Effective exercises for beautiful breasts

passes, fly through the centuries, many times men have changed
preferences and standards of female bust beauty.

Today, the ideal is considered the chest, the shape of which remains
unchanged regardless of the movements of your body.

Thus, a high and elastic chest is considered ideal,
regardless of its size. And the whole essence of a beautiful bust in maintaining
its proper tone.

Since the chest is not composed of muscles, but of a combination of fat, milk
glands, ligaments and connective tissue, then there are no physical
exercises directly aimed at breast augmentation.

So, the only thing that will help is plastic
surgery, which is quite an expensive pleasure and
carries with it a certain risk of complications and possible
postoperative effects.

However, before you go under the surgeon’s knife, keep in
mind that a well thought out complex of physical activity for
the pectoral and spinal muscles will allow you to improve the appearance of the chest and
at the same time take care of increasing its static and
dynamic position to minimize negative effects

Causes of sagging breasts

Sadly, but this process is inevitable, and in women with
small breasts, it is only less noticeable than the owners
chic bust. As we have already found out, the chest consists of ligaments and
connective tissue that support it. With age, ligaments
I begin to lose my tone, and under the action of gravity, they begin
stretch that in turn becomes the cause

For each woman, the degree of breast sagging is individual and
depends on the elasticity of the skin, which is determined by the diet
nutrition, genetics and normal aging process.

Since many people spend their working day, hunched over
computer, then as a result, such a posture increases the strength
severity and causes premature sagging breasts. That is why in
As a preventive measure, it is important to have correct posture, as in
while walking, and during sedentary work.

Also the cause of sagging can be a decrease in the mammary glands,
because when milk systems become “unnecessary”, they begin
shrink. If you don’t breastfeed, this can happen
immediately after pregnancy.

But, even if you were never pregnant, a decrease in dairy
glands will begin during menopause. Fabrics will decrease, and
окружающая ее кожа нет, что и приводит к появлению sagging.

Быстрая потеря веса может также вызвать развитие sagging.
Slimming the body leads to a decrease in the amount of fat in the chest as well.

The ideal option to increase the tone and improve the appearance of your
chest – is to buy a subscription to the pool, if not
then start improving your bust by visiting
good fitness center or make some simple but
extremely effective exercises aimed at solving this

Home exercises for beautiful breast shape

We already know that there is no muscle tissue in the bust itself, which means
no exercises aimed at the chest itself. However under it
are located the pectoral muscles that can be built this way
way to make it taller and tighter in appearance.

Many women have become so obsessed with doing the exercises.
for breasts that they neglect to balance in strengthening and back muscles.
Ironically, it can also contribute to sagging.
Training aimed at the pectoral muscles, without performing
exercises for the back, contributes to the appearance of stoop that in his
all increases the severity of the chest.

Therefore, to avoid this problem, exercise for the back
must be included in each workout.


Complex exercises for the chest


Start with the simplest exercise. Stand near the wall
to her and at the level of the solar plexus lean on the wall with your hands
wide grip (as during push-ups). Push down on the wall
as much as you can, as if you want to move it from
places. Stay at the highest voltage point for 10
seconds Relax and repeat the exercise again, total 10

Finger grip

Stand straight, arms at chest levels and bent at the elbows, firmly
we connect the fingers of the hands in front of us and with the effort of the pectoral muscles we try
spread your hands in different directions. Repeat 8-10 time.

Clenching the palms

The next exercise is this: connect your
ладони перед собой и давите их друг в друга в течение 3-5 seconds
Repeat 8-10 time. “Dry” breaststroke

Even if you can’t go to the pool, you always have
opportunity to do this effective exercise to improve the tone
chest right at home.

To do this, stand close to the wall, strain your pectoral muscles
and on the plane of the wall start doing circular movements with your hands, like
as if you are swimming in the pool breaststroke. Do a hundred reps
keeping your muscles in a tense state.

Push ups

This exercise you remember from school physical education lessons and
it is still the most effective for training

It doesn’t matter if you do standard pushups when you
lean on the palms and feet, or a more benign option when you
lean on the palms and knees bent, back straight, it’s still
great exercise that doesn’t require any additional
equipment. Perform 4-5 pushups in 2 repetitions. If a
hard for you, instead of stop, lean on your knees (legs

Complex exercises for the back muscles

trenirovka-dlya-spiniTouching with your elbows

Stand up straight, bend your arms slightly at the elbows and position on

Try to touch your elbows to each other behind your back, not
you need to do this with jerks, you need to do it
медленно, растягивая мышцы в течение 10-15 seconds Repeat 8


To complete this exercise, you will need a training session.
mat. We lay down on the stomach, for greater efficiency, hands are closed
behind the head in the castle. At a slow pace, lift your head and pull
elbows back, trying as much as possible to break the breast from the floor. AT
the highest point is delayed for 3-5 seconds and return to
initial position. Повторите 4-5 time.


Lie on your back, arms are located along the body. Holding
balance on the shoulders and heels, try to raise your pelvis as
can be higher. AT наивысшей точке задержитесь в течение 3-5 секунд и
slowly sink to the floor. Повторите 4-5 time.

Reach for the footsteps

ATстаньте прямо, затем поднимаемся на носочки и тяните руки
up, belly pulled in. We fall on the foot and begin to do deep
bend forward, hand grasp the ankles and additionally
we press the torso to the hips. Linger in this position for 8-10
секунд и возвращаемся в initial position.

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,статья «Упражнения для chest ATидео»)

Additional Tips for Strengthening the Breast

The best way to complete a workout is to do an exercise,
aimed at your posture. To do this, put on his head thick
book and walk around in this position for several
minutes trying to keep a book on your head.

It effectively relaxes your muscles and supports
necessary tone. If a возникают трудности с движением, то, по
at least try to stand still with the book on your head. With
This can keep balance by holding on to a chair or wall.

Wear a bra, especially when playing sports. Very important
wear a bra that is not only comfortable, but also
соответствует вашему правильному размеру chest

Although wearing a bra alone doesn’t do anything to
improve the shape of the bust, but it significantly reduces the stress on
breast-supporting ligaments and, of course, creates an attractive
the look of your figure.

ATсе эти упражнения можно делать в домашних условиях. After two
weeks you will notice the first results. Surely you will
feel some soreness in the pectoral muscles, do not worry
– this means that you are working in the right direction. Good luck

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