Eclipse 2019: uncover your creativepotential. What awaits Lviv, Rakov, Capricorn and Aquarius

Eclipse 2019: uncover your creative potential. What awaits Lviv, Rakov, Capricorn and Aquarius

Eclipses are one of the most visible astronomical
events, and therefore people have long paid attention to them. Them
an unfavorable, fatal value was attributed. They were considered
harbingers of misfortunes and misfortunes. This is understandable: eclipses and for
our enlightened gaze looks scary, and in times
when people’s well-being depended almost entirely on
the favors of nature, the “disappearance” of the body seemed altogether

From the point of view of astrology, there is nothing special about eclipse. it
infrequent, but not unique phenomenon (there are 4-5 eclipses per year).
Therefore, it is not necessary to expect from an eclipse that it will change your life.
You need to act yourself and use the power of the eclipse in order
to adjust your life path.

We recall the limits of what is permitted …

The upcoming January 6 and 21 solar and lunar eclipses will occur.
in the signs of Capricorn and Leo, respectively; you are offered a new way
look at the business side of life.

During a solar eclipse an event will occur
relating to your status, career, business, relationship with
by the authorities.

Children may be affected by relationships with parents, students
– with the school administration, with the employees – with the bosses.

The event will not be triggered by you, but by someone else or external
circumstances. The eclipse enters the Saros cycle associated with
groups of people, which means you have to act or in a group
or against a group, or within the boundaries that the team has defined.

The reason for this event is hidden somewhere in your past. it
the reward you have received less, or the penalty for
past miss, or a lesson for you based on your past
deeds. it событие укажет вам на рамки и границы, в которых вы
live, will remind of restrictions and liability.

… and marry them

A solar eclipse cannot be considered separately: following
Lunnoye is his logical continuation. During the Lunar
eclipses you have to develop new patterns of behavior and new
psychological skills so that your behavior and outlook on life
become more consonant to the problem that eclipse raised
The sun

The solar eclipse has set the task. During the Lunar вы
Provide yourself with the tools to solve it.

Знак Льва, где будет затмение, связан с
creativity and self-expression. He reminds us that we are not
cogs mechanism, and bright and one-of-a-kind personality, and
In each of us there is a creative fire. Obviously, you have to
find the correct one, taking into account those rules and prohibitions about which
recalled the previous eclipse, a way of creative expression.
The Saros cycle, which includes this lunar eclipse, is associated with
tide of strength and enthusiasm. it будет для вас хорошим подспорьем, но
only – warns this cycle – if you do not get carried away and not
lose shore.

How to behave during an eclipse

On the day of the eclipse, you can not start anything new – then it will be
develop unpredictably.

Fate, coincidence and random turns
events will affect him more than your efforts.

You need to be empathetic and trust your intuition to see in
events happening around you signs of fate. Do not try
to reshape the circumstances and change the fateful course of events,
your free will these days only applies to your
internal choices – you cannot select events, but you can
decide how to treat them and how to respond.

During a solar eclipse you will meet with a completely
new events. Your usual life will change.

Destroy the routine, open the way to moving forward, to
progress. it особенно нужно тем людям, кого заел быт, кто устал
living by the same scenario but not seeing the way it
to change. During the Lunar затмения можно отказаться от вредных
habits – stop smoking, stop overeating, get rid of
obsessive gestures (for example, from the habit of winding hair on
finger or tapping with your foot in moments of excitement).

How much to wait for the result?

The gap between eclipses is called the “eclipse corridor”. Him
the peculiarity is that events acquire a fatal connotation. That
what happened during the period of the “eclipse corridor” cannot be changed later
or cancel. Therefore, your behavior is not only during eclipses,
but this entire period, must be meaningful, careful and

Events can be different – both good and bad.
The energy of eclipses does not affect the nature of events, but their

Not always you immediately see all the consequences of what is happening.
How steady and deep were the innovations brought
into your life in January, it will become clear in July, with the next cycle
eclipses. For example, if you saw in January that you were at work
limit and do not give a career, and decided to develop
creative work to become better colleagues, in July will be
it is clear whether something happened from your idea or you chose the wrong way
for career growth. And if you feel that your life is full
bans and restrictions, and decided to find a hobby for the soul, to
feel free at least there in July you will see if
This hobby is the desired result.

But that’s not all! The full meaning of what will be
happen to you in January, you will be able to evaluate only after 18
years old.

So, the one who in January decided to develop creative abilities in
in the field of art, and in July I went to art courses, after 18
years can find himself a famous artist. And the one who is tired of
pressure from the authorities and decided to create their own business, will be large
a businessman (or at least completely satisfied with himself
and his life as a person).

Who are affected by eclipses

Hardest eclipses will affect those born near
these dates: 5-7 and 20-22 January, as well as those whose dates of birth
are “opposite” – July 5-7 and July 20-22.

January will also be significant for those who have eclipses.
get on some point of the natal chart. Well and finally not
all Capricorns, Cancers, Lions and Aquarius will be left without a “gift”. Influence
on the rest will be noticeably weaker. Them достаточно вести себя
prudently and not to tempt fate, provoking events in order to
nothing has changed their lives.

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