Elliptical weight loss machine

ellipticheskii-trenazher-dlya-pohudeniyaWe continue
familiarity with simulators that can be completely free
use even at home for the most effective
burning extra kilos and a more integrated approach when choosing

Before that, we had already got acquainted with such simulators for
at home, like a rope, hulahup, ball fitball, stepper and bicycle machine
(the sequence is built as their cost increases in sports

Today we will learn about one more extremely useful and incredible
effective home assistant is an elliptical trainer for
weight loss, also commonly known as orbitrek or

Among the various simulators, elliptical is undoubtedly
one of the best and most fruitful in a short span
time – it will allow you to get a great result from

Advantages of an elliptical trainer

  • Classes on the elliptical simulator copy the natural
    movement of the hip, knee and ankle joints, as during
    walking or jogging. At the same time, the simulator does not render
    impact on the joints, so people can also use it
    older It is also useful for people who
    have problems with the lower back, knees and hips.
  • Catching up on the simulator, you will burn as many calories,
    like when using a treadmill, and twice as much as
    after swimming at a moderate pace. This is possible because
    on the ellipsoid are gorgeous cardio loads with high
    heart rate. In addition, the speed increases
    body metabolism, which ensures that you still burn weight in
    throughout the day, even if you do not train. Respectively
    such work strengthens the heart muscle, thereby significantly
    reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke or any other disease
  • Along with the ability to lose weight, classes on the elliptical
    The simulator is also a good tonic for essential
    muscle groups. Another advantage is that it helps in
    training endurance, and good endurance allows
    do exercise for a longer period
    of time.
  • Orbitrek allows you to receive physical activity for the lower and
    upper body simultaneously. Most are equipped with handles, for
    working out the arms and upper body and the pedals with which
    You can train the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calf muscles.
  • With a certain age, many people suffer from
    osteoporosis. Working with an elliptical trainer will help delay
    development of the disease. Variable load during exercise is not only
    controls the development of osteoporosis, but also contributes to the improvement
    bone density.
  • Since the ellipsoid is smaller than the treadmill
    accordingly, it is easier to keep at home. It is also inexpensive.
    in maintenance, so the owner does not need to worry about replacing
    or repair of belts, motor, bearings or rollers.


Elliptical weight loss machine: расход калорий

Orbitrek allows you to burn a certain number of calories
which may differ from person to person because we all
different, and each body burns calories depending on its
metabolic rate.

However, here are some general principles to get
more complete understanding of calorie consumption.

  • For a woman weighing 50 kg. 30 minutes of exercise = 241
  • For a woman weighing 60 kg. 30 minutes exercise = 310
  • For a woman weighing 70 kg. 30 minutes of exercise = 387

Although manufacturers claim that you can burn up to 720
calories for an hour of work on an elliptical trainer, their opinion
based on testing your own equipment and capabilities
the average person. You may not be able to spend it at all
many calories but you can still get very effective

How to choose the “perfect” orbitrek for the home?

ellipticheskii-trenazher-dlya-pohudeniyaLow price = low

Exercise machines are sold in many sports shops, prices
start at $ 100 for the most budgetary options of dubious
origin and up to $ 5000 or more for heaped.

Buying an elliptical slimming machine at a lower
price, you may encounter problems like lack of
rotational resistance or short step.

Companies that produce low-cost products tend to
looking for ways to simplify the simulator as much as possible, often even in
damage to quality. Low cost causes early
squeaks, rapid destruction of mechanisms and plastic elements
the pedals. Pedal trajectory

From the very name of the simulator, it becomes clear that two
pedal steps move along an elliptical trajectory of motion, in
difference from circular like when riding a bike.

But elliptical trainers can be made with a wide
variety of the trajectory of the step, as very long, resembling
the movement of the runner, and short with a trajectory resembling a circle,
if the pedals are attached directly to the flywheel.

Pay at this attention, because the greater the trajectory of movement
approaching the circle, the more effort is needed to overcome
the position of the pedals in the highest and lowest position. And it reduces
ergonomic movement and, accordingly, rhythm and general
эффективность workout.

Select step length

With a short step length of movement you can feel
limitations and unnaturalness during orbitrek occupations. Also
as well as the lack of resistance to pedal movement on cheap models,
short step simulator will not allow you to spend a good

Step length is interconnected with the size of the flywheel. For example, when
using an exercise bike, we have to put up with a very short
pedal pitch, but in the elliptical simulator there is more
diversity. In general, it is important to remember that the higher your height, the
long step length you need.


Distance between pedals

A good choice would be an elliptical trainer with a distance between
pedals no more than 14-18 cm. The reason is that when
we make a street jog, then the natural distance between
our ankles about 5-8 cm. from each other.

In the ellipsoid because of the location of the flywheel is difficult to achieve
minimum distance between the pedals, so try
choose an option close to the natural position of the legs when
running, because in the long run it can affect
form of pain in the hips and ankles.

Principle of resistance

If you read the previous article in which we reviewed
the possibility of using a home exercise bike, then according to the principle
The resistances of these two simulators are the same.

So, the resistance system in an elliptical simulator can be
mechanical (made with belts, low
durability, increased noise operation), magnetic
(resistance is provided by built-in magnets, with manual
load control) and electromagnetic (when resistance and
the load is fully controlled by the selected firmware in
computer simulator).

Variable inclination of the plane of motion

This option is present only for expensive,
professional simulators. Tilt function contributes to better
working out different muscle groups, and fine yourself
зарекомендовала для повышения общей эффективности workout.

How to train on an elliptical trainer?

Precautionary measures:

Consult a physician before use.
elliptical weight loss machine. It is forbidden to engage in
simulator for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system (in
including other cardio), cancer
diseases, diabetes and infectious diseases in acute

Try to abandon training during the period of use.
drugs that affect or can affect the heart

Here are some tips you can use to enhance
the quality of your workout, the increase in calories burned,
to get the most out of using the simulator.

trenirovka-na-ellipticheskom-trenazhere* Train with
an elliptical trainer at least four times a week for 30 minutes.
It increases heart rate during
a certain period of time as a result of increased burning

* Choose a variety of workout programs. Most
Orbitrek contains many levels of tunable resistances.

* Include an interval version in your training plans
training, when alternately alternating work on the simulator with
maximum speed (activity) and the rest phase in the slow

* While driving, focus on your torso muscles,
keep your abdominal muscles tense – thereby you will develop
strength and balance of the body.

* If your simulator does not have a heart rate sensor,
It is recommended to buy it to control your heart rate during
workout. For a more productive work effect, keep your
pulse within 65-75% of the maximum allowable value, which
calculated by the formula: max = 220 – your age (in years).

* Start each workout with a 5-minute workout at
a slow pace allowing your body to enter a working rhythm and
warm up all the major muscle groups. Finish training also
5 minute intervals at low tempo, helping gradually
go to a quiet mode of your cardiovascular system.

Which aerobic simulator do you prefer?

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  • Elliptical trainer Elliptical trainer
    7547 votes
  • Велотренажеру Велотренажеру 2737голосов
  • Степперу Степперу 1574голосов

Basic body positions when working with elliptical


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