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Having come to the fitness club, women always pay a lot of attention.
workout lower body. It is the legs and buttocks that care about the looks.
men and professional athletes traditionally believe that the legs
– an indicator of how well a person works in the hall. For
leg training fits a variety of simulators. Today I will tell
you which ones are the most effective and safe.

Exercise machines for legs are power and cardio. Some are loading in
mostly musculature, while others help reduce weight, although
modern cardiovascular equipment is also able to load well
muscles, but more on that later.


The most effective leg weight machines

The most effective exercises for the legs – no matter you want
Lose weight or give relief to the body, are basic exercises.
Therefore, our “top list” is headed by Smith simulator. Here, so he
looks like And it is mandatory each purchases
fitness club.


Smith’s simulator, also called the Smith machine, allows
perform many hard and difficult exercises with much less
risk and danger than if you were doing it with free weight,
that is, simply holding an unfixed barbell.

In Smith’s machine, the boom moves strictly vertically and in many
models does not fall below a certain point. This makes the simulator
safer and allows you to do the exercises correctly, which is very important
especially for beginners.

The second in terms of efficiency and popularity, I would call the simulator for
bench press – it also loads almost all the leg muscles, as when
squats, but does not exert undue stress on the spine. If a
put your feet in different positions, you can work all
thigh surface – front, internal, external.


Leg press can be performed both sitting and lying, “sedentary”
option is preferable because it does not cause such a strong
a rush of blood to the head, like a leg press.

Isolated exercises

In addition to basic exercises for the legs, there are isolated, that is
those that allow you to work on a specific area, for example,
front or back of the thigh. Therefore, the following in the list
effective exercise equipment for the legs in our list will go to exercise equipment for
flexion and extension of the legs.

The extension loads the front of the thigh, and flexion – the back and
buttocks if you keep them tight during
exercise performance.

The simulator for the information and the breeding of the legs – the thing is also not bad,
if its design does not limit the amplitude of movements.


Another great leg simulator is cable. You
put your ankle in a loop – and do a variety of exercises
with a burden. Cable simulator allows you to swing back, in
side, forward, giving the muscles a diverse load.


Do not forget that the technique, the number of repetitions and weight
play a very important role in the training of legs. Make legs slim and
relief can be, if you do at least 15 repetitions in the approach to
3-4 sets with an average weight, and more weight will help give the volume and
fewer reps.

Cardiovascular machines for beauty legs

Cardiovascular machines will help bring the muscles of the legs to tone and reduce
weight, it is only important to put adequate on these machines
resistance. Once again approach the trainer and consult.

The most effective cardiovascular machines are the ellipsoid, running
track, exercise bike and stepper. All of them can successfully
applied by you, you should only remember that for beginners and those
who is overweight, this list is more suitable
exercise bike, I would also recommend it to those who have problems with


Беговая дорожка и степпер –  тренажеры для подготовленных,
with caution they should be used by those who have varicose veins and
diseases of the joints. But the ellipse can use
almost everything.

About each simulator, I and my colleagues will tell more
in the following publications. Stay tuned to the site.

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