citrus
need to wash.

3. We clean the white skin, separate the slices and remove from each
all bones.

4. Перекручиваем через мясорубку крыжовник с an orange, либо
we grind in the combine. Puree is optional
leave small pieces.

5. Add sugar, cooked zest and set to cook.

6. When boiling, remove the foam, reduce the fire. Jam should
barely boil. If the foam appears again, then remove
with a spoon.

7. Boil for 12 minutes, arrange in sterile jars.

Recipe 7: Emerald gooseberry jam in a slow cooker

Для cooking изумрудного варенья можно использовать не только
stove, but also a slow cooker. Home Assistant easily copes with
their tasks and delight delicious preparation. The main thing is
keep the proportions.


• 0.4 liters of water;

• 0.7 kg of berries;

• 0.8 kg of sugar;

• 1 pinch of vanilla.


1. Cook the syrup from sugar and prescription water. The best thing
The “multi-cook” program is suitable for this, but you can
take advantage and any other. For syrup, 5 minutes is enough
160 degrees.

2. We wash the gooseberries, rid the berries from the tails, cut them
each in half and send in hot syrup.

3. Add some vanilla.

4. Close the slow cooker and cook on jam mode or
мультиповар ровно 25 minutes Temperature also leave 160

5. It remains only to open our assistant, arrange the jam
jars and store.

Emerald gooseberry jam – useful tips and

• When cooking jam, a froth is often formed. She must always
delete. It not only spoils the view of the workpiece, but also collects into itself
random specks of dust particles trapped in the brew.

• Removing the tails and tips from the gooseberry is enough
dreary and long occupation. To make it go faster, you can
arm yourself with nail scissors and all that is unnecessary is simple
cutting down.

• Long cooking changes the color of the jam, and it gets far
not emerald. That is why it is recommended to boil the billet.
small time intervals and most of it takes

• Any recipe for emerald jam can be adapted to
ordinary gooseberry of a different color. And it does not matter if it gets lost
zest blanks, if only it was delicious.

• Gooseberry jam can be prepared with the addition of green
apples, pears, cherry plums, kiwi and other fruits. The taste will be interesting and

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