Effective exercises for the insidehips

Some parts of the female body tend to quickly lose elasticity.
Какие упражнения for внутренней части hips можно посоветовать,
to keep this part of the body in order? Moreover, you also need to know
exactly how they are performed, at what speed and for what time.
The correct technique allows you to quickly bring muscles in
tone and shape of the hips in order.

Effective exercises for the inside hips


  • Exercise Technique
  • Exercises at home
  • Exercises on simulators


Exercise Technique

Basic principles:

  1. The first thing to say about the intensity of training
    process. For a positive effect, you need to train with
    a large number of approaches and repetitions, spending energy on
  2. Be sure to warm up before the main set of exercises.
    Do the bends forward, backward, twisting, jumping in place.
    Muscles need to be prepared and heated.
  3. Need to do 6 times a week for 40-60 minutes in
  4. Food affects the training process – eat right!
    Want to remove fat from the inside of your thighs? Restrict
    high-calorie foods, alcoholic foods, sweets.
  5. Control water balance in the body. The amount of water per day
    not less than 1.5 liters.
  6. Do the first training session at 30 minutes intervals, the next
    increase by 5 minutes.
  7. Если хотите уменьшить hips в размере, то после занятий минимум
    two hours do not eat food.

Exercises at home

Для начала расскажем, как убрать жир с внутренней части hips

  1. Exercises that ballerinas do as a workout.
    Lying down, legs stretched up at right angles
    perpendicular to the floor. Slowly spread the legs apart and also
    slowly we reduce. For better results, bring the legs together so
    to touch heels. Repeat 20 times on three approaches.
  2. We lay on one side, hands rest on the floor, hands in front of us.
    Straighten legs off 10 centimeters from the floor and hold 3
    minutes Omit, repeat twice.
  3. We stand straight, legs spread wide, socks apart, deep
    we sit down and get up, do it slowly, do it 19 times, at the twentieth
    account linger in sitting position for 10 seconds, perform 10 more
    squats, on the tenth stay in a half-sitting position at 10
    seconds Pay attention to the photo, which shows the correct
    the position of a squat or another grand ply.
  4. In the same position of the squat we lift in turn the toe of the right and
    left foot 16 times, while still in position
    squat. Then raise both socks at the same time also 16 times.
  5. The legs are wide apart, we roll to the left side,
    touching the left toe with the right hand and on the other foot as well. Back
    while parallel to the floor.
  6. Take the position of the plank, legs quickly bring together in a jump and
    disconnect. This will allow you to understand how to pump up the inside
  7. Lie on your back, connect your feet, and pull in this
    position of the knees to the chest.
  8. We lay on the side, put the upper leg in front of you, holding it
    arm, lower leg swinging up. 20 times each
    the leg.
  9. We lay down on our backs, we raise our legs, we bend in the knees under the straight
    angle, disconnect and connect the legs, while the feet do not
    are disconnected. Try to strain only the inside
    hips. На внутренних мышцах hips должны почувствовать жжение.

Video about doing exercises at home

More and more clearly workouts are presented in the video, in
which can be found with the correct execution technique
exercises on the inside of the thighs. Leads the lesson
professional fitness trainer who is very detailed everything
explains and shows.

Exercises on simulators

Effective exercises for the inside hips можно делать
not only at home, but also in the gym.
There are simulators that allow you to work with internal muscles,
внешней и задней стороной hips. Although they may well replace
squatting with a barbell.

  • The most popular block simulator to work out the internal
    части hips. Make yourself comfortable, put your hands behind the seat,
    straighten your back, straighten and spread your legs as slowly as possible.

  • Another simulator with a foreign name hip shaper appeared
    recently in sports stores. It allows you to answer the question
    как уменьшить внутреннюю часть hips. The principle of operation is similar
    previous option. You put your knees on special stands and
    bring your legs together and separate. Do not do it quickly, better than
    can be slower. You can also bleed the inside of the second
    option: also kneel, one leg still,
    we take the second aside and so we make 20 repetitions, then
    поменяйте the leg.

  • Lag Magic. The simulator for weight loss, which has no analogues.
    The movements of the legs to the sides will help you quickly and effectively say goodbye to
    annoying problem and figure out how to pump up the inside

  • Thigh-Master (Thai Master) or foot expander. Lie down on
    floor covering either from a sitting position between the legs
    Expander, try to squeeze to failure, it turns out a good charge for
    inner surface.

Video about training in the gym

Watch the video, in it you will see a very effective exercise.
и поймете, как подтянуть внутреннюю часть hips:

Большинство женщин не могут похвастаться подтянутыми hipsми.
Мышцы во внутренней части hips гораздо сложнее накачать, чем
reduce weight in general. Moreover, you need to know how to lose weight, otherwise
problem areas will remain with the surplus, while others
parts of the body will dry out a lot.

Remember that the female body requires the development of certain
problem areas and they should always provide constant
Attention. We hope that after this article you will not have
вопроса: «Как убрать внутреннюю часть hips?».

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