Dietary salad with roasted peppers and cheeseFeta

I propose today to prepare a dietary salad with baked peppers and
feta cheese. Salad recipe is very simple. And how beautiful and tasty
It turns out – you will lick your fingers.

Салат с фетой и перцами

Сыр Feta, если хотите, можно заменить любыми другими рассольными
cheeses. Suluguni and brynza, Adygei cheese will suit – there is little in them
fat and a lot of protein.

Pepper, we will not just bake, but also pickle – so our
Dietary protein-vegetable dish will get spicier and more interesting.
Red onion is better to take the Crimean. It is more expensive than usual, but much
juicier. So, we proceed.


Ингредиенты для салата – 150 гр сыра Feta – 500 гр
Bulgarian pepper – a bunch of parsley – ½ head of purple onion –
spring onions; – salt

For the marinade: – 3 cloves of garlic – 50 ml of olive oil – 1
dessert spoon 9% vinegar – spices: peppercorns, coriander,
гвоздика – 0,5 чайной ложки сахара – salt по вкусу.


The oven is heated to 180 degrees. Bulgarian pepper wash and
wipe dry. Then, without cutting, with tails and seeds,
put in the form and put in the oven. per10 When the skin is wrinkled and slightly charred, take out
peppers from the oven. Roasting time depends on the size of the fruit – in
average of 20 to 40 minutes. per9 To peel easily removed, first shift the peppers into
plastic bag, tightly twist and leave for 2 minutes.
per7 It is better to chop the peppers over a sieve with a bowl at the bottom. Have
baked peppercorns remove seeds and tails, carefully removed
charred skin.

Well squeeze out the remaining juice, chop the pepper into strips. per8 Pour out the juice in a deep bowl, there too.
add marinade ingredients, mix well. Marinade to spice up
spices, add chopped garlic. per4 Throw chopped peppers in marinade, mix,
cover with cling film and put on for a few hours
fridge. per3 Сыр Feta нарезать квадратиками, лук — полукольцами.
per2 Pull the peppers out of the marinade, combine everything in the salad.
per1 Rinse the greens, chop. per6 Salad to fall asleep with greens, it is not necessary to fill with oil.
Enough oil that is left on the peppers. per15 Диетический салат с запеченым перцем и сыром Feta
is ready. Enjoy your meal.

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