Dietary salad of chicken breast, spinach andorange

The perfect slimming dish is chicken breast salad and
green leaves. White chicken meat has the least fat and protein
Many, therefore, after eating breast, we feel satiety, although calories
got very little.

Lettuce leaves give us vitamins and help the right
digestion, while their caloric content is so small that it can even
do not take into account. DSC_0224

Today I will cook a dietary chicken breast salad with
шпинатом и orangeми. The recipe is very simple, but how beautiful it is
it turns out, at least for the exhibition. Весь секрет в ярком цвете orange и
sunflower seeds. Losing weight with these salads is a pleasure.


– куриная грудка — 200 гр – пучок шпината – половинка orange –
pumpkin seeds – 20 gr – sunflower seeds – 20 gr – handful
soft raisins – olive oil – 1 tbsp. spoon – lemon juice – gender
teaspoon – soy sauce – 1 tablespoon – salt, pepper (optional)


Rinse the chicken fillet, place in a saucepan with water, set
on the hob and boil until soft – about 10 minutes
after the water begins to seethe. Remove from the broth and completely
cool it down In the salad meat will need to add cold. DSC_0037
Wash the spinach, then dry it a little on a kitchen towel.
Prepare a flat plate, lay clean sheets on it
spinach. I used whole leaves, didn’t tear them into pieces,
just removed the stalks, but if you want you can chop them.

Also in the list of ingredients I did not indicate the exact amount
spinach, it depends on your own preferences. Can put

Chicken breast cut into cubes or strips, put on the leaves
as shown in the photo. DSC_0156
Next you need to clear the orange, remove the white film, chop
put it on the pieces and just lay on the plate.

Orange can also be replaced with grapefruit, the salad will get
slightly different taste, but it will also be very tasty.

In a separate bowl, cook the dressing by connecting the olive
butter, lemon juice and soy sauce. If you do not like the taste of soy
sauce, you can simply mix the butter and lemon juice. Pour the dressing
salad. DSC_0174
In the end we will do the most important thing – we sprinkle the salad with seeds and raisins.
Raisin is better to take a soft, but if you only have a solid, I advise
pre-soak it in water so that it is softened. DSC_0189 Salad sprinkle with salt, you can pepper and immediately
start eating so that the spinach leaves do not wilt, remain strong and

This salad is well-suited for both snacking and very
light diet dinner.

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