Dietary salad with kohlrabi and cabbageKorean

The fact that the basis of the diet should be vegetable
salads, you probably already know. It is important that vegetables, like,
however, and all slimming dishes, prepared tasty, so that you
lost weight with pleasure.

Today we will prepare a light vegetable dish with Chinese cabbage,
kohlrabi and carrot. All these vegetables are completely non-nutritive, but
very helpful. P1018064_11
Cabbage salads work well with sugar, but sweet on a diet
can not. Майонез тоже can not. And you can, for example, such a piquant
Koreanй соус. He is completely dietary, not a single gram of fat.
Итак, капустный салат с соусом по-Korean.



– 300 grams of Peking cabbage – 300 grams of kohlrabi – on a pinch of salt and
sugar substitute – for ½ tsp. dry garlic and coriander – 1-2 tbsp.
wine vinegar


In a creamer pour a spoonful of purified water, add wine vinegar and
spices, mix all the ingredients.

Choose a ripe, brightly colored and juicy bunch of Chinese cabbage,
wash it, dry the leaves and chop. P1018052_11
Peel kohlrabi from thick peel, chop into thin strips.
Chop a juicy carrot on a grater, mix it all together.
Introduce pickled vegetables. P1018058_11
Mix all the ingredients, put in a beautiful dish. Serve
this salad is like a dietary

garnish with meat or as an independent dish. If your diet is not
too strict, you can add olive oil to the sauce.

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Dietary salads

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