Dietary salad with grapefruit and avocadoshrimp

Today we are preparing a dietary version of the well-known salad with
shrimp и авокадо. It has delicious shrimp, in which only
70 Kcal per 100 g, in it a useful grapefruit, as well as avocado – the enemy

Салат с грейпфрутом и shrimp
Be prepared for the fact that salads with grapefruit differ slightly
sourish taste. But if you do not like it, do not try
fix the situation with mayonnaise, it is better to replace the grape with an orange, but
Remember that it does not have the unique qualities that it possesses

Ингредиенты для салата

Ingredients (2 servings):

– Avocado – 1 pc .; – grapefruit – 1 pc .; – shrimp – 4 pcs .; –
lime (or lemon) juice – 0.5 tsp; – olive oil – 1 hour
spoon; – ground pepper – pinch.


Ripe avocado cut in half, the skin does not remove to
�The “cup” kept its shape, as we will serve it
salad. Pulp is cut with a knife or scraped with a spoon (if the fruit is
very ripe). Cut the avocado in small slices. Pulp
grapefruit, too, cut into medium pieces.

Вырезаем мякоть авокадо

Shrimps are cleaned, if they are large – cut them. Pay
It’s best to defrost seafood when
at room temperature, and in no case in hot water.

Разморозили креветки

Mix in a salad bowl grapefruit, avocado and shrimp, add
a little ground pepper, pour olive oil and sprinkle
lime juice or lemon.

Добавляем масло и лайм

We give the salad “rest” in the gas station for 5 minutes, after which it can be
shift in the “bowl” of avocado.

Салат пропитывается

Decorate the dish with mint leaves and serve it to the table. By the way, serve
Salad can be in an ordinary salad bowl, if you prefer it.

Салат готов, можно подавать на стол

Everything turned out simple, tasty, beautiful! The dish fits on
breakfast or lunch. And another important point: choosing a grapefruit, give
preference to weighty red fruits, because light grape is often
happens inside immature or dried out.

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