Effective exercises for the waist and sides

super-uprazhneniya-dlya-talii-i-bokovThe dream of a graceful, fine
waist and beautiful curves of the body often serves as the beginning of a large and
hard work of girls and women on themselves.

But to make the desired shape of the figure everyday
reality, it is necessary to make effective
Exercises for the waist and sides.

Exercises aimed at reducing the volume in the field
waist, aimed at twisting movements – the study of the oblique muscles
abdomen and deep corset (transverse muscle lying under
straight and oblique abdominal muscles – TBA), as well as training
press, muscles of the lower back and hips.

Special exercises to help reduce the contours of the narrowest
parts of the female body, you need to combine with the correct,
balanced nutrition, healthy regimen and level control
metabolism in your body.

What effective exercises for the waist and sides can

To have a perfectly thin, elegant waist, you need to correctly
combine workouts aimed at strengthening the muscles of the body and
accelerating your metabolism.

As soon as obliques and deep corset muscles (TBA) muscles
get enough tone, you will easily start to perform
the task of building an aspen waist.

I. Recall the children’s fun: jump rope!

Jumping with this simple and so favorite sports equipment –
not only a great way to lose weight, but also
significantly increase metabolism and create tension in all muscles

If you want to include jumping rope in your exercises
to reduce waist at home, then you can complicate
task, engaging more muscles. While jumping
try to twist the body to the right and left, straining the muscles
belly. When this technique becomes familiar to you, strengthen
intensity of training due to interval training.

For example, after active jumps for 40 seconds, arrange
15-second rest pause and repeat 5 such sets. In conclusion
of this block we rest for no more than one minute, then we repeat again.
whole session. Such training allows you to burn maximum calories during
load time, as well as within 24-48 hours after it.

In addition, jumping rope is a great way to warm up everything.
body muscles before training, which is very important to warm up
musculature and increase the effectiveness of sports activities.

Ii. Jumping-twisting “Skier”

Not everyone is amazed at the monotonous jumps, but they
considered a real reactor, in which calories burn out quickly!
Turns help to add zest to such cardio training.
�”Skier”, which are performed during the jump.

The key-secret of this exercise is to move the hips to the right and left,
legs hold together, and arms – at chest level, which help
balance the body in a jump. Twisting Twists
performed according to the scheme: left-to-center, right-to-center. They
contribute to a significant acceleration of the process of burning calories for
by moving the body around its central “core”.

IIi. Bridge with additional load

There is no feminine, beautiful waist without a complex
workout thigh muscles with different load options. These
exercises for the waist and abdomen also strengthen the muscles of the lower part
back (waist) and buttocks. This approach to home workouts
improves the curves of the body and visually reduces the waist.

Lying on your back, legs bend at the knees and abut the floor with feet,
shoulder-width apart. Upper body must be
pressed to the floor, and in the hands of holding a dumbbell, disk or neck barbell
(weighting agent). Raise the hips, lifting the pelvis from the floor, as far as possible
above, then return to the starting position.

Iv. �Burpy or Burpy

Знаменитые прыжки из упора �Burpy or Burpy входят в
best effective exercises for the waist, creating a cheerful mood
and excellent exercise for the whole body. They задействуют практически все
muscle groups. If you bounce as energetically as possible,
they will harass you even more by helping to burn megaportions

Starting position: take an emphasis lying down, then sharply straighten
arms, at the same time, with a jump, pull up your knees in a squat
towards the chest, leaving the palms pressed to the floor, then
tear them off from the horizontal surface, jump up,
making a clap with your hands above your head.

Most athletes, bodybuilders, bodybuilders use
This exercise for a powerful start of metabolism or for interval
workouts. Such movements help activate the pauses between
other exercises and improve the effectiveness of sports.

V. Bicycle twisting

By alternating knee lift and torso twisting, you get
forced cardiovagruzka and study of the press, burning
calories. By simultaneously training the muscles of the upper and lower press, you
strengthen the entire abdominal wall.

Bike twists – narrow waist exercises that
burn fat stores much faster than most others.
loads for the muscles of the body. Vi. Hissing Cat Pose

This cat pose, borrowed from yoga, and the sounds that
This is pronounced, look strange, but well trained deep
TBA muscles.

Stand on all fours, slowly exhale all the air from
lungs, maximum tightening the abdominal muscles. Not breathing, vacuum
pull the navel to the spine and hold it in this position
10 seconds. Repeat several times without inhaling, keeping your back straight and
the neck.

VIi. �”Birch”

Vertical lift of the thighs powerfully activates TBA muscles,
but requires sufficient flexibility in this area and the popliteal zone

Lie on your back, lift your legs vertically, at a right angle. Of
This position lift the hips, lifting them from the floor and pushing
feet to the ceiling. Make sure the leg-thigh-back line is straight, you
don’t swing and bend your legs.

VIIi. Side bar

Lying on the left or right side, exhale all the air from
lungs, tighten the muscles of the body and buttocks. Then climb
forearm of the left or right arm and elbow to the floor, another
hand – put on the belt.

The body should be as flat as a string, the spine –
straight, muscle – the most intense. If difficult
abut elbow, you can straighten your hand and lean on the palm.

Ix. Strap

The most popular and effective exercise after twisting,
but requires proper execution technique. Make sure your
lungs there is no air during exercise, muscles
the body and the buttocks are compressed, the body is straightened, the spine is maximally
lengthened due to the head and tailbone (but not rounding the back!).

By straining your gluteal muscles to tilt the back of your thigh, you
максимально активируете мышцы belly. Do not allow sagging
hips, which will lead to the uselessness of training and possible injury

The essence of the exercise for a narrow waist – slats: Stand on your forearm,
resting your elbows on the floor (for whom it is difficult – straighten your arms and rest
palms) at right angles. Exhale the air, stretch the spine
in a straight line, push your toes against the floor. Squeeze as much as possible
body muscles and buttocks. In this position, you need to hold on from
10-20 seconds to 2 minutes.

X. Sliding bar

Hands elbows on the ball for fitness, and the body hold
strap pose. Roll the fitball forward and linger for 3 seconds,
then return to the starting position.

Rolling the ball, controlling and stabilizing it, you are fantastic
strengthen the body muscles, shake the press, simulate oblique muscles
abdomen and lower back muscles – everything you need for your aspen

Exercises for the waist and sides – video from the pros

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