Dumbbell Exercise Program forof women

uprazhneniya-s-gantelyami-dlya-zhenshchinWork with the burden
дает прекрасную возможность of womenам построить мышечную массу и
to tone the main muscle groups, and also improve
coordination, balance, blood circulation, bone strength and,
Of course, quickly lose weight.

Besides, you absolutely should not worry about the possible
“volumetric muscles” as a result of training, like this
going on with the male body.

Indeed, for this growth in the body is entirely responsible special
hormone – testosterone, which is 20 (!) less in the female body,
than in masculine.

Therefore, the key points during the training for
You must be safe and have the right technique.


Правила выполнения упражнений с гантелями для of women

The choice of equipment. If you plan on doing simple
exercises aimed at maintaining muscle tone, you quite
lightweight dumbbells will be enough. For bench press and other power
loads, you must already purchase a variant with adjustable
plates (pancakes) weight.

If for classes you have chosen a fitness room, then in it, as a rule, in
free access a wide selection of different types of dumbbells and
additional plates to them, so always start small
weight and gradually work to increase the load.

If you buy equipment for home workouts, then
for full occupations you, of course, need to buy
universal set of dumbbells with adjustable

Warm up Before starting a workout in order to warm up
your muscles, do aerobic exercise for a few minutes
– jogging on the spot, squats, alternate lifting legs. Load
�”Cold” muscles can easily lead to injury.

Body position At the initial stage, practice in mastering
techniques of lifting dumbbells in the sitting position on the bench. Weight should
be matched so that you are able to do at least
least eight repetitions in each approach.

Dumbbell Exercise Program for of women

Of course, the training program may vary depending on
your main goals of training, level of fitness and
compiled individually.

The minimum recommendations for strength training – to engage, by
at least 2 times a week, performing effective exercises,
aimed at all major muscle groups.

Presses: chest, shoulders, triceps

For each muscle group, use 3 – 4 sets of 8 – 12
repetitions, resting for 1 – 2 minutes between each approach. Get started
exercise with exercises for the chest – dumbbell presses up, lying on
horizontal or inclined bench.

Then, aimed at the development of the front deltoid beams
shoulder muscles, for this, perform a dumbbell bench press while sitting or standing, or
rises in front of him (on straight arms). Lateral shoulder muscle bundles
worked out wiring around.

Now it was the turn of the triceps, for this sit on the bench and
raise your hand with dumbbells over your head, lock with your second hand
forearm, and begin to bend the arm at the elbow, lowering the weight, and then
with the effort of the triceps muscles, return the arm to its original position.

Feet: Quadriceps, hamstrings, calves

Exercise is usually used to train the lower body.
the load of which is simultaneously directed to several muscle groups and

Get started тренировку ног с тщательной разминки и затем начинайте
perform squats with dumbbells. And the lower you go, the
more during the movement involved small muscles of the legs.

Another good option for the lower body are
lunges one foot forward with a burden in the hands.

Traction: back, biceps, press

Тренировка спины в нашем комплексе упражнений для of women
lies in bending the torso in front of you while holding the dumbbell in
hands or fixing it behind your head.

Biceps are well loaded alternately or simultaneously.
flexing the arms with dumbbells (in a sitting or standing position).

Remove the fat apron on the stomach will help exercise for the press,
which are performed 3 times a week – 3 sets of 15 repetitions,
such as lifting the torso, fixing a dumbbell on the chest, lifting
legs, holding the burden between your legs (maybe
traumatic) or using foot weights, and standard

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