Eggplant salads – the best recipes. howcorrectly and tasty to prepare an eggplant salad.

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Eggplant Salads – General Cooking Principles

�”Blue” – so affectionately called eggplant, many housewives. They
reign on our tables from mid-summer until almost the very end
of autumn. Many associate eggplants with vegetables, but few know
that they have nothing to do with them. Yes yes so good
Eggplants we know are not vegetables, but are the most
not on the berries. An amazing fact, isn’t it?

Ancient India is considered to be their ancestral homeland, where eggplants and
were cultivated by man for food purposes. In the Caucasus, their
widely consumed with other vegetables and meat in fried or stewed
the form. In our country, they appeared relatively recently and, to
unfortunately used for culinary purposes not as often as
I would like to. And in vain! After all, eggplants have a very unusual
spicy taste and combined with a huge number of ingredients.
In addition, for nutritional value and beneficial properties, they
surpass many vegetables. Yes, they are harmful and require prior
preparation to eliminate all the bitterness. So what? Believe this
easy drawback more than compensate for an unusually tasty
food prepared from our today’s “hero” –

From these useful pseudo-vegetables, you can make a huge
variety of dishes. In our case, we limit ourselves to salads from
Eggplant as the most useful and best option. Raw or
boiled fruits, as a rule, are not used with rare exceptions.
First they are soaked, then fried, baked in the oven or
marinated for a long time, and only after such
processing our eggplants can be used as the main raw material
for salads.

Eggplant Salad – Food Preparation

So let’s take a few recommendations on how
Choose eggplants and prepare them correctly. Before the purchase
inspect the fruits: they should not have any foreign spots,
dents or scratches. Their skin should be perfectly smooth. With
mechanical action on the eggplant surface, for example
finger, evaluate its structure. If the eggplant also gives in to pressure,
it is only under strong pressure. We need such a “vegetable”

Now our task is to “expel” from
Eggplant solanine (a substance that gives bitterness). For this
it is necessary to peel the eggplant, cut into slices thick
no more than 1 cm and sprinkle with salt pieces. We leave them in this
condition for about an hour, after which just flush under the stream
cold water. An alternative to this method is the usual salty
water in which eggplant should be soaked for about half an hour.

Eggplant Salad – The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Korean Eggplant Salad

This is a light vegetable snack, which must be prepared for
a few hours before serving so that each piece in the salad could
Marinate well and get rich flavor. As
The main components will use only vegetables.


– two eggplants (preferably slightly unripe) – two carrots- two
Onions – two sweet peppers – one table. spoon of apple cider vinegar
(6%) – soy sauce 1 table. l.- five spoons of vegetable oil-

Cooking method:

Баклажаны режем тонкими полукружочками, обильно посыпаем saltю,
stand for about an hour and wash. Then fry them on
hot oil until golden brown. Carrots peeled and chopped
also semicircles, and onions – semicircles. Peppers cleaned of seeds and
cut into strips. Mix all the vegetables and add to them fried

Next, prepare a salad dressing by mixing vegetable oil,
vinegar and soy sauce in a separate bowl. Then we salt the dish,
refuel, mix everything thoroughly, close the lid and remove
in a cool place (refrigerator) for 9-24 hours. Do not forget at the same time
periodically shake our salad.

Recipe 2: Eggplant Salad with Mushrooms

Amazing dish, all the ingredients of which are stacked
in layers. Roasted eggplants melted in your mouth, sprinkled with garlic,
fried champignons with onions, braised carrots, and on top circles
tomatoes – all the ingredients perfectly complement each other and
combined in a very tasty and hearty salad!


– two or three small eggplants – mushrooms champignons 350 gr. – 4
medium carrots and tomatoes 5 pieces – 2 onions – two slices
garlic-one art. lie mayonnaise – for frying – vegetable oil –
щепотка черного перца- salt и веточка петрушки

Cooking method:

1. My mushrooms, cut into plates, onions – half rings,
peel carrots and grate them. Eggplant tail is cut
and peel them off with a thin layer with a knife.

2. Нарезаем баклажаны кружочками и засыпаем их saltю. Mushrooms
Boil for 10 minutes, then throw them in a colander.

3. Fry the onion (1 head) with mushrooms in hot oil.
We spread roast. Then, in the same pan, passseur the 2nd
onion head with carrot (fry the onion first, then to throw
carrot, pour 50 ml. water and simmer for about 15 minutes.).

4. Fry the eggplants on both sides. Chop finely garlic,
cut slices of tomatoes and proceed to the preparation of salad,
which will lay out layers on a flat plate:

1 layer – eggplants + sprinkle with garlic 2 layer – half
roasted carrots with onions 3 layer – mushrooms with onions 4 layer – the remaining
carrots5 layer – we lay out the tomatoes

The last layer is slightly salted, smeared with mayonnaise and sprinkled.
finely chopped parsley.

Recipe 3: Eggplant and Cheese Salad

Very tasty snack, which consists of juicy tomatoes,
eggplant and cheese (preferably Feta or Adygei). Everything
the ingredients are perfectly combined and together create a very
harmonious dish.


– 4 medium eggplants; 4 ripe tomatoes; 200 gr. cheese- 2
chicken eggs – a pair of onion heads – apple cider vinegar – soy sauce
mayonnaise light or low-fat sour cream- olive oil- pepper and

Cooking method:

Взбиваем яйца с saltю и перцем. Eggplant cut into half rings
and leave in egg marinade for 20 minutes. Thus the pieces
let the juice, which will bitterness. Onion cut into half rings and
marinate in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water (50 to 50).
Fried eggplants are fried on both sides. Cut tomatoes
cubes and mix them with the cooled eggplant. Onion squeeze from
pickle and supplement them with salad, also three grated cheese. Cooking
mayonnaise (sour cream) and soy sauce sauce in a ratio of 1: 1 and
dress up the mixture of salad. Everything тщательно перемешиваем.
The original dish is ready!

Recipe 4: Eggplant Salad with Chicken

The main characters of this salad are chicken and eggplants, together
creating an extraordinary composition, and a small pickled
cucumber will add a light “flavor” dish.


– 200 gr. eggplant- 1 potato (boiled) – chicken fillet 100
gr. – one pickled cucumber – one small carrot – greens and
salt по вкусу

Ingredients for refueling:

– half a cup of sour cream – a tablespoon of lemon juice – half a tea
lie mustard

Cooking method:

Eggplants peeled, cut into slices and pass them
in vegetable oil with the addition of basil. Chicken, cucumber,
diced carrots and potatoes, chopped greens. Vegetables and
greens mixed with fried eggplant with basil. Cooking
заправку из сметаны, mustard и сока лимона. Fill our mixture
salad. Tasty, original and quite simple. Eat on

Eggplant Salads – Tips and Tricks

– “Old” eggplants are very hard to peel, so
we advise to pre-scald them with boiling water. This manipulation in
greatly facilitate the process. But still too overripe
fruits are absolutely not suitable for making salads;

– Eggplant is a dietary food, but in
during the frying process, they absorb a lot of fat. If you not
want to hurt the shape of the figure, soak the fruit before frying in
соленой воде, а не просто присыпайте их saltю. Weedy in liquid
�”Vegetables” will not absorb as much oil;

– It is important to note that eggplants bring undeniable benefits.
people who are trying to quit smoking, as they contain
some bit of nicotine, but not the same as in a cigarette. �”Eggplant
nicotine “is in a complex compound, does not cause dependence and
not harmful to health, unlike its tobacco counterpart, but
significantly reduces cravings for people

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