Effective inner slimming exercisesthighs

Everyone wants to have a beautiful figure. However some people because
slow metabolism or improper lifestyle are prone to
fullness. Often, excess fat accumulates on the hips. Luckily,
There are many effective exercises with which you can
deal with this problem.

Warm up

The goal of the workout is to improve blood circulation to supply oxygen to
tissues and warm joints. Exercises to warm up before
leg training:

  • rotation of the pelvis;
  • knee rotation;
  • rotation ankle.

Effective inner slimming exercises thighs


  • Warm up
  • Exercises at home
  • Exercises in the gym
  • How to burn fat on the hips 5 times faster?

We recommend warming up from the top down, therefore the first
deed should perform a circular rotation pelvis. Then need
warm up the knee joints, legs need to put wider shoulders,
put your palms on your knees and start performing circular movements.
After this, the ankle should be warmed up.

Exercises at home

In order to achieve the desired result, you need to train
regularly. It should be 4-5 workouts per week. Each
the exercise must be performed in 3-4 approaches, 15-20 repetitions.
This number of repetitions is considered optimal for burning.
subcutaneous fat.

Sumo squats

This exercise is performed with or without a burden.
As an additional weight, you can use dumbbells or
other improvised means.

How to perform: legs put slightly wider shoulders, and socks
deploy to the sides. Keep your back straight, do not slouch, crouch
slowly until a right angle is formed.

If it’s not easy for you to keep your balance, you can come up
for example, against the wall and lean your hands. This exercise follows
be sure to include in the permanent program, since it is the most
effective for training the muscles of the hips.

Rolling or weight transfer from foot to foot

Beginners are advised to perform with their own weight, and more
trained athletes should take dumbbells.

The legs are wider than the shoulders, the hands are on the belt (if performed with the additional
weight, then keep them in front of you), crouch down on one leg, second
stretch the leg forward as much as possible. Back
you need to keep it straight.

After the squat, transfer the weight to the other leg and repeat.
exercise. Squat and weight transfer should be done smoothly.
Also in order to avoid injuries, you need to ensure that there is no
sharp corners in the knees.

Bringing hips, lying on your side

In the supine position, you must lean on the lower arm, while
how the top should be put in front of you. Leg that is
top need to bend at the knee. Lower leg keep straight sock
unleash on yourself. Perform the exercise, you need to raise the bottom
leg, heel should try to turn up.

After 15 repetitions, you need to change the side, lie on the other
side and do the same exercise with the other leg.

Pelvic lifts

You may need a ball to do this exercise. But, in
If the ball is not available, you can practice without it.

To take the starting position, you must lie on your back,
bend your knees, hold the ball between them and put your feet on

Technique: As you exhale, raise the pelvis as much as possible.
above, simultaneously squeezing the ball with your knees, linger at the top
a point for 3-5 seconds, and then slowly return to the initial

Dilution and flattening of the legs lying

Lie on your back, place your hands behind your head, raise both legs to
formation of a right angle with the floor and dilute them as widely as possible in
parties. It is important to ensure that the loin does not come off

If you feel that the exercise is easy for you, you can
put on weights

Exercise “scissors”

This exercise, in addition to the fact that perfectly pumps
the inner thigh also gives a load to the abdominal muscles.

It is necessary to lie on your back, arms put palms down and
lean on your forearms. Then lift the legs above the floor and pull out
socks. After that, first you need to raise your right leg a little higher and
with a sharp movement make the move to the left, with the other foot at the same time
need to perform the same movement to the right. Then repeat
only the left foot should be at the top.

This exercise must be performed 40-60 seconds, 3-4 approaches
for the workout.

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Exercises in the gym

Someone is more comfortable to do at home, and someone prefers
go to the gym. If you are the second, then specifically
for you, below are effective exercises to work out
inner thighs.


Squatting is the most effective exercise to work out.
thighs Therefore, it should be included in the program.
workouts. The weight of the bar should be chosen in such a way that
was to perform 12-15 repetitions.

Technique: stand facing the fingerboard, straighten your back, then
move the bar to the trapezius muscles. Hand grab the neck
and straighten up.

The legs are shoulder-width apart, the toes are slightly turned to the sides,
back is straight. Make sure that the weight rods evenly
distributed. Take a deep breath, do a deep squat.
and return to the starting position on the exhale.

Since this exercise is traumatic, for the first time it
it is recommended to perform in the presence of a coach or someone more

The reduction of the legs on the simulator

Еще одно эффективное exercise. To perform it you will need
Special simulator that can be found in any gym.

Execution method: sitting on the simulator is necessary, while inhaling
maximally reduce the hips, linger for a few seconds and smoothly
return to the original position on the exhale.

To avoid unwanted damage, perform this
Exercise is needed slowly.

Lumbar attacks

In terms of effectiveness, this exercise is inferior, perhaps only
squat. With it, you can well pump the inside
thighs, buttocks and quadriceps muscle.

To get started, it is important to get up correctly, for this you need
straighten up, put your legs a little bit already shoulders, and also take both hands
dumbbells. Next you need to make as far as possible a step forward right
with the foot, the left should remain at the initial place and
inhale to make a squat. Then on the exhale, you need to push off and
вернуться в начальное position. Run again, but now step
forward should be done with the other leg.

For safety reasons, you must ensure that your knee is
the legs you take a step forward did not go forward, it should
be in line with the foot.

Нужно делать 12-15 повторений, 2-3 подхода for the workout. With
time, the number of approaches can be increased. Breaks between
Approaches should be about 2 minutes. Weight dumbbells also need
gradually increase.

Extending the legs on the simulator

This exercise is designed to work out the quadriceps.
thighs. It is recommended to perform before squats to warm up.
or at the end of the workout.

Technique of performance: sitting in the simulator you need to take the handles
on the sides, bend the legs at the knees and place them under
special rollers. Then inhale to raise, straightening his legs. And on
выдохе вернуться в первоначальное position.

Do not over-straighten the knee joints, perform
exercise should be slow, it is important to keep your back straight.

What mistakes can occur when performing this exercise
shown in the following video:

This video shows a set of effective
exercise. By looking at it, you will learn how to quickly get rid of
excess fat on the inside of the thighs and bring the figure into
the norm.

How to burn fat on the hips 5 times faster?

As you know, subcutaneous fat burns evenly, so
It is advisable to add a run to the above exercises. After all
running is considered the best exercise to combat obesity. Run
can be in the morning and evening or immediately before

More use brings running in the morning in the fresh air,
however, you can use the treadmill. Also
An alternative to running can be an exercise bike. Turning on this
exercise in your training program, you are several times faster
achieve the desired result. Get rid of excess fat in
problem areas are not as difficult as it seems at first glance.
The main thing to remember is that the secret of a slim figure lies in
regular exercise and a special diet.
By doing these simple exercises, you can significantly improve
figure in just a few months.

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