Do men understand us?

Ср, 07 дек 2016 BUTвтор: Гаянэ Валерьева

Having decided to pleasantly surprise my dearest spouse, I am to his arrival
from work put on new tight pants with the same
a new tight T-shirt, which are favorably emphasized (on
my opinion) all the advantages and skillfully hid all the flaws of the figure.
Proudly raising my head, I was importantly defiling past my husband, hoping that
in the end, he will notice how I look good.

And so, after an hour of my melting between his eyes and the screen
TV, my faithful attentively looked at me and spoke
sacramental phrase: “You have an explosion of macaroni again on your head
factories! “And then, in my eyes, having understood everything that I think of him,
he added softer: “Like a little chicken, feathers stick out!” Well, think,
hairstyle a little disheveled! So, a small strand was knocked to the side!
I exclaimed in my hearts: “Men always only notice the bad! BUT
the good don’t say! ”To which my husband calmly retorted:“ We will
So love, why constantly say that you look good. If a
if we didn’t like you, then we would not marry you or live
with you. This is so clear! If a что-то не то, то мужчины всегда
will say. BUT когда все хорошо, то и говорить не надо. Same self
for granted. “

�”Who is taken for granted ?!” – I want to cry out. Naturally, men.
They are completely unaware that women want to hear compliments,
assurances of their attractiveness and seductiveness. Such
men’s behavior is not indicative of their natural callousness,
not at all. They are just OTHERS. Like aliens, for example. Although we
We speak the same language, but often do not understand each other. Woman
says one thing, and man says another. But is it really difficult for a man to do
a step towards a woman and even occasionally remind her how good she is,
what her slender legs and wasp waist (even if in fact
is it a bit away from the truth)? After all, a woman is so necessary to hear
nice words from a loved one! BUT когда говорят только о недостатках,
then instead of a stimulus to action (as men assume)
inferiority complexes.

I presented all these weighty arguments to my husband, wanting to enlighten him.
on the subject of female psychology. But when she turned to him,
to look for his reaction, she saw that he was sleeping sweetly, peacefully
snuffling on the couch. My deepest feelings were offended before
most of my spiritual depth, because I did not speak very long,
maximum of 5-10 minutes! BUT он с таким видом спит, что, кажется, уже
at least thirty or forty minutes is in a tight embrace

But, like all women, I was not used to retreating in front of
difficulties. Moreover, is it possible to allow such
fiery, almost revolutionary speech remained unheard! AND
behold, seizing a favorable moment when my faithful spouse
relaxed playing an interesting, purely intellectual game
�”Crazy birds” (in our opinion – crazy birds), I am graceful, like
the forest doe clung to his shoulder and in a bewitching whisper once more
repeated her monologue. Carefully listened to my speech (at
least, his face was very focused, I hope, all the same,
because of my words, not because of the game …), he replied: “I still don’t
I understand what you want from me. AND ты меня не понимаешь. Each
stays with her. ” BUT потом, подводя итог нашему душевному
conversation, while skillfully pointing the index finger
a long-suffering bird in a no less long-suffering bug-eyed
pig, conciliatory added: “Come on, this is all nonsense. Everything

AND тут, дорогие дамы, меня осенило! After all, men are
engines of progress! We are making progress in this case.
women. They move us (albeit a little awkwardly and rudely) to
self-help, help us achieve the ideal. ANDз самых благих
motives. AND, может быть, когда-нибудь, где-нибудь в светлом
in the future, let them not sing, but declare with feeling: “You
perfection itself, from gait to gesture! BUTх какое блаженство знать,
what are you ideal! “

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