Dietary zucchini fritters with a lightthe sauce

Now is the time for summer simple diet recipes, for
which use seasonal vegetables. For example, zucchini fritters
in the oven – a nourishing, very tasty and healthy dish that quickly
getting ready. And if you cook for him a spicy white sauce, the taste
pancakes will play a new way.



Pancakes: – zucchini – 2 pcs. – chicken egg – 2-3 pcs. – carrot – 1
PC. – лук репчатый – 1 PC. – salt, spices

Sauce for zucchini pancakes: – natural yoghurt without additives
 – 100g – greens (parsley, dill) – 10g – fresh or
маринованный огурец – 1 PC. (small) – garlic – 1 clove – salt,


Recipe for squash fritters

First you need to wash the vegetables. Then: – peel the onions, cut them
cubes; – pure carrot rubbed on a medium grater; – cut off
�“Tails” zucchini and rub it, too, on the middle grater.

Squash need to be squeezed properly, otherwise there will be a lot
water, and the dough will be liquid.


Begin to make zucchini fritters. Shredded vegetables
combine in a bowl, mix, add salt and spices, as well as
we knock out eggs there. Stir again. Zucchini is very fast
lets salt, so bake pancakes should be immediately after
cooking “dough”. Please note that this dish is cooked
no flour added.



For maximum benefit from the fritters, it is best not to fry them, but
bake. Therefore we cover the baking sheet with parchment, lubricate
literally a drop of olive oil and spoon spread the dough.
We send pancakes oven for 20 minutes, put on the middle shelf,
we expose temperature 180С. You can turn the pancakes, if
see that some side is baked unevenly.



White sauce for zucchini pancakes

While the zucchini fritters are baked, you need to cook
diet white sauce. To do this, finely chop fresh clean greens,
squeeze a clove of garlic, and finely grate the cucumber
(fresh or pickled).



It now remains to add spices and salt to your taste and stir
all ingredients. The sauce is ready!


Ready diet pancakes from zucchini served on the “pillow” of
соуса, верх тоже можно полить the sauce. Enjoy your meal! 130

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