Do they get fat from pasta?

Italians like to repeat “Pasta non fa ingrassare” – from pasta not
get fat. There is a great deal of truth in this statement.

Indeed, pasta made from durum wheat,
welded “al dente” – soft on the outside and hard on the inside, are
to the group of slow carbohydrates and to a lesser extent provoke
fat deposition.

Danger occurs when pasta is served with fatty
sauces – carbonara, four cheeses, any cream sauces – with
mushrooms, beef, as well as fatty meat sauce bolognese.



Why get fat from pasta

Pasta is carbohydrates, and sauces are fats. If you want to lose weight,
carbohydrates can not be combined with fats in any case.

When you eat carbohydrates, insulin is released in your body, it
immediately captures the fats that have arrived with carbohydrates and carries them
lay on your hips and abdomen.

Pasta with a creamy sauce on the degree of harm comparable to the cake
Napoleon, in which the dough layer is abundantly smeared with oil cream.
Also in pasta carbonara – a layer of dough plentifully missed
creamy cheese sauce.

How to cook pasta on a diet

If you lose weight, if you are on a low-calorie diet, do not need
discard your favorite product, just cook pasta with
vegetables or mushrooms, but without cream. Can with light vegetable
sauces, for example, chop tomatoes with onions, add your favorite
spices, but do not put the butter – with such a dressing pasta is
can. The main thing, without fat.

And try not to eat pasta after six in the evening. Supper Losing Weight
human must be proteinaceous. And carbohydrates for the night is not worth it. From
pasta, eaten at night, get fat, even if you cooked them by
all the rules of diet food.

Opinion of a nutritionist

Here the nutritionist Kovalkov explains if you can eat on a diet

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