Do you think tolerance is good? Oh well…

Сб, 28 фев 2015 Автор: Людмила Кириллова

Yes – I am far from tolerant person, so what? Put sneakers,
always have time to throw. Do you think tolerance is good?
Oh well… Как там цитата про равнодушных? About evil done with their
tacit consent? I think tolerance is no less harmful. Yes
leave you sneakers alone and do not break the wiki dictionary – in this
online garbage truth through the word.

Better find a Latin translation tolerare. So be it, simplify
the task. Carry, endure, endure, get used. Of these four
Words most terrify me the last. You know what’s true
value of tolerance? I will explain on the fingers. Imagine an organism.
Cell defenders happily rustle, conscientiously performing their
mission And suddenly vrazhina-infection invades, but not anyhow, but
global. The defenders floundered, sweated – they could not overcome.
What to do? Get used to. That is, the infection flourishes inside, not
ceasing to be dangerous, and all around convince themselves, they say, she
has the right to exist. So, more specifically about my attitude to


I need her…

Lines from a duet song where Ta loved Tu and vice versa. Or hard
pretended in the name of Her Majesty’s Popularity. By lesbian, by the way
society is related to pranks. And what, the girls played, to whom
badly? Male homosexuality is another matter. This is ugh, be-ee,
muck in one bottle. Just do not argue supposedly you
see nothing wrong with same-sex relationships.

Just treat this phenomenon (if you are not from
pink-blue brethren), as to the earthquake on the other end of the earth.
It seems scary and sorry for people, but something happens not with you.
Absolutely not going to happen? And you imagine, that not Peter with
the next street is crimped with a guy, and your beloved boy. Clear
sensations, is not it? Guaranteed not to be touched
brutal tenderness, and use all kinds of means to
the blood has turned from the “blue” way.

No, I will not throw stones at me, and spitting too. More
Moreover, there are a couple of homosexuals among my acquaintances. But
I definitely do not want to get used to the unnatural. God was not
intended to combine the bodies of two individuals of one gender
accessories. That says it all.

The Ballad of the Beggars

You know, some of the so-called deprived ones are grumbled sweeter,
than me. Remember the scene from the Bodrov Sisters? In the train
girl gypsy asks for bread. Asks so heartfelt.
A woman holds out her bun: “Take it. Bread! ”, Which is small
и емко: «С*ка!»

Once upon a time there lived a one-legged beggar at the mall. And what,
people zatariv goes, with money, therefore, a dozen fifty dollars
the disease falls. Looks like a lot of compassionate, because I saw
once the contents of his cart at the cash register – I only imagine
I allow weekends, and even then not always.

Here is another case, a relative from another city shared.
The child of her colleague needed an operation not cheap. Who by
grief maternal pass? That collected the whole world, and
A relative gave a tangible amount for herself, presenting the nest egg. AND
just a week later, she encounters a colleague at a household store
equipment – she glows, holding a huge box with “smart” TV.
So it became insulting …

No, the toad is not choking, I don’t look into someone else’s pocket, but thank you,
better concrete help will render really needy in the form of
food, drugs, clothes, than to indulge the parasites.

AND не в расизме дело

I drum, what color is leather, nationality, nationality
– would be, as they say, a good man. Annoying stereotypes about
greedy Ukrainians, stupid Chukchi, braked Balts, thieving
Roma. If I do not want to communicate with Karim, it is not because he
Kazakh, but only because of his rotten deeds. With Yasha really want –
let a Jew, just such a decent person still search.

Madden singing odes Bandera and neo-fascists. You still gopotu
warm it up Not so the above gentlemen are also entitled to
own views. Yeah, forget about the concentration camps, in the furnace millions
killed, fig no need memories of the kids in the besieged city …
I do not want to get used to this state of affairs.

I do not want to adapt and pretend that everything suits. Still
how not satisfied! Because in this world live my son.
The elder has grown up, he has strong immunity for such
indecency. And where is the guarantee that the younger will not be infected with cruelty,
licentiousness, parasitism? Oh, do not need about education – influence
society has not been canceled yet.

You know, the notions of “tolerance” and “mercy” are closer to me. One
an acquaintance of the church members once said: “Tolerance is
weakening of immunity to sin. The consequence is the death of the soul. ” Here is
so I am against tolerance-addiction. I know the condemnation too
sin. Well, there is something to work …

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