Dietary squash cutlets with oatcereal in the oven

This time I want to tell you how to cook diet
squash cutlets. The recipe is very simple, but it turns out delicious and not

Instead of flour, we will use oatmeal. Oatmeal
will absorb the excess liquid, and the squash from the zucchini will not
spread out. kotl9 Cutlets, we will bake in the oven, and not to fry. After all
losing excess fat is completely useless.

Zucchini cutlets can be eaten both hot and cold. Their
convenient to take with you to work as a snack so that during
days do not violate the principles of proper nutrition.


kotl1 – 300 gr zucchini – 200 gr oatmeal – 1 carrot
– 1 small egg – a bunch of green onions – salt, pepper.


Wash vegetables and dry dry. Zucchini rub on large
grater for along with the peel and send to a large bowl. kotl2 Peel carrots, grate and grate.
mix with grated zucchini. kotl3 Sprinkle the mixture with salt, about half a teaspoon,
remember well with hands to make juice and leave for 15
minutes kotl4 After 15 minutes, a large amount of juice will be released,
merge it is not necessary. Add oatmeal, stir, and
оставьте еще на 15-20 minutes During this time, the flakes will absorb all
liquid. kotl5 Beat in 1 small egg and mix. kotl6 Take green onions, finely chop it and add to
mixes for squash cutlets. kotl7 Cover the baking sheet with parchment. Form small
pancakes, lay on a baking sheet. kotl8 Load the blanks in the oven, preheated to 180
С. Запекайте 30-35 minutes Cooking time depends on the size
squash confectionery.

kotl10 Zucchini cutlets ready. Serve them easy
yogurt sauce or just like that. Delicious.

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