Dr. Kovalkova technique – what shelook like

Frankly, readers have long asked me to talk about
method of losing weight Dr. Kovalkov. However i am all the time
put off familiarity with “the only weight loss program,
based solely on deep medical knowledge “- a quote
taken from the author’s official website because of similar
Slogans, was skeptical.

Now I have carefully studied the Kovalkov method and am ready to share
my thoughts, however, I warn you, my skepticism has not gone away.
Книга Коваолькова Худеем с умом
So, his second book, “Lose Weight with
mind! In the annotation to his first work “Lose weight is interesting.
Recipes tasty and healthy life “nutritionist admitted that,
thanks to his own method, he not only lost weight by as much as 70
kg, but also maintains the form so far.

Of course, this result deserves reader attention.
True, in the text of his second book, we learn that, in fact, for
half a year managed to throw only 50 kg, but still, the figure is pretty

Ковальков до и после похудения

However, I, as a doctor, immediately have questions. First of all,
how, having a medical degree, Dr. Kovalkov reached
before life like that? After all, 50 kg of excess weight is obesity IV

We must try hard to run this way. Well,
Well, in the end, there are shoemakers without shoes. But the second
the question affects the health of readers and even their lives.

Dietitian with 15 years of experience never writes about risk
too fast losing weight, but it is quite real.

Official medicine has long established that losing the extra
kilograms can be with a speed of no more than 1 kg per week.

Thus, in six months you can safely lose no more than
on 24 kg. If you do it faster, the probability increases dramatically.
get on the surgical table with a serious diagnosis of “acute
calculous cholecystitis “- blockage of the bile duct with stones
all sorts of complications up to death.

Doctor Kovalkov, of course, has every right to spend on
any experiments, but recommend so
rapid pace of weight loss for everyone – quite boldly.

And now, after a small but important introduction, let’s
let’s talk about the actual method of weight loss Dr. Kovalkov.

So, the whole process of losing weight according to Kovalkov is divided into three stages –
�“Preparatory”, “main” and “completion of the methodology” – or
�“Adaptation period”.

Doesn’t this remind you of anything? Personally, I – Dyukana diet. There
there are stages similar to the assigned tasks – “Attack”, “Cruise”,
�”Consolidation” and “Stabilization”. The only difference diets
Kovalkova, is that his third stage combines two
the last stage of the Dukan diet.

Diet Kovalkova – the first stage

The preparatory period of the diet lasts 2-3 weeks. Main tasks
at this stage – wean the body from fast carbohydrates,
restore the normal intestinal microflora and join
physical exertion.

What is forbidden from eating? In the red list: sugar, any juices (even
natural), honey, bakery products, flour, potatoes and white
rice Allowed: vegetables, herbs, fruits, pine nuts, meat, fish and
dairy products.

Protein in the diet should be at least 50 g per day, fat – not
more than 30 g, and carbohydrates – not less than 180 g. In fact, this stage
is a low-calorie low-carb diet, the basis
which make up proteins. A kind of soft version of the Atkinson diet
or its domestic counterpart – the Moscow diet.

For this type of food the following complications are characteristic –
constipation, loss of muscle mass and micronutrient deficiencies. therefore
Dr. Kovalkov insists on regular use of fiber
(at least 100 g per day), taking L-carnitine (1500 mg) and
mandatory use of multivitamin complexes, which in theory
will warn or at least reduce the risk of such reactions.

Also at this stage, aerobic exercise is mandatory.
Optimally – daily walking for an hour or 12-14 thousand
steps with a pedometer.

A typical breakfast on the Kovalkov diet: dairy products with
live bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, a small amount of bran and
pine nuts.

During the day – 4 large apples or two large
grapefruit Allowed any vegetables except carrots and beets.

Between 18:00 and 22:00, dinner is recommended.
For example, a vegetable salad with a spoon of unrefined olive

During dinner, Dr. Kovalkov recommends a glass of drink
(100–150 g) of dry red or white wine. No problem because
it is only 85-125 kcal, which, nevertheless, you could
gain due to something more valuable for the body. Not to mention
about the fact that Kovalkov recommended daily on this and
later stages of alcohol intake will not allow you to reset
additional 5 kg per year. Where did this figure come from? – ask
you. Everything is very simple. 150 g of wine = 125 kcal or 13.4 g of fat per day
or 4.9 kg per year.

Personally, as a doctor, it seems to me that you can completely refrain from
alcohol at least the first 2-3 weeks, but to decide, of course, only

Immediately before bedtime – two egg whites (not eggs). Water
should drink at least 4-5 glasses per day, and optimally – 1.5

It is strange that Dr. Kovalkov fears egg yolks so much.
It has long been known that animal cholesterol is digested from them very
slightly (less than 1%), but oh well.

I was more embarrassed as a nutritionist with 15 years of experience decides
the problem of the ratio of protein-fat in the diet. On the one hand, by his
The technique needs to use at least 50 grams of protein per day. With another –
fat should be no more than 30 g. How is this possible?

The fact is that most of the animal’s protein food
origin – meat, fish, dairy products – contains a lot
fat For example, 100 g of white chicken meat contains 30-40 g of protein and
20 г fat So as to cover 50 grams daily
need for protein, you need to eat 200 g of chicken. However, by doing so
we will exceed the limit on fat – 40 g versus 30 g allowed.

How does Dr. Kovalkov solve this dilemma? Not easy, but very
simply. A nutritionist advises to supplement your diet with protein isolate.
This is a protein powder for sports nutrition. By the way
You can buy it on the website of the clinic Kovalkova.

Kovalkov casually mentions another way to solve the problem.
excess fat – eat foods low in fat.
True, it does not pay them as much attention as protein isolate. BUT
we are talking about the most simple and healthy products: low-fat cottage cheese,
chicken fillet, lean veal, pollock, tuna, beans, buckwheat.

Second phase

After the first stage, we proceed to the second, the goal of which is
– gain your “perfect” weight. First Dr. Kovalkov
recommends microelement hair analysis to
�”Align the diet at the elemental level”. All this
Of course it’s great, but what exactly will the results give you,
a word to say, expensive analysis? Can you do it yourself, without
help to balance your diet? I think that
Dr. Kovalkov is a little sly when he writes that in no way
wants you to think “this is so difficult and dangerous, come to us
to the clinic, and we will definitely help you! ”

But back to the topic. The basis of the diet in the second stage are:
low-fat cottage cheese, lean meats (beef, veal), fillet
chicken or turkey, fish and seafood. Fat limits slightly
softened: no more than 35 g per day. Now recommended
eat and fatty fish, women no more than three, and men
– no more than two times a week.

As a side dish Kovalkov advises to use vegetables in cheese
and boiled. True, I was very embarrassed by the phrase that
half of all vegetables in the diet should be broccoli dishes.
In fact, broccoli is a very useful food, but I don’t
it is believed that people will be able to continue eating it without disgust for years.
BUT то что, второй этап диеты может растянуться на годы, не вызывает

In response to the stress of the first stage, the metabolism sharply decreases.
After all, no wonder Kovalkov connects at this stage and “boot
days “or in other words” belly feast “when calorie
50% of the daily ration is more than usual, which encourages exchange
substances. With the same purpose, power loads are connected to aerobic loads.
Exercises for arms, legs, abs and waist.

BUT по другому никак. The body is actively struggling with stress and
gets used to the low calorie diet. The problem of such diets
�”Pressing” to the ideal weight by all available means consists in
next. As soon as you reduce the intensity of the loads,
food, which is so difficult to adapt, immediately
start to gain weight.

Weight maintenance

The third stage of the diet is final. Duration – from year to
one and a half years. The goal is to maintain the desired weight over the next
2-3 years, following the rules of the second stage.

What is the sacred meaning? The fact is that the organism is like
pendulum, tends to the middle position – the weight that he
considers perfect. If a person recovered not immediately, but gradually,
for several years, then, most likely, the body took it
new (overweight) weight for the ideal and now all his strength seeks it
save. therefore так тяжело бывает похудеть. However good
the news is that if by hook or by crook to reduce weight to
the desired level and keep it stable for 2-3 years, then the body
take it as a guide and will resist a set of excess

Let’s sum up. So, Dr. Kovalkov’s revolution is not
took place. Его «единственная программа снижения веса» всего only
смесь диеты BUTткинсона (1979 г), Дюкана (2000 г), добротно
flavored with disparate facts from the field of nutrition.
Actually, Kovalkov writes that “I didn’t discover anything new,
just tried to summarize. “

Nice try, but not very convincing for me as for
the doctor. However, if she helped you lose weight and keep weight, I will
just glad

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